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  1. Would you be sad if I quit for a few months? Cause I kinda am :unsure:
  2. Dg xp is better than rc xp, and rc xp is getting boosted (hopefully). May as well just dg until Runespan comes out. Inb4Runespan = Flash Powder Factory deja vu :unsure: Grats on 5k posts btw.
  3. Why aren't you dging until Runespan comes out? Zmi sucks :unsure:
  4. Speaking of loyalty points, I bought the emote Divine Power (12k), because it's awesome :shades: How's that for loyalty point efficiency? Actually, I just haven't played in a month, and why waste points on an aura I won't use? Divine Power is awesome :^_^:
  5. Salt indeed :D Blues Clues <3

  6. Yes Power, I'm on Win7. I've done this on other Windows systems though. It's just a matter of finding the "Show hidden files" option.
  7. This is actually fairly simple to do. One sec while I grab my iPod. Will edit this shortly. First off, plug your iPod into your computer with the usb cable. Under My Computer, it'll be a Removable Device. While in that, go to Organize (top left of the window) -> Folder and search options. Under the View tab, select "Show hidden files, folders, and drives." Hit apply, okay. Next you'll have a grayed out folder (this was the hidden folder) named iPod_Control (it was for me). Go into that folder, and you'll see another series of hidden folders. The Music folder contains more hidden folders labeled F00, F01, and so on. In these folders are your music files. Even though they're named a combination of 4 letters (ABCD for example), iTunes will still read & rename them correctly when opened/added to your library. That's all there is to it.
  8. I planned on Dungeoneering at least until 120, and I was still kicked. Disagreeing with Jimi is a no-no :shame: Cya a year and a half of friendship, power is more important I guess...
  9. You're in good company :^_^: Congrats on 99 fm, I'll get that soon enough. Along with cooking, construction, smithing, and woodcutting. :shades:
  10. Nex sucks with Armadyl, you get steamrolled lol. Been there done that, too many times <_<
  11. Needs more Vanguard legs :unsure: I'd be willing to get hybrid legs with you, as all three full hybrid sets are one of my goals :^_^: So far, all tops + gloves.
  12. Hey me too! Well almost. Saving 100k xp because I have 1 week left of Shattered Heart, and I'll get 99 by putting rocks on the final statue :thumbup: Also, I did that a few times today too. Friend: What are you doing? Me: 1111111111111111111111111111111 Friend: Construction? Me: 11111111111111111111111111111111111 Did 93 construction to 100k from 99 today :wall:
  13. Catching up to me again :ohnoes: Ironically, the first day I checked Runetracker in almost 2 months to look at my smithing gains, I saw your name under top overall gains for the day. Impressive :^_^: Ot: I was rank 2 smithing for the day @+1.1m :shades:
  14. Don't stay away too long, you're like my twin as far as playing RuneScape goes <3: Same goals, pretty similar levels, [ego]both Monster Hunting legends[/ego] :^_^: I'll allow you to take a two week break at the most, but that's it! Seeing as that's how long my vacation is, I think that's fair ;-) . Then we're back to competing for trim. No excuses! Seriously though, hope you come back soon. RuneScape is a sad place without a Mierin :-(
  15. I trust I won't need an application Stev? You know I'll MH with you <3
  16. Do we know if Skoll boots will stack with horn?
  17. If you have pretty good APM, a Rapier would probably be faster.
  18. Prayer potion(2) aren't too rare, I think in my log I have like a 1 in 70 rate overall. About as common as Death runes, for me anyway.
  19. Must have been a recent change, like you said. I know when I switched to Chrome they didn't have it available.
  20. "An even faster way for quick starting is to have a non-party leader to perform the Give Thanks emote when all penance types are dead, so that that member gets left ingame and essentially removed from the team. When the emote is complete, the player reappears in the pen, and the leader can readd him immediately." OH MY GOSH, MIND = BLOWN. WE ARE SO TRYING THIS SOON :thumbsup:
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