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  1. So there I was standing at the G.E. when I overhear this conversation. :wall:
  2. The Tip.it guide is a little out dated, but it still serves as a push in the right direction. I remember killing her about two years ago by myself, using Verac's, and with lower stats than I have now. I'm curious to see how effective using chaotics, extremes, turmoil, etc... would be at slaying her. :-k Good luck.
  3. If your mind is set on getting one I would buy the herbicide first. It provides a bonus to the exp you receive as opposed to the bonecrusher simply removing the item from the drop and delivering the same exp. Plus you could always bury the bones. ;) Although if you're really looking for items to help with slayer, the rapier, maul, and arcane neck less are all a higher priority as stated before.
  4. I can't count how many times that's happened at a TET Boss Hunt. :lol:
  5. Besides the xp not being divided between def and mage? No.
  6. Voted. Nice pics, #7 is an awesome shot and #4 is sooo cute. <3:
  7. I just got the mine event yesterday. It seems you're more likely to receive a random event after gaining large amounts of xp in an area that you can't receive randoms ( Daemonheim, Gwd, etc...) and then leaving said area.
  8. I found it. It was moved west of the tower across the river. Thank you. :thumbsup:
  9. I haven't seen it since the Dominion Tower was added. I've searched the whole area and can't find it. It either moved, disappeared, or its avoiding me. <_<
  10. I get all the girls, I get *all* the girls.

  11. I think replacing the streets with the track would be enough ;)
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