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  1. STARTING: CSF: 16 Unity: 27 ENDING: CSF: 20 Unity: 33 RESULTS (kills): CSF won 36 : 32 ... thx for fun unity
  2. Yeasterday, LFjs leader decided to ask for a fight our Warlord Anopheles and both of them agreed on following rules : 30min CWRI classic cwa all styles no dg/cor 3 sniper cap north att war w80 Starting : CSf (23) : LFj (30) The fight started off with both clans rushing each other. The fight was even for first few kills but after while it was obvious our combat advantage is going to help us to get quick lead. For next 15 minutes, we were transitioning around and was about to get 100 kills but after my first death we somehow slipped and didnt manage to get this magical number. Ending: CSf (87 kills) : LFj (45 kills) Thanks for the fight LFj, it was good quick prepped war for practice (Polis113) Thanks for fight LFj, impressive stuff CSF, well done!
  3. So first of all, you probably dont know BeFounded, so we are small (very old) country clan, consisting of people from Czech and Slovak republic and we are doing Clan Wars mostly.(We are quite old but not well-known) Last week CK´s leader approached us for 1 week prep fight, 2 rounds, from which one is full out and second is matched. Knowing that size of clan´s memberlists are almost same, we both were pumped for this and we agreed on following rules : 2 rounds 1. Full out War w: 47 Melee+binds+range Rings on Corr/dung off North attacks 2. Matched - same rules BeFounded ml: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=befounded Corrupted Knights ml: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=cknights This war was our 1st on Satuday after long time, and to our suprise we pulled fresh 21 people. CK as an EST clan pulled not that much, because it was very soon for em. 1. Round Starting : 21 vs 10 http://img861.imageshack.us/img861/310/110416210710.png http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/4800/110416211055.png http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/5927/110416211251.png http://img812.imageshack.us/img812/7135/110416211044.png http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/5825/110416211313.png There is not much CK could do, we have proven our numbers and lost just 1 member. 1. Round Ending: 20 vs 1 http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/373/110416211350.png 2. Round Starting : 11 vs 11 http://img190.imageshack.us/img190/3539/110416212111.png http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/598/110416212409.png As the numbers and combat avarage of both clans were pretty same, we knew this is going to be challenging and it definately was. The fight started of as CK piled me and i outanked more than 1 guy, leaving us with 1 man lead. The fight were pretty tight until 7:6 mark when our member Matonym, got koed by 5 people and from that point it became even more even. We tried to kill all CKs hybrids while CK changed their targets a lot what helped them to get from 3:4 to 3:2 in their favour, from that point it was pretty obvious they gonna win, so CK stood as a victor of 2nd fight with 2 guys remaining. 2. Round Ending : 0 vs 2 http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/5454/110416215920.png So as the 2nd round was more than close, i decided that i would post this, as it was really worth of spending time into it and iam sure we can have a rematch very soon Corrupted Knights. Thanks for the fight once again and see you soon (Polis113) Results: http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/6195/110416210758.png very close fight and Saphron said: ..., we (Clan Europe) call that (about 5ppl KO) 'Doing a Tesh' rofl ... we in befounded call that (and its my results of 2nd war 2) PHH - PRO HAPPY HITS anyway gf and thx for fun ... we w8ing for rm
  4. Happy birthday :D

  5. Hi ing mb ;p;p

    Its Abkb :P

  6. Lasko, moja lasko, Stepi is csf old school (csf = multiclaning allowed) ... any1 edit plz "defeats" to "destroys" :lol: :lol: :lol: PS: Poland99999 best DH tank ... u guys must repair ur old tanks :D
  7. Gratz FF, Gf Fail pull CSf ...
  8. Gj SE ... the worst CSF war ;)
  9. No coment - wowscape: http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/6133/wowscape.jpg
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