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  1. ADVERTISER: shaadii LANDING URL: www.shaadi.com ... (something like that it keeps freezing my browser and killing it...) (and according to friend it gave him a virus) TYPE: Pop up SITE: Shaddi.com MY LOCATION: Canada REASON: (something like that it keeps freezing my browser and killing it...) (and according to friend it gave him a virus) might be my anti virus killing it but idk.
  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. if ur planning on getting bonecrusher just for slayer it is a waist. but if your planning on maxing combat on something noob like bandits... then it would probably be worth somewhat worth while... but not going do the calcs...and u wont be worrying about saving inventory space. also i figure your going want to train dung sometime.. and getting 120 your going to have loads of extra points laying around so anything to even slightly help other skills are worth getting but where bonecrusher is really useful is for hunting saves you alot of time when hunting things ps. im 78 dung with stream necklace, scroll of life and scroll of efficiency, bone crusher and gem bag and have a tier 8 ring + 48k tokens sitting i am not sure what to do with yet.. so u get plenty of tokens to use. and should have 100k tokens before i hit 80 dung.
  4. way you could probably do it.. but be very tedious is to get outside of the orange mines and do the pillar hide technique... that will save u from taking 750 hp damage each time it does that... but have to be really careful not to step on the orange mines other thing that might work is taking the new biscuits to but it wont be easy to say the least. use ruby bolts till he's charging for 1 under hp att.. then using darts or throwing knives seems to be very effective.. and if ruby bolts activate at this time it would kill u. and use darts/knives to find the real one when he splits. other than that its just going to take probably loads of time/money
  5. think i am just going to make up a chart in excel for my/friend use anyway because a lot of skills i do and want to re-reference but forget what the time was... like planning on doing agility at barb advance course over 2xp weekend but forgot the exp per hour... i understand what your trying to say... just seems like your getting 100% of what to have on the chart but about 50% for the actual setup... so maybe in a month or so i will post what i have started on the chart just to give more of an idea know maintenance is an issue and the planned setup i am thinking of should not really require any because i am basing it more off items than the exp and cash value's but thanks for your time. :cool: if you want i can make up a quick table and send it to you via mail or try to find a way to post it on here just so you can see how basic i am trying to make it. can do all of runecraft in about 2 minutes and have it use able for almost anyone doing runecraft but be inaccurate figures for the quick table. but when i get time i can make them actually accurate and even having it for some skills is good. i use time all the time just to calculate time to use planks or w/e when i am planning some megalomaniac skilling
  6. im just using up some planks and herbs i have laying around then going to be doing agility
  7. yeah i understand what your saying but problem is alot of people are setting goals to be able to do things that are not as they see them. I am 99 mine and smith and have had people tell me they really want to get 85 mining so they can mine rune for exp... and others have asked me how long it takes to mine rune thinking its actually the rock that takes forever to mine and not the re-spawn rate. and there are people being mislead in other skills to. The sally's was an example of that i figured same basic hunt creature more exp so faster exp know an actual calculator would not be possible taking in skill levels + items used. but making a chart with 1 level and time associated with that level so it can be judged depending on person's level using it For example: if someone woodcuts 500 wood(50 exp each) = 250k exp an hour at level 85 some level 70 will know they probably will get under that but at least have a number to work with and if level 85 person cuts 300 wood (85 exp each) = 255k exp in an hour. so person can decide off that that since its 5k exp more cutting the 2nd wood at level 85 at level 70 they probably will get less exp then they can take the wood type and times it by its value to find if the difference in value is worth it to them to cut the slower wood. i know its accuracy will be fairly bad but fact is it will give something to work with if i was using it id take that number as my if i am not distracted and maybe take off 100 or so off that number just so my calculation is under what it will take. or make chart with 2 levels on it could make up like a high low chart for items so people closest to the level they can do the item will know there somewhere near the low and people 99 will know there near the high and people at low level but using a higher item for the skill will know they should be somewhere over the low but not by to much. and someone 99 and using rune instead of drag will know there somewhere under the high even if there fully concentrating or even have 2 charts 1 for rune and 1 for drag because there most used or just a chart for the best usable item For example: for yew it would be level 60 and level 99 so with level 60 u will get roughly like + or - 200 wood an hour and have a number of wood. and at 99 still have the + or - but number would be higher. make first level the level at which you can first use that item and second the the top level you can get. For example of that i will use my graahk calculation i did earlier for myself i can run between 1.8k and 2k rune essence per graahk depending on how distracted i get. so i used the 1.8k and took number of rune essence id need to run and it came out to roughly 590 graahk's i would need so i went and made 600 of them so i am over what i should need. know the calculation is fairly inaccurate but it gives me more to work with than no idea of how many rune ess per grahak id be using, no idea of how many graahk's for the rune essence i have and have a clue of what time it might even be close to. id rather have a calculation that is even + or - 100 graahk's for runecrafting than not even have a clue where i stand for it. can even take all the rough numbers and under shoot them sort of speaking. so people are averaging 1k items an hour make it 900 or 800 just so they will always be saving time over what they are thinking. i just know a lot of people always ask me how long will it take to do something and other than the calculation's i have made there is no real place to send them to find out and some are asking multiple items to see which would be better for them. making a chart that would even give rough numbers would probably help them greatly for deciding what there going to do.
  8. was just thinking that a lot of the time i am looking up skills and stuff and calculating doing something i wonder how long would it take. was just thinking about making up a table that shows just a real rough count for hourly exp or item gain because it would be helpful with a lot of calculations because some can be a bit miss-leading: for example... was hunting red salamanders... then got to black salamander level and thought faster exp... yet there to spaced out that its actually slower exp. could just start it off at rough hourly exp and item gain attached to the exp for high traffic area's for a start them move into lower area's maybe even into item collecting like flax, toad legs and stuff like that. and maybe even get into calculating rough number of charms per hour killing things. just make it so u have to be max stats and use a certain wepon for the calc so people know how. i will help get it started... and calculate for a few skills but was just wandering if you would even be interested. or if id just be wasting my time. just know in the long run it would be very useful just know it will probably take a while to actually get into fully working condition. could even just start the table off 1 minute exp or 5 minutes just to get it up and running faster.
  9. the inventory setup shows range pots, prayer pots, brews, and super restores and range gear equip first line of strategy and tactics says only for using suggested armour and inventory yet first tactic is to use guthans which is no where in inventory... just thought u might want to fix that.
  10. to open door upstairs u need prime bar from EW2 use on slot.. then enter, pull lever then push red button, pull lever again to exit and grab body bar out of slot. need 2 bars for quest 4 if u want full body set. (helm, shield, body) need battered or slashed book in order for it to allow you to make the body to finish the quest. and (Body body) examine: A body made in the Elemental Workshop. and it does like a swirl of blue emotion when you put it on (Body shield ) examine: A shield made in the Elemental Workshop.
  11. corpse mage (lvl 15) drops mask 4
  12. :) ya and that dont look like a planner.. looks like guide to me =P
  13. slayer planner shows kurask as lvl 71.. there 70.
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