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    My intrests are making people read my intrests box which is very intresting as you can see as you are probably reading it with utter disgust that i am currently wasting 10 seconds of your life by reading utter junk which I have written here just for fun to annoy you.

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  1. H A Richards Jules Nicklin Nykimu/Rory Rory/Nykimu Thadanger Lord Gdheart Tamara <3 In that order. obviously I would be #1.
  2. Re vs Solace 2hr cap starting even options and ending with 45 more options than them on 204 :) was just intense.
  3. people joined a team with evil crosby in it? This is new. Gratz LTH :thumbsup:
  4. I suggest rizzle. Because your serious about going to report bots, it doesn't really need a whole clan for it to start off with, as other people have said. If you just had a cc to start with then you could expand onto a site. :shame: and guys, don't mock cos he's 13. I heard the founder of TMRD was 12 when he founded them...
  5. RE 3-4 (just never post really) CE 4-5 Me... uhm... well I'm not the most active of people so about 1-2.
  6. May be a bit biased as I'm in CE but I would say we are one of the most respected clans around (due to our strictness about flaming). I would also put RKOF as a respected clan by tip.it community.
  7. 1. Would you leave your clan if you felt that important aspects of your clanning experience such as "friends, having fun, community" became deteriorated? No, I'm in RE to war and war I do. Unless we stop getting wars I'll be in RE. 2. What factor is it that makes you stay in your current clan? Well, hard to explain really... We're going through a hard time and so if you just jumped ship now you'd probably get flamed by those who stayed. If you stay and help on then you'll get yourself a good name and end up at the top.
  8. Got piled once right at the end and cabbaged :unsure: GF Bk, was fun.
  9. but Nykimu didnt officially get Head Warlord til after Round 2! Missed both wars :(
  10. Thx for the fight Envy Got Dropped :(
  11. Teams that make 3v3 topics are stupid! those who make 6v6 topics though are epic! They join teams to get more wars...
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