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  1. tried. on my laptop now. avia antivius scan shows nothing.
  2. i have a very big problem. someone keeps getting my account password straight after i recover it. im not sure what to do or how to stop the pearson from getting my account repeatedely. iv had my account for years now and i have some good stuff on it and realy dont want to loose it. any help at all is appreciated. thanks.
  3. stupid comment, if your so protective then scan it.
  4. the last fiew threads i have clicked on are from you, you are makeing a shed load of queston threads, these should be in the "questionair" thread.
  5. i would recomend doing horror from the deep to get a zammy book, that way you will hit higher with mage. and if you are going to ancient pk, you might want to try ice blitz then burst, in that order realy fast, it will catch people off with that cause it will hit high.
  6. i hate them, whenever i try do a level 3 wildy clue scroll they are always there.
  7. a niew more higher level fishes, for fishing.
  8. pickaxe would be nice =D> i hope they do a dragon defender
  9. maybe its so if they make the max level higher than 99 some people wont have the top level already.
  10. i have had to restart, my old acc was hacked and jagex wont do anything.
  11. i like the idea of a dragon defender.
  12. it was probs sold quickely cause people might have needed that part, or are buying the 3 parts, smithing it then selliong for more.
  13. i would have thaught more people would have RC
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