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  1. Thanks all! But I'm having a tad bit of trouble with the final boss. Details in the OP.
  2. What would be the best way to get 65-70 hunter? I heard sallies are good, but what kind should I hunt? I need to get 70 agility sometime, and I'm 63 at the moment. What would be the best place to get these 7 levels? I've tried the werewolf course, and the wilderness course, but I don't seem to be getting any good xp there. A quick note: The Brimhaven agility arena is broken for me. It takes around 30 seconds *after* I tag the post for it to change, so I never get any tickets, as I can't get to where the new flashing post is in time. So I can't use that.
  3. I think they degrade in 10 hours. As they degrade, they are like barrows, as in they don't lose stats when it gets to 75, 50, 25, but they do lose stats when they get to 0. So, both barrows and FoG rewards are a "one time" degradation.
  4. [hide]...however, I don't have the skills needed to do it :( 1) What should I burn for 70-71 firemaking? I can burn both shades and vyrewatches, would burning them be a good idea? 2) What should I craft for 67-70 crafting? I have level 2 Varrock armour at the moment, if that means anything. 3) What should I make for 67-70 smithing? I have a budget of ~4m at the moment, but I can make more (somehow). EDIT: I have 80 herblore at the moment. Would it be wise to try and boost (yay stews!) to 84 and make a few spec restore pots for use in the battle vs the Void Queen?[/hide] I can't kill the pest queen! I'm using a full tort and an inv of rocktails, and I ran out of food fast. Inv: super att/def/str, chipped house tab, 2 p pots, and the rest rocktails. Gear: Korasi's sword, rune def, nezzy helm, warrior's ring, barrows gloves, dragon boots, soulwars cape, glory, fighter torso, and black d'hide legs. Any suggestions? I decided to not use spec restore pots, as it's really hard to get the boost.
  5. 1) Is it easy getting a +4 boost? And should I use 2 or 3 spices to try for a +4 boost? 2) Should I be getting a specific level of berserker, or is 1 or 2 good? 3) Thanks! I'll get working on that.
  6. 1) Ok, so I have the supplies for 80 herblore (lots and lots of unfinished antifire pots). What should I make for 80-85? I have a budget of under ~30m, since I was an idiot and didn't know antifires were going down. 2) Which is better in dungeoneering, a spear or a 2 hand? 3) I have 49 dungeoneering, and I would like ~85-87. What would the best way of doing that be? I can't get on much on weekdays though. (If you suggest "use a team", that doesn't help me at all, since I don't know where to find a team. At all.) Thanks in advance!
  7. Hmm, that sounds nice. How long would it take to get 10k or so tokens at 49 dung, soloing the dungeons? I'm no good in a team because I lag a ton, and all the monsters are dead before I can do anything.
  8. Hmm, I would suggest making mith bars out of the bars, and then maybe making unfinished mith bolts and selling (if you're still a member) or making mith plates (if you can. If you can't, then just sell the bars) and alching them. You could burn the willow logs, though that might take a long time. If you do decide to go firemaking, use the money from the bolts/plates/bars that you smithed or alched, and buy maple logs. You could also fletch the willow logs into unstrung bows just for junk (again, if you're still a member). Also, I don't know your cooking level, so I suggest you get it up to ~60 or 70, if it's not already there. However, it's purely up to you. You might even decide to get your runecrafting level up and go play GOP for tokens to spend when (if) you become member again.
  9. Oh, thanks! I didn't know about that calc, so I'll be using that. I also didn't know that supercomp also increased the yield, I always just got around 5-6 with and without it.
  10. I've decided that since I can get on once or twice a day that I can grow herbs while I'm at school and whatever. So, which would be the best for me to farm? I use supercompost except on the troll patch, and my farming level is 70. Ie, which is the most profitable at my level, and when should I grow more profitable herbs?
  11. Basically what the title says. Not minimum, but not 99 in everything. Around the middle. (I hope I explained that correctly :/) Also, what's a good setup of gear and inv, for the "good" levels? EDIT: My levels don't matter, I dunno why I put them in. :P
  12. It should play, perhaps not well. ?25,26,880,61452020,goto,1"]This post on RSOF might be of interest. My laptop has half as much RAM and a 1GHz P3 processor, and is able to manage on the lowest settings. Hmm, really? Cool! The java's messed up though, so I can't test it. :( Also, your link's broken.
  13. Fail, you can't add more ram onto a mac? :/ Well, there goes that idea. It does have to be a mac, because my dad hates windows computers for some odd reason. Meh, I'll just get a laptop, or figure out how to get my linuxbox to run runescape. The Java on that's messed up somehow, and won't load the game screen. I edited the first post with the info for my linux comp, so I have some questions about that.
  14. Ok dokie. I'm getting ~3-6 fps while playing RS on my desktop mac (OS 10.4.11). I've got this currently in it: Processor: 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4 Memory: MB DDR SDRAM Video card: No idea how to find what it is. I figure that I need to upgrade one, two, or all three of these things to run faster. Any suggestions? I don't have the cash to get a brand new comp though. Also, I took a look for RAM on Google, but I dunno what I need to get, or what. Thanks in advance! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok. I've got this linuxbox in my room, and I'm wondering if I can play RUneScape on it. Stats: OS: Linux KDE 5.0 (or something like that, dad says it's the newest version) Processor: IntelĀ® CeleronĀ® CPU 2.13GHz (Single core) Memory: 512 MB RAM Graphics: Intel 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller I'm hoping that I can play RuneScape on this, but the last time I tried, it didn't even load the game page.
