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  1. What suomi has done is a disgrace. What a weak coward you have two months to go or even less. Pffft scamming donations, boy I tell you what, you give me the money and I will do every buyable on as many accounts as you give me the money for. I mean having cash to do the quickest ways for every buyable would be so joyful. I never donated a cent to him and I'm glad I didnt, from my personal experiences suomi doesn't deserve to be #1 and in-fact out of the current top 20 XP's only 3 or 4 even deserve to be there. What you think having bulk money from donations or easy methods these days and blowing them on the quickest techniques makes you good? Lmao that doesn't make you a champion at all. Oh yes so you have think you've done the non-buyables too? Lmao you do know the methods that are in the game now are the quickest and any achievement these days is pretty much worthless. The real champions and best players of this game are long gone and the top players have to know this.
  2. Until you provide proof, you're just another kid spreading rumors. Give the kid some respect. OT: Hope Zezima makes the front page again, true hero of this game. RIP Telmomarques you were always a good friend, I remember the days when I had a higher total level and more XP and you have came so far to the point you were the best in the game!
  3. I used to be addicted to this game called Runescape. Everything in life revolved around it, I barely seen friends or family or played sport due to the fear of loss of potential XP. Every minute I spent I was away from Runescape I felt like I was missing out on XP and it made me sad.
  4. Tbh I did the 26k/76k pvp trick for nearly the entire time it was avaliable. Sure it was good money but not even close to making the sort of cash telmo has for 200M in buyables. It was good starting capital but from that telmo grouped merched with divination and some other rich kiddies to make that cash pile alot higher. Whoever claims he made cash from actual pking is a joke lol look at that vid uploaded on the previous page? The drops were terrible and it only takes one death to lose most of the cash made from previous drops. Jus sayin..
  5. In my eyes.. Zezima - Overall greatest player ever, most famous too. Noone can catch his fame, this game will always be his. Chessy018 - Richest (befor hack) Kids ranqe - Mad pker Defil3d - Youtube
  6. Moama

    Idiot bot owners

    rofl you got owned
  7. Can someone please link me or basically explain how efficient BA master horns are for agility and mining? Are top players using this for the race to 200M all skills?
  8. It will roughly take Green 3months to pass Gertjaars XP. And since Lan is already below here I think Green will be in the top 15 for many more months to come.
  9. Grats on #1 highscores Telmo and rank #2 overall XP
  10. Fake record is obvs. About the prices of GP yes they used to be worth 10x exactly or even more value, as GP used to be a little over $10(AUD) for 1M rs GP. Now it has dropped below $1 for 1M rs GP. Money was so more rare and valuable, much better for the game IMO.
  11. Divination no doubt will win this, easily.
  12. Really now? I gave you more help than I gave Suomi; just in a different form. I spent 30 hours of helping you(12 making steel plates, 18 running secondaries) on the Summoning alone + 15m or so cash that I lost from the arcane shield that I held for you. Not to mention all the information I got for you. I consider your records to be your best attribute and I consider Suomi's 200m goal to be his best attribute, so I supported each in its own way. Thanks for being grateful. Did drum have runners for summoning when he got the daily overall record?
  13. Nice, also Elias now has 9 skills over the imaginary lvl cap of 120, and has also broke the 2.4B XP barrier.
  14. Rune2h/range 1 def pure. Current 40-60-1 with 70 range and 70 magic.
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