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  1. Hello, After working on this goal on/off for quite a while i finally maxed both skills. 99 mining: 99 smithing: I did 75-90 mining on granite ages ago and then 90-99 in LRC. 80-99 smithing was done with a mix of SC tools and gold smelting. Quite happy that its finally over because by the end of the goal i really hated both LRC and SC, lol. Anyway thats about it. Thanks for reading
  2. Well yes but that was the point i was trying to get across, so the comparison seems quite fitting to me.
  3. Will do when you explain to me exactly why those two shouldnt be compared in this case.
  4. Meh i see one big flaw with all this talk about deserving spots because you could crash it easily with your superior gear/stats, which is that outside of PvP, we arent competing with each other. Thats clearly not how Jagex intended for the PvM experience to be like so its the players who have created this aspect of the game. We all play and nobody really deserve anything more than others, at the end of the day. All this entitlement is just an excuse for high level players to get away with behaving like idiots ingame. Consider this example: A kid is playing on the swing at a public playground and an older and stronger kid comes and claims its his right to have the swing because he is older/stronger and could have much more fun on the swing, then proceeds to harass the kid until he gets what he wants. Is that fair? Would you do that to someone else or accept if it was done to you? I dont see how that is any different from doing so in a game. Oh and before anyone starts spewing the same old garbage about "omg rs isnt irl cant compare", the example is meant to illustrate how this logic when applied to another example of a shared space, makes you come off as a huge jerk. Somehow people think its okay to do it on the internet though, but just remember that acting like an idiot still makes you an idiot at the end of the day, even if youre sitting inside your little safe bubble in front of the screen.
  5. im not sure why he did, he was a real world trader and at 25m a piece demonic thrones wuold have made him $100 irl ecah, so knowing hes a rwt idk why he did it Pretty sure he only started selling after he got tired of the game. You have to remember that accounts that sold gp got busted quite fast, you couldnt just go around for months selling your staking/merchanting profits. Just about all famous rich players that turned to RWT (that i know of), did it in a mad gp selling spree, to sell as much as possible before they got caught. Anyway, as xpx said, 223 gp/exp is unrealistic and that was the point of my post. I dont believe any of the top players have that kind of gp because if they did, they would be rushing through all the buyables, yet most of them arent so i dont think we'll see anyone using insanely expensive methods anytime soon.
  6. Err did you stop to consider the sheer amount of gp needed for that method to be useful, before you made that post? Im going to assume that its 223 gp/exp for farming and construction combined. In that case, 1m exp in both skills would cost 223m gp! 200m exp in both farming and construction would cost 44.6b gp and for that insane price youre only gaining 260k exp/hour. Just think about how far you could get in rs with 44.6b and youll probably realise how much of a waste it is to blow all that on 2 skills.
  7. Uhm i started at 90 and its quite cheap to do air battlestaves, so about 35-40m i think? Took forever to get all the staves though, even with friends helping out.
  8. Hello, Been wanting 99 crafting since forever and after 1-2 months of buying battlestaves (because im cheap), i finally got it: Was also about 8k exp off 99 fletching so decided to get it at the same time. Not too excited about this 99 but figured i might as well post it: Anyway, thats all for now. Thanks for reading.
  9. You are correct. I did the same and while they probably do have a cache of it somewhere (its google after all), itll probably be an epic hassle to try and dig it out, with limited chance of success. Also, something i just noticed: The pastebin link is the second result on google for the keywords "zarfot" and "merchanting". Link
  10. Ive read most of the guide and there really isnt anything new. Its a good guide and probably the most in depth about flipping that ive seen so far, but thats about it. Explains how you need to play just about all day to profit like Zarfot did. Anyway, not sure why those above are holding onto the links. Theyre easy enough to find. Page 1 (cached) Page 2 (cached) Spent a few minutes or so trying to find page 3 but it wasnt as easy as the first two so i couldnt be bothered. Edit: Copied all the text from the two posts, cleaned it up and put it on pastebin for easy reading and download. http://pastebin.com/H2yg0Zy3 (download)
  11. They have recently announced that they arent going to implement this change anyway, based on feedback from their community. Source
  12. When it comes to IRL-time and rs-time, ive always just imagined that we as players see everything in rs on fast-forward. It normally takes hours to do a lot of the activities we do in rs, such as smithing a sword or fletching a bow. But, if we assume that all of it is just sped up for the sake of our enjoyment, it makes perfect sense that NPCs who live in the world and experience it at its normal speed, spend 3-5 days going from lumbridge to varrock.
  13. Take it to where you started the quest. There will be a moving sack on the ground called "Mabel in a sack" or something. Talk to it and tell her you dealt with the problems.
  14. I simply havent done any combat since summoning was released. Will get it up when i start doing slayer at some point.
  15. Okay so whats stopping me from getting a few friends together just to build up my streak? Have 5+ people who will happily keep running to a corner of CW and just stand there while i ancient them, and a few high level players who will protect me from any real dangers. If i have 10 people helping me, i could offer to pay a months membership for all of them and still come out with 2 free months + exclusive artwork to possibly eBay. Im sure theres plenty of players with that amount of people willing to help them, especially if they get paid. The news posts and FAQ dont mention anything about this approach being against the rules and i doubt Jagex can keep accurate logs of who every single CW player kills during their streak, so it might just all come down to who has the highest number, no matter how they got it that high.
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