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    You are obviously not experinced in staking, sol has its own counterpart, EE. Also people wont use sol spec in all styles stake
  2. Tang


    pretty sure if u do all styles melee can inflict damage faster than crossbow at the same relevant combat level. Also jagex made it so that u can still cast barrage if ur mage lvl is reduced/ Tl;dr No.
  3. Maybe someone can tell me whether this was a lure. This level 130+ asked me to be in his "vid." He insisted that I wear h'ween mask and good armour "so that the vid would look good." He asked me to tele to trollheim, which I did (with an inventory full of food and a 1-click, just in case). His buddy was there and they were saying for me to "follow" them to the spot where we would shoot the vid. I teled instead, but I'm not sure what they could have done to me up there. Any ideas? There is a shortcut to the wildy to the east of trollheim, and if u cant tank the thrower trolls, then you suck E: Nope i've never been lure
  4. even a npc famous city will have lvl 10 watchtower, so u need lvl 10 spy camp to break through. if its a player owned. you will need lvl 20 spy camp and have 10% chance on orange/purple cities, you will have -30% chance of getting it in on a blue city..
  5. lol who? his a [bleep] lol. Yes filosti is doing well, why?
  6. btw you should do some long 12 hour searchs on lvl 8-10 wildland, legacy scrolls are not as rare as you think
  7. btw thats not a special event, thats just the dialogue you would get for getting a legend from searching
  8. nah just halbs, as they have the biggest load and one lengend can lead more( all my searching legend is lvl 3-5(straight from sanc, once they are higher i dump them lol)
  9. atm they trying to fix the current issue instead of adding higher stuff..
  10. Try running some 1 hours when you are online, also add about 800 halb to each of ur searchers, the reward will be much better. Not boxs but small stuff like metoers Actually it does help, most of time you get ur boxs from special events, if you add halberd to it, it increase the chance of actually finding the box, not by special events
  11. lol i run 16 explores every hour, too much special event lol
  12. Its not leaked, it happened to me around 20 days ago
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