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  1. Was in the middle of fighting a desert treasure boss guy on my pure when I got crashed offline..here we go ring of life?
  2. oh wait, never mind. 10/10, but for the love of god people, stop being so ******* lame with the
  3. man I wish I had your luck. my "last kills" always end with me having to tele with the boss on red bar, getting killed from trying to kill the boss on red bar, getting killed by the minis after killing the red barred boss with my own low hp, or getting absolutely no drop. I think W99 is unlucky for me...I'm finding a new home world I don't call 600 solo kills with 2 hilts very lucky I've killed more than 600 Kree-arra without 1 hilt.
  4. What? Nice dog, rottweiler right? Half German, half American? I have 2 rottweilers; 1 full German, and one half/half.
  5. make a house with 29 kitchens with beer kegs and a boxing ring for the 30th.
  6. man I wish I had your luck. my "last kills" always end with me having to tele with the boss on red bar, getting killed from trying to kill the boss on red bar, getting killed by the minis after killing the red barred boss with my own low hp, or getting absolutely no drop. I think W99 is unlucky for me...I'm finding a new home world
  7. You got me there, I added an extra 0 in my calculation. That's what I get for using the computer's calculator. My mistake. However, I still stick by the grammar comment. Poor grammar in an argument completely voids any points made by the poster in my opinion. It really doesn't take too long to read over a post, especially when it's only a few sentences. You can be 100% correct in everything you're saying, but if you write like a 14 year old dyslexic, I'll ignore it. Call it a pet-peeve of mine. But I'm done with this thread. People clearly don't get what I'm saying nor can they comprehend my way of rating. You can have a thread saying you've gone from 1 attack to 3 attack, but have 99s in 11 other skills, and people will disregard the fact that the thread is about ATTACK and not the other skills, and rate a 10/10. But, since I never actually rated; my rating is 7/10. You have 1 hat. Some people have 10+.
  8. You're an idiot. Getting 100K bronze arrows is a [cabbage] load harder than mining 2.5k rune ore IN FREE-TO-PLAY. You seriously don't know how idiotic you look by posting that comment. Just rating the rune mining? Wow, you actually are stupid. No sir, YOU are an idiot. If you would have a little bit of brains you would notice that the 100k arrows has NOTHING to do with his 2.5k rune ore, I say that (and read it good now so you don't make a fool of yourself again) he bought 40k big bones and said it would get him 2 prayer levels and people give him 10/10, I said I CAN BUY 100K BRONZE ARROWS AND SAY IT WILL GET ME 3 RANGE LEVELS TOO but nobody will rate me 10/10. See the difference? Next time read it twice. *sigh* And the ironic part is 'You seriously don't know how idiotic you look by posting that comment.' Hilarious. aww you beat me to it =( 7/10 for the rune ores. There's gotta be a faster way to make money in f2p than switching worlds looking for rune rocks. But then again, I wouldn't know.
  9. But maybe he didn't get lucky and had to drag his [wagon] all the way upto 135M just so he could afford one? Maybe he slayed his way to his money and then you come along as a total asscrack. If I post a thread where I get level 50 woodcutting, would you honestly say "Congratz, soon 99". I doubt that since you can't even rate a good achievement without being a looser. And obviously, mining isn't more glamorous than a party hat. Sure it takes LOT of time, but then again who said that the party hat didn't come from his sweat and tears? Get over it and stop being jelaous. And let me take a guess... I bet all my money that you either got a 99 on cooking, firemaking or fletching. [developmentally delayed], don't talk about achievements. My god.....why do you even bother writing things like this if you're going to make numerous spelling and grammar errors. Basically voided anything you were trying to say. Mining isn't more 'glamorous' than a party hat? If someone actually took the long route for mining and mined say, iron or coal, they'd make WAY more than enough money to buy a red party hat. Hell, they could buy 2, if not 3. You dare call me jealous? Come on, kid. I've been playing this game since 2001. I've had party hats when they were free. I've had party hats when they were 20 mil. Back in the day, when blues were around 10 mil, I had a full set. 10 mil back then was A LOT more money then now. I don't even know how to compare it. Jealous? Yeah ok. I can think of an infinite amount of things I'd rather be jealous about.
