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  1. New prayer: Protect from cabbages. *Turns it on and your inventory fills up with cabbages.* "The prayer failed" And non-tradeable Christmas crackers drops with cabbages inside. And everyone's lifepoints is set to 0 and they die when they hit max health. Also monsters will start healing you and all food hurts you. Also replace all quick-chat sentences with Monty Python quotes. And put the 10 elverags in lumbridge on all free players worlds. And Change all names to TET Null *number*. And bring back fatigue. And remove the grand exchange. And make playing runescape a reportable offence. And no-clip everyone for good measure. And make all Training decrease Exp. And replace the music with Rick Astley's "never gonna give you up". And make one cabbage spawn on every tile. And then all the J mods will attack every player in the game with ancient magiks hitting up to 990. And when someone dies they can't Play again for the rest of the day. And then roll back the servers. Now thats an april fools joke ! \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/
  2. has found the meaning of the wilderness castle!

  3. I'm guessing that you don't agree with my wild guessing discovery?
  4. This from from my post on the Runescape forums. Not enough people saw it so I'm reposting it here. Also, were these forums down before? Anyway, to the post: I have solved it! Acolyte Until. This was a anagram clue left by a Jagex Mod about the strange power. This anagram turns into 'I can't tell you. Or does it? *Cues dramatic music*. I have discovered the second anagram. I C U Loyal Tent (I see you loyal tent) With the Orb of oculus we can see further. We can see many tents nearer to the castle. Three of those tents are different to the others. Three tents have strange symbols on. Not only that but the same three tents are the god colours. Three tents Loyal to the Gods near the wilderness castle which I can only C (see) with the orb of oculus? I'm onto you Jagex! EDIT: This is partly a joke so why is everyone taking this so seriously? Why is no-one realising what a strange coincidence this is? Why is everyone just face palming and walling me? LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE! Either this is a very strange coincidence or Jagex planned this. So what do you guys think?
  5. setting your own levels hmm? does that mean you could set your hp to 1? if so, \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ level 2 acount (if possible) ftw! Also, does that mean you can scam without risk of losing your account? ive always wanted to try out the zammy wine scam...
  6. thank you Ts_Stormrage for ruining the plot twist in hunt for red raktuber. i was goinging to do both the slug and penguin quests and you ruined one of the big suprises. all the other articles were really good though. i felt that i agreed with all of the authors on there points. quests aren't about rewards, there about fun and storylines *glares menacingly at Ts_Stormrage*. my favourite quest is inclethians little helper (spelling is wrong, i know) because of its unique and fun story. now excuse me, i need to hire ninjas to kill Ts_Stormrage then wipe my memory of his article.
  7. if this image appears can i have it at 7x6 plz? edit: dammit!
  8. since i dont know how to post pics yet i will just post these forum codes: Quick find code: 129-130-182-59315125 =D> Quick find code: 129-130-523-59337852 :wall: Quick find code: 129-130-331-59255585 :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: Quick find code: 129-130-246-59316661 :shock: will post more when i find them
  9. i think we should be able to get very strong weapons that dont work on pvp. that would make mages and rangers happy while not upsetting the combat triangle even more. how about a staff that lets you use all 3 spell books. that would be good. or a bow that can auto cast bind. either one would be a nice addition
  10. ontarget1


    its impossible to go back in time to alter anything. if you went back in time to stop world war 2 world war 2 would of never happened. but then there wouldnt be a reason for you going back in time so that version of you would fade out of existance. then because you don't exist world war 2 would still hapen which means you do exist meaning ww2 didnt happen causing you to not exist meaning nothing stops ww2 from happening so you exist again so ww2 didnt happen which means ww2 did happen that means ww2 didnt happen which means ww2 did happen which means ww2 did happen that means ww2 didnt happen which means ww2 did happen which means ww2 did happen that means ww2 didnt happen which means ww2 did happen which means ww2 did happen that means ww2 didnt happen which means ww2 did happen which means ww2 did happen that means ww2 didnt happen which means ww2 did happen which means ww2 did happen that means ww2 didnt happen which means ww2 did happen which means ww2 did happen that means ww2 didnt happen which means ww2 did happen which means ww2 did happen that means ww2 didnt happen which means ww2 did happen which means ww2 did happen that means ww2 didnt happen which means ww2 did happen which means ARGH MY HEAD! AVE ME CHUCK NORRIS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *universe implodes*
  11. tonight at 8pm (GMT) on world 43. zybez is burning down Varrock. How dare they? thats a job for the tipiters. we should burn down varrrock before them and prove to them that WE ARE THE MASTERS OF FIRE anyone agree with me?
  12. similar experience, once when me and some friends were late to history (stupid bus driver!) we were told to sit underneth a table. when we complained that the bottom of the table was covered in chewing gum and that there wasn't enough room for all of us to fit properly he explained to the class that slaves had to put up with things like that on the slave ships. quite an unusaulal (spelling?) punishment if anything. any other stories?
  13. i've been making the first episode of my runescape cartoon for 2 months now. i about 2 weekss ago i finished... the title screen. now ive put that to the side because im making a different movie... that i havn't worked on for a week. when it comes to procrastination i must be a king. runescape heroes episode 1 coming summer 2010 episode 2 may be on time for the olympics
  14. Holiday events are always a nice distraction from our daily rs lives. Whether it was the rewards, the task or even the storyline, almost everyone enjoys holiday events. So I ask everyone: what was your favourite holiday and why? My personal favourite was the 2007 christmas event. For those of you who don't know, this event had piles of snow scattered all over runescape. Players could make snowballs by gathering snow and then throw them at other players just for fun. Players could also build snowmen using the snowballs but since it took 30 snowballs to fullly build one, players would often work together. Once a snowman was build, players could obtain hats from snow imps to put on the snowman. When a player put the hat on a snowman it came to life and taught you the snowman dance. Snow imps could then teleport you to the land of snow where they could receive a snowglobe from the queen of snow that fills your inventory with snowballs when used. Also while in the land of snow, level 29 fighter snowmen could be built and equiped with holly bows, ice swords and winter staffs. These snowmen battled against each other with a max hit of four and could be healed by throwing snowballs at them. With all the open endedness to this event it's easy to see why this event was my favourite. So whats wour favourite event and why? p.s. Profit is not an answer.
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