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  1. Most pures bot, talk trash and act immature, so yes i'd say they have a bad reputation in my eyes.
  2. Jennica's Ring only affects the Revenants non-pvp world drops, like Dragon Daggers and Glory Amulets. I don't know if RoW really affects their pvp-gear drops though. I'd say go with Ring of Life, if someone claw rushes you when you aren't prepared (saved me multiple times). For cannoning, it increases the chance that you will get PK'd so i wouldn't recommend it. I don't think theres any way around just killing a ton of them droprate-wise. Personally i've gotten all my drops from the Revenant Ork (Ruby Chalice, 39 Morrigan Javs and 1 Zuriel Hood) so i'd say the higher level the Rev, the better.
  3. Hello. I'm currently working on all the requirements for The Void Stares Back and i'm having doubts about the last one being 54 Thieving. I'm sitting at 1.8k experience from 44 Thieving at the moment and i wonder whats some good ways to get to 54?
  4. There are no ways to motivate yourself on purpose, either take a break or just keep going against your own will. I got 99 cooking myself on my old main and i no-lifed it pretty hard, though it went pretty fast as 99 cooking is one of the easiest 99s in the game (time and effortwise). Just cook while you listen to music and chat to people or watch Youtube videos. It'll be over before you know it. Good luck :)
  5. Thanks for congratulating me, have a nice day ;)

  6. Happy birthday :D

  7. Get all chaotic weps and save rest of tokens for replacements.
  8. I'd say pick everything worth a bit more than the bank scrolls the yak uses, also remember to alch all the metal equipment drops :)
  9. If you dont have a Pak Yak, only pick up stackables and bones.
  10. Theres no known formula at the moment, but i'd say 92 firemaking is very good. The chance of the cannon breaking is very random, at my firemaking level sometimes the cannon lasts 100-200 shots and sometimes it breaks after 10-30.
  11. I have a feeling you are trolling, noone has that bad grammar without doing it on purpose :/ Tip to the OP, go through www.runescape.wikia.com and look for stuff you arent familiar with. It's impossible for us to tell you about all the new stuff that have come over 2 years. Good luck! :)
  12. Thanks, and yes i was using the Rapid attack style :)
  13. The max hit with 99 range and full void (no potion or prayer at all) using Broad-tipped bolts is incorrect. I just hit a 342 twice at green dragons with them with the exact same conditions as stated earlier. I would appreciate if you corrected the calculator to make it more accurate :)
  14. Yeah true, but i'm pretty broke at the moment and won't afford brews. What defence/hp should i go for so i can do it without brews?
  15. I've just gotten the requirements for Shadow of the Storm and i wonder if i can kill the boss with my current stats. 1 attack 1 strength 20 defence 15 constitution 13 summoning I'll be using sharks as food and recoils to do damage, will these stats be enough or do i need more? and if i need more whats the minimum stats i will need?
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