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  1. Hey! Well Come to Jesuspur3's Blog! This is a Blog on my account Jesuspur3. I have had this account for approximately 15 months (1 year and 3 months). Thanks for reading this far and I hope you enjoy the rest. [hide=Personal Information]Personal Information: Name: Nate A. Account Name: Jesuspur3 Age: 14 Height: 6ft, 1in. School: Homeschooled :rolleyes: Country: USA B) Religous Views: Christian Political Views: Conservative Spoken Languages: Latin Amount of Time Spent On RS A Week: 2-3hrs Favorite Colors: Purple and Black Favorite Movie: Zoolander Favorite Hobbies: XHTML Programming and Web Page Writting Favorite RS Skiller Skill: Cooking Favorite RS Combat Skill: Magic Will Add More When I Think Of It And Then Get To It... [/hide] Time For the Main part of My Blog: Well this part of my blog I am not sure exactly what i am supposed to do. So I will just guess on what is the smartest thing to do. Firsts' First: Stats*: *As you can see, I Love to skill, I only do combat every once in a life time and only to take a break from skilling. Combat**: **As I said above, I do not do com- bat very often and when I do I am always training either Strength or Magic. My BoB for this Month***: ***I am not the fastest money maker at the moment, because I spend a lot of my mon- ey on skills. At the moment I am working on getting my smithing (I will talk about this later).
  2. How do you only need 10m cash to get 99 crafting?? by what way do you do it?
  3. WOW! 10hrs is way to much for me... but that must be alot of xp... I could maybe do 10hrs a week
  5. You said post a word of encouragement... Hmmmm what should i say? Well first i'll start off with... How 'bout i add you ingame? k And GOOD LUCK!
  6. Nice stats! Around how long does it take you to get all those drops? if it is 4 hours or under im so training there!
  7. Good Luck on 99 Herb it is exspencive :o . BTW what is your combat? from your stats it looks like around 85-90 but i'm not sure.
  8. I guess i'll post since i read your blog... btw what is your current firemaking level? if it is above 96 then go and get 99!
  9. Nice levels! 200m xp in what stat? Anyways i would love to see how many you have when your done... there will be tons =P~
  10. Amazing blog it is even better then mine used to be! I will add you in game to my account. My accounts name is "Jesuspur3". Hope you achieve 99 mining! It is an amazing stat to achieve only like 3,000 people have achieved.
  11. Wow have improved alot! Another 99 combat skill! you should try PvP sometime now.
  12. OK i miss you terribly so i am going to post on your blog to keep it alive! I hope you have a wonderful graduation.
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