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  1. Hey, haven't posted here in a while. Hope you won't mind me promoting the tournament I am hosting for a bit. :) http://challonge.com/homm Homm's 1v1 Brawl - a fun League of Legends tournament for anyone to enter! If you're interested in putting your 1v1 skills to the test and are interested in winning some prizes, I encourage you to join up for my tournament, Homm's 1v1 Brawl. You'll face a variety of opponents in a BO3 (Best of 3) rounds, and if you're the best player, you might very well just secure yourself a $10 RP card as a prize! Players of any skill level are welcome to play! Prizes: 1st place - $10 RP card (NA region) 2nd place - 1 month reddit gold code OR 1 CS:GO crate key 3rd place - 1 month reddit gold code OR 1 CS:GO crate key The tournament will be played on the NA server and will begin on 12th of April, at 7:00 PM CDT. You can find a countdown to the tournament here: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?iso=20150412T19&p0=408&msg=Homm%27s+1v1+Brawl&csz=1%C2%A0 (checkins begin 30 minutes before tournament start) All games will be played on the Summoners Rift map, and the winner of each game will be the first player to kill their opponent, to hit 100 minion kills, or to be the first one to take the first middle lane turret. You can find the full ruleset and signups for the tournament here: http://challonge.com/homm I hope to see many of you there! ^_^
  2. Hey tip.it'ers! I made a clone of the Flappy Bird game since the original got removed by its owner and cannot be downloaded anymore. I aimed to make Flappy Fowl as similar to the original as possible. If any1 has an Android device, you can download it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thingymagic.FlappyFowl&hl=en Please post your opinions of the game and any suggestions here into this thread and I'll reply to every suggestion. Or if you think it's good enough already, you can rate it on the Android market. Also feel free to share it with your friends - this is hot topic currently and I'd greatly appreciate any publicity you could give me. Thanks. :)
  3. First off you are going to need to buy TONS archery tickets - you can get these 12 ea off GE - but I recommend forums due to GE limits and slow supply. After that, head to Ranging guild - and start exchanging the points in! I bought 13k of the tickets on my pure: And exchanged them in less than 1 minute to: Now, this may only seem like 8280 coins profit on the picture - but that was gained in 1 minute. Thus per hour (8280 * 60) you can make 496,800 coins profit! But that's not all! Broad bolt tips can be sold at GE max price! By selling at max ((5520 + 8280) * 60) you can make 828k coins profit! per hour! This method also requires consistent fast clicking so you may get less money depending on your speed. (or maybe even more? ;)) And all it requires is 40 Ranged to enter the guild and tons of archery tickets. Here's also a list of other items you get get by spending archery tickets, as you can see they do not profit. Item name - Cost of archery tickets (amount*price) - Item GE value 20 adamant javelins 22,000 2,460 Studded body 1,650 552 Rune arrows (50) 22,000 15,450 Coif 550 100 Green dragonhide body 26,400 4,614 Enjoy the method, all comments are appreciated. :)
  4. Item: Cracker, or anything else that I could sell for tons of money. Level: 99 RC... , or 1 hp. :ohnoes: :thumbsup: Quest: WGS, simple as that.
  5. Even though the first thought for me would be removing rule 7, as I have gotten banned many times for it (3 temp bans on main, 2 noob accs perm banned, etc), I realize I wouldn't have an advantage compared to others - if everyone would macro.. :ohnoes: I'd say, remove: Encouraging others to break rules and make the filter much nicer.
  6. I like this idea. :thumbup: Me too. :thumbup: Original idea is fail, all good pkers would have to get agil 99 lmao.
  7. So if 1,5k people get to the drop party - you complain because you lag. If 100 people get drop party and 1,4k are left out - you complain because you are left out likely. It is fair, if you lag, get a better computer, everyone has a chance of drop since someone has to get the loot (as in what is in the chest).
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