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  1. I dont use anything when i fight, just potions haha :) thx for the help
  2. Hi i just got 70 summoning and was wondering if i can bring my saradomin chick on my slayer tasks whil i fight because i want it to grow, can i fight with it by my sde?
  3. Is it really that hard to pay 6 bucks a month!?!?!?! NO ITS NOT!!!!!
  4. Oh my god this sucks, what are you 12 years old?
  5. ill have 99 fishing in a few days, and i knew full well what i was getting into, its 2 months now and im finally almost there, i knew it would be long and be hard, my 2nd 99 will be easy cause its cooking, knock that out in like 10 days
  6. I have been fishing since july 4th and now finally almost have 99 fishing, i hand fished sharks for a while, but now I'm power fishing, i will most likely get it on monday or so I am currently 260k from 98..... my first 99 as well, What was your first 99? please tell your story.
  7. combat skills just like to show u like fighting, raising money making skills such as fishing, wc and mining are better cause u make loads of money
  8. lol fuel there passion for dragon hunting...lmao
  9. Is this really a poll? assuming we are all speaking english on here, I'd say about 90 percent of people play english duhhh. I play english
  10. Only big problem for me is the trade limit, that ruined a lot of the game
  11. Ok so I am muted for 3 days because i said the word myspace and it got bleeped out.....on runescape it says i will be unmuted in 3 days when i try and talk, but my offence history says it will expire on july 2010, can someone tell me how long im muted for!?!?!?
  12. saradomin, the special is awsome
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