  10. Eh, i dont agree that its just a status symbol... i didn't buy it to look rich really i just always wanted one since rsc. Well, I wanted a whip since rsc, I post it here, will you give me 10/10? No, because a whip is 1.5M, I don't see the difference between the whip and the partyhat, just because the partyhat costs 132M it deserves a higher rating? So the more expensive, the higher the rating, there we are, back at the wealth. partyhat is discontinued , whip is a monster drop, therfor a phat is more of an achivment than a whip, gtfo? Horrible example along with horrible spelling. Forgetting the price of both items/when you started playing Runescape completely: Party hats were dropped in crackers and picked up off the ground, free of charge. Whips were only gotten through 85 slayer, in which everyone started at level 1 and you can't buy slayer levels, so bank wealth doesn't make any difference besides armor/weaponry. Seems that getting the whip is in fact harder by these standards. But of course when you throw in the fact that now the hat is 133 mil, and the whip is 1.5 mil, everyone assumes the hat is a greater achievement. And why is this? Wealth. Status Symbol. Has no other use than showing how rich someone is. Take name-brand clothing for example: I can buy a Rolex watch or diamond earrings for ridiculous prices. People assume I'm rich because it's a rolex, and it's used as status. I can buy a knock-off Rolex for $20 or Cubic Zirconium earrings, and they would look exactly the same and serve the same purpose, but if people knew they were fake, they would put me below the person with the real set socially and economically. Rating someone low is a matter of opinion. He's not jealous. He's not doing it just to be a jerk, as fun as that may be. Most wealth is achieved by pure luck or through playing the market all day. Buying expensive items just doesn't impress some people anymore since people devote time to other things besides making money. You people flaming Xano for his logical points and arguments are being immature and thick-headed. Don't even bother trying to pick this apart and try to twist my words. I will verbally KO you. You're right. But pretty much the same can be said for skills. Getting 99 skills show you simply invested a lot of time in a game. Nothing more. Why would you rate a 99 higher than lvl 50? Only because the person with 99 had plenty of free time to get the 99? Rating in this game is based on stuff like status. If you don't rate a phat high, then there is no use in rating anything on this game, because you seemingly don't agree on what an achievement is in this game. Don't mean to say that it's a bad thing. It could be said that rating anything in this game is a bit awkward. After all, it's a game, not something that defines you as a person (although some people think otherwise). Ya I know. I was going more for the "luck factor" involved with getting money for 'rare' items. Sure, you can get lucky and use the money on skills, which is why I usually rate buyable skills lower than skills like say, mining, which just take an [wagon]-load of time with no real advantage other than not having a life.
  11. How am I wrong? When fighting something with high defense, accuracy to chip away at hp more often is better opposed to a string of 0s and a high hit here and there. Someone fighting with melee in say, Godwars, may benefit more from a warrior ring because of the slash bonus if using a whip. A staker with high defense and attack with low strength will benefit more from a warrior ring than a berserker ring. There are uses for both rings. All I said is that the berserker is worth SO much more is because everyone is obsessed with strength these days. You can't train combat anywhere anymore without being asked your strength level. (unless you're maxed melee...then the person asking you is a moron). Bandos armor is another good example. The defensive stats are below most if not all the barrows melee sets, but it's valued at so much more because of the strength bonus. A seers ring is in the 50k's, and an archers ring falls a little below 400k. Both have uses where a berserker ring would be foolish to use, but both fall WAY below it in price.
  12. No, it's proof that +4 strength is much more useful than +4 to attack. Nice bank, nothing out of the ordinary though. Get a rare skillcape or something, and a godsword. Every bank needs a godsword 8-) . Not at all. Being more accurate is sometimes better than being stronger. Would you rather use a sniper rifle or an RPG to shoot a target a few hundred meters away? Experience rates prove you an idiot. your grammar proves you're an idiot. Did I say anything about exp/hr? Point that part out for me, please? Though, I am pretty sure I said this: Imagine that, eh?
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