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  1. Friendyboy


    @ Sworddude Gudi is right, sorry but you are being a hipocrit. You were bragging about your life..........in a manner that you were "superior". When he said he was superior, i dont think he meant literally, You took it out of perspective I feel.
  2. As already stated, these are not meant to be camped at. Even if this is untrue, surely when you realised that there is no return on killing them, you would stop wasting your p pots and supplies? There is no problem with revenants in my opinion.
  3. You cant compare as prices were more than likely much more expensive. Also you have no proof of your achievement. Further on you geting supposedly better does nit make this any lessof an achievement does it? OT 8/10
  4. You will still be profiting I believe, however, if for some reason you do not want to risk this, then take the cash out before the holiday! Personally I would leave it. Afterall, WHATS THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN??
  5. This is the correct thing to do in that situation. Same applies for people who report for someone stating a starred word. It is simply idiotic to even contemplate a report for following.
  6. you could try nechrayels (not sure wat your slayer level is). dusties have serious crimsons too and pretty low defence. Use a few bones to peahes and a few bunyips if you can, you willnever hae to leave. Super set stronglyrecomended. on a hospital comp sorry not the easiest to use lol
  7. Value has jack to do with anything....this is one of the rarest drops in the game, and for that, I rate this as 8/10. I got one a few years ago....best feeling in game! P.S. Keep it....hotter than plate all day!
  8. I have 170m gp Id love it if people learnt to read and take the information in. No one likes a big head, so answer the question.
  9. I am on a work placement year as part of a degree. I do architectural engineering at loughborough University, and am due to start my final year of three at the end of september. I am currently working my last 2 or 3 weeks at Morgan Ashurst in Ipswich, Uk. I am working as a Project Co-ordinator for the Ipswich office, which deal with mainly commercial developments, of minimum value of £10m! Currently working on a £35m sporting Village, which is very interesting as I love construction and sports...go figure. My first real job, and the money is not at all bad either;)
  10. Talking dirty could well work! Or you could be a right douche to them and state you are going to donate, and when they ask you for the details, half way through, or just prior to completion, hang up!
  11. Very well written rant, brilliant! I believe you have some great points, and although when I first read the topic I thought "Yeah, he has this spot on". But now I think about it, some things you have to consider. Let me try and explain. Woodcutting, you can get multiple logs from a tree and therefore xp is not THAT bad, however, the price of a log is not particularly great in general. Runecrafting, on the other hand, is ridiculously slow xp, yet the gains are greater. Basically, what i am saying is that there has to be a balance in the xp gained and the financial gains. Generally, the more the skill requires attention, that player will get just reward. In this case, mining. Yes, the xp rates are pathetic, i agree, however, the gains from the ores are relative. One of your best ideas to me would be multiple ores per rock, however, the rate of gaining an ore would need to be slightly slower. This would sound contradcitory in that the speed of xp would not increase as much as you intended, however, this would keep the ores at a reasonable price. It would then be slightly more afkable and keep a decent income. I hope I make sense, as I am rushing this post at work!
  12. I cant see any of the pictures :( OT: Good level to get! everyone loves knocking out 30s and 40s with a whip! 8/10 How many charms did you get, as I cannot view them for some reason?
  13. All these low rates are pathetic tbh. @Bauke, dont be a sad act, he got 99 str with low attack! That makes it harder does it not? Just because we dont all have 99 everything, do not belittle his obvious achievement. OT: 8/10, combat stats take a long time!
  14. You need to think before you post. If he can make 500k an hour with 31 RC (not even sure you can make them at that lvl) then who would bother getting to 91 for double nats? Do you know how mnay you would have to craft to make 500k.....over 2000. Seriously, people that exaggerate rates are pathetic. OT: Slayer or farming could be an option for you.
  15. It actually makes me feel a bit sick when I see people posting stuff like this. I'm straight myself but I'm very close friends with a large number of homosexuals, both male and female, as well as having gay family members. All but one of them say they have never had feelings towards the opposite sex, that they were born that way. So they can't go "back" to being "normal" as they weren't straight in the first place. They didn't "change" that way, they've always been like it without being able to help it. I also resent your usage of the word "normal" there. Who are you to say what's normal? Homosexuality is more "normal" than religion in my opinion, I'll show you what I mean. Let me turn this around - I think religion is terrifying, it scares me how so many people like you have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by a book. You definitely weren't born that way; had you never heard of the Bible you might still believe in there being a sort of higher being or whatever but you wouldn't believe all these stories about a man getting two of each species on a boat and getting it to float for forty days (seriously, it's phenomenal how many species there are, consider the amount of insects and then the fact that there's more than just one species of pig, monkey, horse etc, plus he'd have to get fungi, bacteria and plants on board too seeing as they're living organisms, most of which would die underwater - it's obviously an impossible task), and women being made out of ribs (LOL). The point I'm making is you were definitely not born believing in Jesus, your life experiences changed you. You can go back to being "normal" (atheist) if you want. You can stop going against common sense if you please. If you can change one way, who's to say you can't change back? Go on, flame me. I agree with every single thing you said there. Myself, I am not gay, yet I have no right to criticise another beings lifestyle. I do not like dissing religion, however, the comment you referred to was asking for it. Your argument was flawless to be honest. Why can a homosexual change who they are, yet a religious follower cannot then make a judgement on what he/she has experienced and become athiest? Hipocrisy there hedgehog.
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