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    I Cant Stand this anymore!! I cant even add people to my friends list because they turn out to be beggers or something worse! I Cant Wear My Phat Anymore, because ppl surround me, i dont want attention! We all know how "nice" it is. Im Tired of people getting so into the game they forget about there Friends.. Runescape Friends or Real Life Frineds. I cant Stand how people use the word "Noob" or beg for money. we were all NOOBS at one point in time, i was TEN YEARS AGO.. 8-) I Cant stand the people who are so mad/jealous/envious of your stats they tell you to get a life! ITS so annoying people dont understand the language barrier! EVERYONE IS NOT AN AMERICAN! I Hate how people act like being good on Runescape means ANYTHING in real life, Yeh Im lvl 138 Warrior. thata look good on a Resume!!!!! The Rudeness, disrespectful People, This Game is outta hand, we need more Mods or something. Theres more i just forgot! Thanks i feel better Moral of my Post is to BE NICER or not be so rude, help people, realize this is just a game... DONT BE A HATER!
  2. awesome thanks, Ide use to SS, but im not wasting another 10m on something, dragon scimmy wins :) TYVM!
  3. So I havent played in 2 years and alot has changed... for one full dragon is less then 10m lol. What weapon should i use to train Str 98attack 90str 90Def.
  4. Un-trimmed slayer skillcape... You can get 99Hit pointsEasy with using Range to boost Hit pts.
  5. Do that many people use twitter? RuneScape is on there??? good god....
  6. was gonna say isnt everything on RSC Pirated, W/bots
  7. some dude named Sargee. he was like lvl 60 and i was round lvl10. thought he was the bomb
  8. Been a RS fan since it started and this new stuff isnt as great as it could be. Jagex can only take RS so far and by the looks for the past years updates they are running outta ideas.. RSC! FTW!
  9. Aye, ive never been banned. Im sure you would get muted and such for a reason. The trick is Not to get angry :)
  10. Its funny how everyone calls people "noobs" in there dialog messages.
  11. Well, They have to keep people interested in the game who play for free thou... Sucks yes..
  12. i was in a PC clan once and we changed worlds really quikly. plus if your in a good enoung pc clan you will play later at night and make your own pc worlds.. good idea but i think you would have to watch it very closely.
  13. ive been playing this game for over 5 and a half years now. =p i think 5 and a half i started right when rs started. i plan to play for a long time i just dont play like zezima and them guys.. this is a good game and i doubt it will ever end.
  14. good idea. but it will mostly likely be run over by lower lvled players. also organizing this would be a bit hard. i like the idea and if you can make one good luck :)
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