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  1. Staking is optimistically 50:50; you will make as much as you lose. However, most people will get cleaned, because they don't abuse bugs and don't stop if they get ahead. I'm certain only maybe a handful of stakers have ever profited, either through clever deception that's within the rules or just outliers; the rest either RWT or scam. Everyone else gets cleaned. I went from royal crossbow (500k) and staff of light (150k or some such) with some untradable gear (just a time investment at Pest Control; no skill necessary) to a total of ~2b pretty much just killing a single monster type (Tormented Demons) for 330 hours spread over 1.5 years. That's not even an hour a day. If I had sold drops at more opportune times and maintained my now-consistent 150+ KPH, this would have been nearly 3.3b... Unlike any random 'Scaper would have to now, I tried a bunch of different methods to perfect the strategy, going from an average ~90 KPH to a solid 150 KPH at a minimum. Most people now would be able to get up to 120-130 KPH with "free" weapons (royal crossbow and Chaotic staff) after a few hours based on the methods I discovered. Judging by current red partyhat prices, it would take ~310 hours based on the "lifetime average" price of limbs. It's very possible for an average 'Scaper, especially because party hats are artificially inflated at this moment. In the context of Tormented Demons, memorization is all that's necessary, not quick thinking or high APM. i turned 30m into over 3b poly staking in a week and a half :3 its pretty easy guessing when you're going to win.
  2. i've been trying for the pet forever... got zspear first kill [hide][/hide] with 7 mins left in the arena.. [hide][/hide] my outfit is complete [hide][/hide]
  3. sold the purple.. went staking (:L) made 1.3b. bought this
  4. got my first partyhat! long time goal of mine. i bought it literally 9 hours before they started dropping kek.
  5. long time goal of mine <3 went 79-96 in liek 4-5 days
  6. [hide=last kill of the hour long fast instance.. what a surprise! first one i've solo'd :>][/hide] [hide=and the next trip after ;D never thought id train this skill but bangbang! finally got it #4][/hide]
  7. [hide=walk in subj hood and 2nd kill was subj boots][/hide] got 97 def + 135 cmb during kc i've tried forever to get warpriest [hide=total drops for the trip] [/hide]
  8. [hide] [/hide] best kc i've gotten solo at zam (ik, i suck) got subj gloves and z spear 2 kills late :3 sold all for 5.2m also, why are ammy of souls so expensive? D: it wouldnt buy at 20m. what price are they worth buying for? i feel like i could last longer if i had it for the ss bonus
  9. my roommate/best friend since forever had his kid last night :) shes only an hour and a half old in this picture. please put this picture as picture b for me. thank you very much<3
  10. bicycles are a good ab/leg workout. you lay on your back have both legs in the air like you are sitting if you were sitting in a chair. then bring one leg as far to your chest as possible and at the same time do a crunch and bring your opposite elbow in and touch your inner thigh (like a russian twist)
  11. so im sworn into the marine corps and i was slacking during the summer of going to pt. i regret it majorly. i leave for basic dec1st and i can only do max 10 pull ups, an 11:54 mile and a half run/jog and 65 crunches in 2 minutes. i have no idea if i will be ready by december. i can pass ist (initial strength test) with what im doing but basic will be killer if i dont improve any more than i already have. its stressful like no other. if i could go back 4 months i would re-do it all.
  12. doing the mile and a half run for ist at one of the monthly poolee functions :D please replace both a and b of my pictures with this one. thank you :3
  13. been quite some time since i've posted here.. just a few things to share since i've started playing rs again [hide=99 hp] [/hide] [hide=300 crystal keys for lulz] pc[/hide]
  14. i've got like a 700k bank. lol.
  15. http://www.businessinsider.com/infographic-how-the-nsa-intercepts-the-electronic-communications-of-americans-2012-5 1.7b communications? nothing is private.
  16. i cant go to runescapes home page. whether i type in the www.'s or not i get a 404 error. is this happening to anybody else ?
  17. it's just no fun being poor, in real life or in game. no fun.
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