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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Nex items are shared and there good, them being shared is what makes them flippable. also finding your own things can be a massive downfall if not careful or just unlucky. I wouldn't classify Nex items as good at all. Rule of thumb, if an item has a price check FC it's useless.
  3. I'm sorry, but to this question there's only one possible reply: Anything that is good won't be shared, and what is shared is common sense. The best advice I can give you is find a niche item or your own corner in the market, and go from there.
  4. Or if you mean those Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 3 with the Quartermaster's (or whatever function he may adequately perform) reward interface, those are unlocked by Week 4 and Week 7 of the event, respectively.
  5. Read the book you get from completing the emissary jobs :P o Yeah, I only read a few pages on Zaros and then got a bit bored ):
  6. It's interesting to note Moia is a general for Zamorak now... Seems like she didn't die after all. Maybe it *was* Bilrach, who knows.
  7. Definitely, yeah, but I think his question pertained to Nex alone. In the long run, DG shields are worthwhile, at least until we get t90 ones or tradeable t80s. Edit; Unless he's tanking, yeah, forgot to mention that - woops! I'd heartily advise against tanking Nex when learning, though :P
  8. @Crossword Didn't know the Kalphite one, lol. Pretty obvious once I checked it xD
  9. 1) One hit KO attacks? No, not really. There is, however, a plethora of special attacks that she throws at you that can pile up rather fast. For Smoke phase, you'd want to watch out for the "There is...NO ESCAPE!" special, in which she cross cleaves the middle section (the Zaros symbol), from one side to the other. Tanks usually lure her away from the middle, though, so this shouldn't be a problem. Still in this phase, you will deal with a special, infectious cough. Pretty minor stuff nowadays, but warding off your teammates makes it go away. In the Shadow phase, meleers have it rough. They can't attack her more than (approximately) 2-3 times before being dealt dart-speed 500s+ unblockable and typeless damage. Usually, meleers hit her 2-3 times, walk away 2-3 squares, and repeat. The big thing here is her "Fear the shadow!" special, in which she summons a black spot underneath players' feet. You have approximately 3 seconds to step away, or you will be dealt moderate damage (1200+, and I *think* I've been hit over 3k once, not really sure!). Be aware that other players' shadow dots can also afflict you, so be twice as cautious. Blood phase-wise, there aren't any major damage-dealing specials. There's the blood sacrifice, but it doesn't hit for much, although it does heal Nex a spectacular 10 or 20k LPs, and halves your current Prayer points. Finally, during the Ice phase, you'll be confronted with Nex's most dangerous one hit offs. "Die now, in a prison of ice!" can hit over 8k LPs, and "Contain this!" can seriously wound the hardiest warrior. Prisons are usually tanked by the Tank (duh), while meleers should proceed with extra bits of caution during the containment special (read: run away for a few squares seconds Her icicles travel a fair number of squares). Zaros phase has no particular special attacks. Also, make note these are just her damaging specials, it is no way a 'complete' Nex guide, not even a survival book. Just basic info you could easily find in the Wiki. As for RSOF teams, I have absolutely no idea. Never dealt with such a thing; I keep my random social encounters at foot's length after Dungeoneering. 2) *Usually*, and do make note this is from my experience before Assbows and Seismic, Nex teams prefer meleers. Yes, a Range switch is sometimes used during Zaros, but that's about it. Shields are definitely not needed, except maybe for a solo, and only during Zaros. You wouldn't need anything from DG to Nex right now, but you would want Drygores. 3) Yes. No numbers, been a long time since I got 99 Summoning, but the loss is pretty big. I don't enjoy spending ages running charms, though, and paying the few extra mils I could make back after seemed like a fair trade off. It's probably efficient, too, since everyone seems to do it, but sadly, I can't crunch the numbers for you, and say that it's better gp/xp for time spent. 4) Noone would recommend Ivy for an efficient Woodcutting method, lol. Arctic Pines are borderline 100k xp/h, I believe, passible of enhancement with some boosts (saw Hedgehog claiming around 6-8k bonus xp/h with WCing aura based on Mining numbers. Beavers also help, as does Lumberjack clothing. Adze, too. I believe C2 is somewhat superior, but you'd need a setup like Suomi's - Paying people to do the Dungeon as you Woodcut. Doesn't seem that effective. You can also consider doing Large Sawmill jobs, for about 90k xp/h. Someone will correct me on this one. Finally, to round it up, an ideal setup for Nex would be Torva, dual Drygores, Aura/Scrimshaw as you would, Sixth-Age circuit or an Onyx (i), Whisper / Zealots if using single-stat boosting Prayers (think I saw someone in RSOF ID with some numbers claiming it's better than Turm/Piety even post-nerf). Like I said, sometimes a Range switch is taken, in which case take a Rcb / Zaryte / Assbows and a Top + Bottom switch. (My info may be outdated, specifically Nex-wise, so take it with a grain of salt till someone more experienced posts.)