  15. I'm estimating the costs here. Cooking: 10-15m Fletching: 10m? Firemaking 45(ish)-99: 5m?
  16. Hmm, How long does it normally take to get an Arc Stream? I've already bought a coal bag with my points, and, as you can see, I'm only 49 dung. Is there a good (ish) team I can get into to get the level for an Arc Stream, or will it take more than a few weeks, playing ~1 hour per day? Summary: Is there a good team I can get into at 49 dung, and how long will it take to get an Arc Stream, playing ~1 hour per day? If it takes more than a few weeks, I might just use a glory, and use the rest of the gear you suggested.
  17. What's a good way for me to do Barrows and get the most kills per trip? (Ie, what should I wear, and what should I take in my inv?) Stats: Items: BGS Nezzy Helm D boots DFS Black Sally Torag's Top Torso Verac's Skirt Ahrim's Top Ahrim's Hood Karil's Top Karil's Skirt SW Cape Zammy Spear Staff of Light Warriors/Archers/Seers rings DDS Void mage/range/melee (no deflector) Full Dagon'hai Zammy Coif Rune Crossbow Broad Bolts ~2.5m to play with Other: I have Ancients and Lunars, and a Kharyll tele in my house. I do have some experience at barrows, but I haven't been there in a while. I've got the 6-min grave, though. I can bank in Burgh de Rott. Thanks in advance! (Please, if you answer, I am no good at figuring out bad grammar. I can guess "om us mgic [email protected]@@" but that's about it. :/)
  18. Nope, 9.2. I haven't gotten around to asking my dad to install the newest version for me.
  19. I am clicking the button that says update on it, with "A newer version of the iPod software is avaliable (version 4.1). To update your iPod with the latest software, click Update." I don't really know why it erased all my files/back up, maybe it was just a fluke on my part. Hmm, no jailbreak for 4.0.2 yet? Ok. I'll have to try the one for 4.1 when it comes out, see if I like it. If I don't, I can always go back, right? (I hope so :P)
  20. Errr... It's a 64 gig 3rd gen one. Also, last time I upgraded (to 4.0.2), it erased my backups, and not just everything on the 'pod. So, if I jailbreak it, and it doesn't work, and I restore it, I'll get the warranty back? (I read somewhere that you lose the warranty when you jailbreak it).
  21. Ok, so there's this new iOS 4.1 out, and last time I upgraded the firmware, it erased my iPod stuff. Has anyone used the new iOS yet, or can you direct me to a place where people posted their thoughts on it? Also, would it be worthwhile to jailbreak my iPod, considering I still have ~8 months left on the iPod warranty? What are some pros and cons of jailbreaking it, and, if I decide to, how would I go about doing it?
  22. Aah, but you forgot one thing (that I could see) For the 6 hours training DG, you could make the cash to get 400k pray xp, yes? Then it takes 2 hours to use a gilded altar to actually get the xp. So, in total, it doesn't take 2 hours to "get" the xp, it takes around 8. And that's if you're only making 1m an hour. However, I do have to agree with you in saying that the only time you get a bonecrusher is when you have enough tokens that you could wallpaper the entire internet.
  23. 77 I should really put my stats in my sig, hmm...
  24. I've got 82 magic at the moment, and I'd like to get it higher. I've got an SoL, Ahrim's hood/top, Dagonhai robes, Mystic boots, barrows gloves, chaos gaunts, seer's ring, glory, and a zammy book. What tasks are good to mage, and what spell should I use? For normal training, I used fire bolt on iron dragons, banking and selling the bones. However, since I am gathering bones for 95 prayer (slowly) that isn't a very viable option anymore. What's a good monster to kill for xp AND profit, and what spell should I use? NB: I cannot stand alching, stunning, stunalching, other various non-combat training of magic. I'm willing to give it a try if it's something I haven't dome before, but it I get too bored really fast, I'll probably stop doing it. Thanks in advance!
  25. This was my setup: Equipment: Archer's helm charged with kyatt scrolls Glory Karil's top and bottom Snakeskin boots Barrows Gloves Rune Crossbow Zammy Book Archer's ring Ava's Accumulator Ruby Bolts (e) Inventory: 12 super Restores Kyatt pouch and ~300 Kyatt Scrolls (in the tort) War Tortoise and the rest of my inv fulled with brews (32) I suggest you take a terrorbird with brews, and a few less rests. When he got to his berserker stage, I summoned my kyatt, set the right click option on the summoning bubble thingy to "Special Attack" and jsut spam clicked that, while letting him melee me. I brewed when I needed to, but didn't use any restores during that time. I also prayed sap warrior and sap mage while he was maging me, then when he went berserk, I used sap warrior and deflect melee (not sure it that made a difference or not). If you don't have curses yet, or don't want to use them, I suggest using the protect prayers and eagle eye on him.
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