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  1. Pretty sure thats against forum rules ;( also, i'll just wait for pics from Bruno.
  2. :cry: That stinks. Didn't lose anything I can't replace. Plus I had fun. 1.8 mil is worth a good time I think :) Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. Grats! :) (sorry for double post, not sure how to edit my previous post to include a reply)
  4. Ah didn't see that, does cannon even work at barrows I thought it didn't It does in the tombs, not sure about in the crypt. it does. also: check prayer before leaving the chest
  5. woot i approve of the rapier, so many think cls is better but nice steel titan you got there behind you Then a Mage with sol, augury and a zuriel staff for miasmic comes along.
  6. Level 5's can use Ice Barrage and Protection prayers? :ohnoes: Of course they can :P Also, finally got an achievement I've been working on for a while :) FINALLY <3 Thank you Link and rest of hyt chat that helped me when I needed it
  7. In relations to Castle Wars. For Stealing Creation most ancienters don't have a thieving past the 53 so its easy to steal their runes.
  8. [hide] [/hide] Wow! 10,000 coins and 3 diamonds.. and the back end reward of using d scimy.. But WOW is that quest reward dated I dont want to be so arrogant as to call this picture fake if its not, but i strongly remember this quest giving combat experience as part of the reward (a lot of i remember correctly) [/hide] The exp reward is optional and contains Constitution experience so I won't take it, the same way 1 def pures can weild dragon scims without getting the defence experiene.
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