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  1. Hey I'm Ferg NBK's Rawlord, here to introduce my clan NBK to TipIt, come visit us at #nbk and please register on our forums - http://s4.zetaboards.com/NBK_RSCLAN/index/ It's a bit outdated but gives you some good info. We're looking to start some TWR fights as well, so it'd be nice to get to know you, and please ask me any questions!
  2. ferg

    NBK vs RL

    Earlier in the week scorrty approached me about a tree 2 tree war with his clan RL. I didn't know much about them, but i heard they were a good small clan, with good members. Their ml was similar to ours, but they had a slightly higher cmb average. Rules of war PVP tree2tree melee/binds/ranged no inf run but rings allowed no offensive mage Last night we were part of an AC for the col vs TCL war, so col were only too happy to help us out with an ac. But we were told by them that all the worlds were full, and that they got hit by NG, so we moved the war to the ruins east of GDZ- which is a better place to tank in all honesty. We pulled a very poor 75 opts in all honesty, but RL pulled slightly less - so a small but close war was in the midst. NBK starting : 75 opts RL starting : 60 opts NBK ending: 57 opts (no idea who niteshadow is) Rl ending:0 Mid war pic : THANKYOU COLLISION GL NEXT WEEK TBE (expect a much larger pull) SOMEONE WAR US FOR TWR!!!
  3. I know, our levels are quite amazing arent they Seeing as that was a 20v20 fight that ended in a 1v1 with about 40hp left on the winner I don't understand your point in this? Please improve your grammar, I'm getting confused with your sophomoricly written posts :ohnoes: Ahh, and so you take it to a personal level. Making fun of my poor grammar. I apologise, I am mexican, English is not my first language. It is pretty surprising the depths you will go to win in your own mind, quite sad in all honesty. This is my final post, I am extremely happy with our win, and i think the pictures tell 1000 words. Including the irc screenie GK are dying to use. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  4. Omg wow I am so speechless, it was a 20v20 and ended with a 1v1. Nice job man, we keep the fight even. How does it feel being up by 13 and losing by 11. It must hurt doesn't it. hey, i won you lost, and you can't stop yourself posting, how does it feel?
  5. I am so proud. Lowest of the low man. -- Anyways, video will be up soon. I am basically proud of Gk's performance today, not only we fought outnumbered and their FULL list. Yet we koed about every member of NBK, even with 11 people we managed to KO your members. Oh I'm sorry about the flames Gk returned - might as well deal with it. Was a fun fight. Yup K0 a few level 100's not bad, pity bout the outcome though - looks like we have a winner. And im sure our vid shows you flaming us back at bh bank after you walked away, so i guess ill wait for your next stupid post.
  6. HEY I REMEMBER THAT TRIFORCE FIGHT, WAS SORTA SIMILAR TO THIS ONE. except triforce had tactics, you had headless chickens. http://www.zybez.net/community/index.ph ... is+knights man just look at those epic levels you had, deary me, oh well, hopefully in your book what comes around goes around, Though i touch wood you die, or close before you find yourself on the same world as us, wouldnt want you to lose to the same olf mediocre levels ( sorry nbk (A) )
  7. also, incase this isnt completely understood there is a certain amount of sarcasm going on here
  8. Also very proud of our 38/39 pull on our active memberlist.
  9. /me takes a deep breath. So our new warlord tesh007540 was desperate to set up a war, being the clan rawlord i was only too willing to say yes and no to certain clan. He set up a war with genesis knights, a clan of experienced warrers - and at first, i was pretty annoyed, because they were a threat. The rules were: -Classic Map, Mid Bounds. -Melee + Binds. -NO Strikes/Bolts/Blasts -NO RANGE -Rings ON -NO INFINITY RUN, -NO CORRUPT So we massed up, 38 versus 27, I was very confident of a great fight, but i was sure their immense levels would have the better of us. They logged in, saw our numbers, and tried to walk off.Claiming not to have seen our full memberlist. Which was pretty sad, especially in a fun war. So we flamed em in to warring, I'm not proud of this, but i could care less. Starting : Ending 21-0: And ''inb4theflame'' just to show you the hipocrasy of the clans world, Is this a GK member out of bounds?? So i thank you for this wonderful fight, We really did enjoy it. Also Im proud to announce NBK as cwa's premiere NH clan : (-)15(-)45(-)43(-) <`Stu`> NEW NH CLAN ON THE BLOCK INNIT - he isnt GK, but as ex-ronin this means a lot. Shows what you get when you get a bunch of experienced clan members all in 1 pot eh ^ Bringing a little rsc fun to tipit on behalf of nbk, thankyou. I AM ANNOUNCING NBK'S RETIREMENT FROM FIGHTING GK, THOUGH ID LOVE TO MEET EM IN THE WILDY SOME TIME.
  10. Lotsa small clans will die. Merges will happen alliances will grow stronger SE will challenge the top 5 clans. Eh will come out as #1 clan.
  11. nice job rsd, always admired the way you go about your business, hi mas if youre reading
  12. Runescape Name: F2P or P2P ferg161 p2p
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