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  1. Not really, most of them never go into Graveryard forums. Now nice Zerker you got there! 10/10 Just train your range till 80, and you'll be exelent.
  2. Name: Max p0w3r2 Stats: 50 attack 66 Strenght 5 Defence 77 Range 40 Prayer 60 Magic and 69 Hp Current status: F2p What i should do with him?
  3. Finnaly, but 2 dragon pickaxes on this page... they going to crash.
  4. I can confirm THEY DO DROP THEM, i just got 1 from them, but saddly i don't took the picture of the drop, so another dude has to get it.
  5. I personally think the same, the shops where nice as they where anyways, how many people buy from the stores? Only 3 i can think off actually does: Culiomancer Chest Spirit shards stores (theres like 3 of them) And the meat store on ooglog. There may be more, but i see the infinite ammount on each a very good way on this all, also the Buy X option, now they remove this, NOW ''WE'' have to waste our time on some shops like the Spirit shards ones, some people could buy from GE but. now theres a possibility that the spirit shard becames a item with price range (24-26 gp can be the start but only you can buy 10k per 4 hours) so going to shops will be the main deal. Now we gotta waste your time collecting charms, buying the shards and then making the pounches. Also makes me think this, JaGeX wants to put a limit on how many time we can waste(time and cash) on skills, especially summoning? They putting us limits!
  6. Ok, i have had this discussion with a lot of people this days, i say: ''Did you know AFK is vs the rules?'' ''No it isn't'' ''Yeah it falls under Macro rules'' ''No, thats not true'' ''Yes it is'' ''No im not using any 3rd party software'' ''BLA BLA BLA'' I keep saying yeah, i even show them where it says it... (Btw here is where it falls: http://www.runescape.com/rules/rule_thi ... are.ws#afk) THEY STILL, Dont hear me! They think they must using a 3rd party software to be reported on it. So what i can do? (You can move this to General if theres any ''discussion value'' here, but i think theres another topic on this alredy.)
  7. This is maybe becouse you have to drop some of the water so the herb can fit and disolve in the water. But yeah, everyone knows that alredy.
  8. So 2 years before i even knew there was Runescape, i joined a forums (I won't tell but it was a kid forums) i din't had a lot of creativity then, so for the username i only put ''abc'' and i stick it with it, every place i go i used that as an username, after some guy told me about runescape I, like I was used to i put abc but i wanted to it to fit more the game style, so what i did for my name? Abc knight (Spelling error on it, i think...) he was my main 'till it got hacked, then i created another and i wanted to get more ''1 more rank'', i put Abc king to the usernames and it was taken so i just put an 11 (i can't remember if this was old young i was when i put that number) and this acc was created.
  9. Almost at start, after you start and they send you to make a map of the jungle you are it, also you dont need all the skills. Remember if you doing for RFD you only have to start it.
  10. Thank you! Now to get the levels for Heroe's quest...
  11. Im currently getting barrow gloves for another account i have, and im asking, i can start legends quest by only having the quest requeriments and quest points or i must have the entire skills? (As i only need to get the vanilla for the food)
  12. Ok, About the zzz its obious its guthix, now following the runescape history, din't guthix wake up from its eternal sleep to finish the unbalance that was going up on the world he ''created'' (He din't). Now after While guthix sleeps, lucien gets a looot of power, and may this wake up guthix again? Guthix wokes up (While guthix sleeps 2)? If this is true maybe coming for the next year.
  13. Dude im not stupid, I din't know where the image was from, before post an image please post where you got it.
  14. I knew it ! Although it probably won't be attack styles,at least we can order familiars to attack. :) I don't find the new icon interesting i find the ''Lobo espiritual'' Unless is from the Brazil lenguanje i can only think of Spanish
  15. Ok, all starts with something we don't know and about a suppose plague, [hide=Quest spoilers]Second we need to see if theres a cure for the supposed plague after the plague is false we go to next quest, now is Iban, he thinks he is the son of zamorak that he guards a well we kill him and we continue and we recive a message saying that the ''Dark lord'' comes back, after that we meet elves and in the same quets we ''kill'' someone i forgot (Correct me), then we know mourners(sp?) are elves and we continue to paint some sheeps, after all of this we need to recover the power of the grand-oh death altar and some crystal, this all i know about the storyline[/hide] Now off some other information about elves and Seren, apparently elves where here before humans, making me think Seren maybe was one of those ''elder gods'' we don't know, maybe she shape that bit of the world using crystal? And if Seren is still on the castle makes me think that after guthix send all the gods to the god realm she din't make her go becouse she was an elder god and she had more power than Guthix (:? ) if she was then she was a common god, now... Why the well send people to this land? It is posible that this place of the world WAS before Guthix actualy shaped the world and the old conection to this world and guthix world was this well? Till guthix and Seren made some kind of friendship so both humans and elves could go? Well i don't know BUT I WOULD LOVE to know, Have been waiting for MEP3 sience i did Regicide.
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