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  1. 1) Aah, ok, thanks. 2) Hmm, ok. I don't see as them as slow, but I don't time myself. 3) Ok dokie. I'll try it out next time at waterfiends. 4) Thanks! 5) Well, I'll probably follow that then. 6) I never had much luck at TDs though, I would switch my prayer to the attack style that they were using, and get hit 200+, even though I changed prayers. Would it be ok money at frosts, to get enough for extremes? Would farming snapdragons be a good plan? I don't have juju pots yet, only 65 hunter because it's one of the skills I hate, but I do have a scroll of life.
  2. 1) Should I unblock black demons? I have them blocked because I was just killing them too slow a while ago, but I'm not too sure now about the speed. 2) Should I block steel dragons? I bank all the bones, but I'm running out of super antifires (I boosted to make them, took a long time). When I finish my super antifires, should I attempt to make more (it's annoying getting a +4 boost though, I have horrible luck), should I block them, or should I just lose the +7 str bonus frm the d def that I'm using? 3) Should I get rid of my Karils and use elite void for Mage defense, or should I keep it? 4) When should I buy bandos armour? Before extremes, before turmoil, before overloads, or what? 5) What is the order for getting extremes, overloads, and turmoil? 6) With my stats, would killing frosts be good money? I'm going to get a rapier before I go there.
  3. I've also got 81 herb. I'm planning on making 1k super attacks, strengths, and defenses, in preparation for extremes, and then 1-2k spec rests. Then I'll probably make super antifires, and extremes. Of course, I'll be needing to boost for those. :/ I'd either suggest boosting for spec rests, or making supplies for extremes.
  4. Not all, it's just a chance for noted drops, iirc.
  5. Soo...yeah, I decided to do this. Anyways, I've got my school play this weekend, it's "The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood." Basically, I don't have time to get onto Roonscaep for the BEXW, so I'm basically missing out on "0MG PHR33 L00TZ N [email protected]@@@@" Meh, I don't really care, I basically either do slayer or dungeoneering now a days. I'd do farm runs, but I don't have the seeds for it atm (want to buy snap seeds). Anyways, have fun reading it, and just don't hate too much. I'll post an "about me" later on, in about a week, I suppose.
  6. You get whichever one gives the greater bonus, for salve/(e) and slayer helm. So, if it's salve (e) and helm, you get the salve (e).
  7. I was thinking of making 1k super att/str/def pots (for extrs/ovls later), and then if I don't have 84 herb, boosting so I can make spec rests. Is this a good idea?
  8. Why thank you! I shall follow said guideline. Edit: What should I make till 84 herblore then?
  9. This is NOT during BEXW, at all. I am currently using my kingdom to gain herbs, and I'll sell all except the ones that I'll need, using the cash from the sold herbs to buy more of the one that I need at the current moment. (it, if I'm making super attacks, I'll sell all but irit, and buy more irit with the cash from selling the others.) I am also farming snapdragons (if I can get any seeds from the ge, that is. :/) with a scroll of life. I'm planning on getting 74 farming sometime, so I can make juju farming potions. What should I make to get ~94 herblore, from 81? I'll boost from 93/94 herblore, because I almost never get +4 boosts from stews, and I get a lot of +2 and +3. I'd like to be able to make a few hundred overloads after I finish making pots to 93/94. Thanks in advance! ^^
  10. You could try tele-grabbing zamorak wines in the temple above Fally. Other than that I dunno.
  11. Should I take prayer urns on my demon slayer tasks? I don't have a yak, and I normally just leave them on the ground. Should I unblock black demons (stats are in sig)? How many ashes does it take to fill the highest prayer urn? Also, are the other urns worth it, or not?
  12. 1) Baah, that quest looks really annoying. I'll probably do it later though. 2) Ok dokie then. 3) Ok dokie. 4) Nothing needs to be said here. 5) Aah, I wasn't sure of that.