  10. And then EoC happened. Ports gear is definitely needed to solo Zilly after the Blood Barrage nerf. You can try Leik's setup that I saw somewhere I can't recall, which involves Tetsu + Drygores. You could try to switch t90 out and pull out a Maul or something (especially true for SS flicking with AoE abilities from 2h) or you can go with Range, provided you have Royal Cbow. Not really sure how Magic would fare, but considering the recent nerfs, unless you have a Chaotic Staff and some patience to try setups, I wouldn't recommend it. I do remember people saying that port gear is very much needed for soloing Sara, so don't sub it out, unless you put a shield in (but that'd kill your DPS moreso than not having power armour).
  11. Check that guide's last update date and compare to Q's post time stamp. You got your answer, now it's up to you.
  12. Uh, sounds like a bug. My guthix cape definitely gives me critical. *checks*. Yep. Working. I've also had it for several years now, though. Wouldn't be a huge surprise if only new ones have that bug though, considering Jagex's track record of messing up things with EoC :P
  13. Read this earlie but forgot to reply - Thank-you a ton for that helpful info so far. I've shown this to my friend and we'll try this later on, whenever he decides to come online and stop getting drunk outside. Editzors; We managed to do it flawlessly in a duo, with my non-tank friend barely using any food - Yay! Ice still presents a little challenge, but everything else goes well. Thanks for the help!
  14. 'Lo, As of late, me and a friend of mine have been trying to duo Nex. However, we fail on the classic stage - blood. We never seem to be able to dish out enough DPS to get past it, even though I'm in Torva and he's in Bandos and we both have Drygores. We've tried to 'bruteforce' it, by pulling adrenaline potions, opening with a Berserk and dishing out thresholds asap to no avail. We're at a loss here; what should we be doing that we're clearly missing? - On another note, I've also been trying to solo Nex, just to get my feet wet and lose that nervous, tingling feeling you get when you first hunt her. I can perfectly solo the first two phases, much like everyone else, but I end messing up on Blood, too. Now, I immediately thought that doing the method I explained above wouldn't work in a solo (You don't need that much of a brain cell to understand that if two can't do it, neither can one), but I did see some solo videos. The most recent one I saw was a small past stream by Ambler, over on Twitch. Trying to emulate his strategy of killing reavers / running from sacrifice, I almost, almost did it, but still ended up not getting through it. In that video, he was in Tetsu. I did this in Torva with dual Drygores and couldn't do it. Yet, in Tank armor - POP - he manages it :huh: So, if anyone with experience has any tips they wouldn't mind sharing, please go on! Should I swap my ability bar? Should we both? Should the tank in a duo wear a shield, or must we both use dual Drygores? (I also saw that Mith Seed trick for Ice phase. That's quite ingenious) On the same note, if anyone wants to just share their tactics / gear / ability bar for solo / duo, I can pick it up from there. Thanks in advance!
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