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  1. Yes and yes. You need to bring two ropes if you've never been to the Saradomin area before.
  2. I dunno, do you think two might have been possible if we were both maxed in ranged/melee stats?
  3. Hey guys, this is a great guide but I like some others have been having a little trouble when a price ends in K to denote thousands. I've read the whole thread multiple times, but I've still not been able to work out what I'm doing wrong. =MID(Index(ImportHtml("http://itemdb-rs.runescape.com/results.ws?query=%22magic_seed%22","table",2),2,3), 1,#)*1000 (I've also entered magic_seed without the underscore). I read before in the thread that I should replace the # with a number, but I'm not sure which number I would put in. Could someone give me some advice? Thanks! Fins
  4. Geyser titans were briefly mentioned on page 1. Are they preferable to lower-leveled titans?
  5. Also made a GoogleDoc awhile back http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key= ... 3dnc&hl=en However, during development of it I discovered that the formulas in the guide are all dependent on the 41 ess/run figure. Presumably this changes based on level, and there are alot of variables involved in calculating for different levels (like time used and possibly casts/inventory changes/binding necklace usage) that I don't want to bother with. So I'm sticking to 41 unless another widely used amount is out there. :)
  6. Will add thanks :thumbup: There's one small change that using a giant ent requires. Because you can't take it on balloons, you must balloon to taverley as your last step (or else not get the full use of your ent familiar). So here's what I do: 1. Tele to Varrock 2. Tele to Lumbridge 3. Tele to Falador 4. Tele to Camelot/Catherby 5. Duelling Ring to MA and Spirit Tree to Gnome Village 6. Duelling Ring to MA and Spirit Tree to Brimhaven, then run south to Calquat 7. Tiny Elf Crystal to Lleyta 8. Duelling Ring to MA and Spirit Tree to Gnome Stronghold 9. Dismiss Ent and balloon to Taverly (simply move the duelling ring to MA and balloon to taverley steps to the bottom) And the giant ent works great, I'd definitely recommend. Now if only there was a familiar to increase herb yields...
  7. Thanks for your post. Will update with everything you suggested when you reply to question on the outline. --Ftrees--missed that part! Thanks! --Great explanation on dwarf weed, that'll fit perfectly in with the guide. --I'll agree to disagree with you on the dailys incorporated into farming. I keep supercompost in the leprechaun and plenty in the bank, so I use only 5-6 from the Leprechaun per run. Thus, I haven't had any inv space problems. However, I can see where the problem would arise if one wasn't using the leprechaun, so I understand why it might not work out. --I would put the 'compact outline' probably right after the main one. --edit: following post takes care of the GoogleDocs request.
  8. I'm confused as to why one wouldn't supercompost fruit trees. Wouldn't it help prevent disease, making it worthwhile? (edit2: given that I'm farming palms without protecting b/c the cost of 15 papayas is over the 10%) Great guide; Fins Edit: I think the hide titles could be more descriptive and organized better. For example, 'how to train' as you state is more 'what to grow,' so why not name it as such? On organization, the first hide tag seems especially long and ought to be split because the two parts are vastly different: I say have one part for basics (e.g. what is a rake and the order of operations for a patch) and another for items, skills etc. required. I also think something that would aid your guide is for you to create a GoogleDocs/Excel chart that automatically updates that'll tell farmers the gp/xp ratio. The Wikipage you link to is alright, but it has alot of irrelevant information and doesn't have herbs listed. Now that I think about it though, the wikipage can be viewed by anyone, not just google account owners, so perhaps I'm wrong here. You never seem to mention dwarf weeds (maybe I overlooked it though). Some people grow them because they have double the experience that snapdragons give. I personally wouldn't grow them, but I know other guides recommend doing so, so give a reason as to why snaps/ranarrs, etc. would be better. This distracts from your focus, but I don't think it'd be bad to mention adding in daily RS chores to a long farming run (even if you only mention it in an FAQ or whatever, in the main guide it'd obviously distract). Varrock teleport takes you right next to battlestaves, herb runs end at Catherby, and you can use the Seers' Headband in conjunction with Catherby/Camelot teleports. Finally, I would recommend having a 'quick refer' list of what order to farm trees and such in. If I was a farmer used to doing a different route, I'd have to continually refer back to your guide and scroll through images and such when all I really need to know is 'falador teleport, varrock teleport, lumbridge teleport, elf crystal, duelling ring to MA, etc.' This is just something I like to have, not sure how others would like to have this written after the more in-depth farming run you have already. Oh, and I really like the MA duelling ring use, nice work on that.
  9. 20% loss of EP upon teleport? I wonder how this will impact AFKers who windbolt for potential, as I assume ROLing out wouldn't be a great option for them then.
  10. Wouldn't it be easier to just get more lanterns, as using the box would take up a space anyway.
  11. They do know about it. At one point a few weeks ago, there was a bug where they didn't stack, but then Jagex changed it back.
  12. I would very much appreciate instructions on how to do this for Excel 2007, if anyone knows.
  13. Hey, thanks for the guide Artemis, great as always. My friend Warrior and I have been to TDs quite a bit recently in duos, and I've just started to solo as well. Tonight, we split a ruined armor lump. Thanks again for the guide, Fins
  14. Thanks so much! I ended up trying Pod to PC first, and it seems to have worked great!
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