  13. 1) I can't get to ooglog yet, I didn't do the quest yet, so I was going to fill my inventory with hunter pots, except for space for coins/other stuff. 2) I only have 65 hunter, and I'm going for 68/70. :P 3) I'll just do the highest trees I can, I can't make heads or tails of his spreadsheets. 4) Ok dokie, I'll do them. 5) I don't know your RS name though, so I can't add you.
  14. 3) Ok dokie, I'll so that. 4) Snaps all the time? 5) Hmm...ok. 1) Well, I'll be boosting to get into there, and then catching jads to get my hunter higher. So I was wondering if it would be worth it to go at 68, or just get the level at red sallies or summat. 2) Ok, thanks! 3) Hmm, ok, thanks! 4) Darn it. Oh, well. 5) Really? You say c6, but then Azeem says c1. I'm confused now. :P
  15. 1) I've got 65 hunter, and I want to go to the herblore habitat. Should I get 70 before I go, so I won't have to boost, or should I get 68 and boost using a hunter pot? 2) How should I get to 68/70 hunter? 3) I need to get 74 farming to farm ugune, and I'm 71 at the moment. What trees should I plant? I'll be planting both regular and fruit trees, so keep that in mind. 4) What herbs should I plant? Currently, I've got a scroll of life. I'll be doing herb runs every day until I get 74 farming from trees and that jazz. What herbs should I farm with a scroll of life and juju pots? 5) I'm currently going for a chaotic rapier, and I will be using the Dungeonsweepers chat to get the higher floors done. Should I c1 floors 1-29/30, or should I solo c6 them? Thanks in advance!
  16. Well, I'm working on getting 61/63 dungeoneering so I can join you nice fellows. After I get to floors 30-32, should I just be c1'ing the lower floors, or should I c6 solo them at the beginning, as to get some extra xp?
  17. They are good until you harvest them. You could leave them anywheres from 75 mins to 3 years (obvious exaggeration, I dunno about the 3 years part) and they'd be good.
  18. This looks nice, I shall join! When I get the time to get online, that is.
  19. Well, guthans at bandits to heal, then switching to reg armour to fight in. Also, I kept getting hit a ton at LRC, so I stopped going there.
  20. At undead skeletons, would I be burning through prayer pots there? I might decide to try that, I just need to know where it is, and what inv/gear I should take. For bandits, should I take guthans or a few bunyip pouches? I'll take my zammy cape, and I'll be using super att/str pots, I guess. What inv/gear should I take there? I also heard that cannoning black demons is good as well, using urns for prayer xp, of course. What setup should I take for them? And should I unblock them from my slayer block list? Is there a more profitable way of training combat skills other than slayer? I tried LRC, but I didn't get anywhere close to the xp/cash per hour listed (not 73 mining) and then I just hated them so much, I blocked them for slayer.
  21. I personally like the veteran boat (100+ combat) because it's not filled with idiots not knowing what they're doing and botters, and you can get some fun times in there, chatting with people about random stuff. Whenever I went there, I always found someone advertising a 110+ world, a 115+ world, and/or a 120+ world, so I always got to choose which one I decided to use.
  22. I've got 87 attack at the moment, and I'd really like 90, so I can use a prom 2h in dungeons. I've been mostly training through slayer, but I seem to be getting tons of tasks where I have to stab (iron/steel dragons) or crush (waterfiends). Is there a more efficient way than slayer? Is there a way that gains more profit than slayer? Or is there just a funner (more fun?) way to do it? I do not have Hati paws anymore, used them up on magic. I do have a whip, but no chaotics/extremes/turmoil. Thanks in advance!
  23. Hmm, ok, thanks! I'll try that out.
  24. What's a good inv/equipment setup for the Sally method?
  25. I've decided to go to barrows once again after I finish my trip at rock lobs, and gain some money. I have 86 magic (almost 87), 87 attack and strength, 86 defense, 84 range, and 80 prayer. I don't have chaotics or ovls/extrs. I've got ancients, battle robes, sol, whip, torso, v skirt, korasi's sword, and void + all helms, no deflector. Any suggestions? I do have a bank in burgh de rott.
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