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  1. The question in the title isn't the whole question though.
  2. So all of my friends are going to solo Bandos a bunch, and they're mostly lower leveled than me. My question is, can I solo any boss efficiently with my stats? If not, what stats should I get, and what gear? I've got ~19m to play around with, in cash, and I've got a dfs, whip, zammy spear, range/melee void, torso, karil's top/bottom, rune def, verac skirt, black dragonhide top/bottom, torag's top, SW cape, Nezzy helm. I'm willing to raise my combat stats (excluding prayer, at the moment) to get the levels to solo efficiently. My experience with bosses: Bandos: I tried a solo here, but I kinda failed (died while the boss was at half hp). TDs: I can get ~3 kills a trip, but that may be because I fail at pray switching and whatnot. Mole: Durrr. Easy boss. KBD: No idea how well I can do on him, haven't tried in a while. Zamorak: Been to him in masses a few times, got nothing all that good. Armadyl: Never been there. Saradomin: Can't get there. Corp: Been there once in a mass, left after the first kill. DKs: No ide what to do, what levels I need, or what. KQ: Been there in a mass once.
  3. it is, in fact, useless if you're using a spear.
  4. Actually, making iron knives makes some cash. Very little cash, but some cash.
  5. Ok, thanks! *searches* I won't have that much time to play after school starts, and I want to devote as much time as I can to getting the cash for 95 prayer/96 herb. Ie, camping spirit mages. If that doesn't work well, I'll just camp avansies.
  6. Void only works if you have the full set (top, helm, bottom, and gloves) so I say the first. EDIT: At below, I didn't know that. I withdraw my comment about it working with top/bottom/helm/gloves. I still say the first, because the shield (to me) isn't all that great. If you're using void range, you don't need the extra defense, because I'm assuming you're safe-spotting. If you don't safe-spot, you should really be tank ranging, not using void. Just my 2 cents
  7. I have 76 slayer, and I would like to get 83 before the end of the summer (September 7 is my last day, and school starts the 8th (not running out of members though)). With 85 attack/strength, 83 defense, and using super sets, is It possible to get the last 1.25m xp in his next week? Bear in mind that I will be mining until the xp counter on the xp weekend reaches ~1.5x, and then going back to slayer. Also, should I use Duradel/Lapalok for tasks, or just use Kuradal?
  8. When I was killing them (78-82 magic), I used 1 anti fire dose for 3 dragons using bolt, and 1 dose every 4 dragons using wave. Also, I found fire bolt to be the most effective, primarily because you had more casts per dragon in which you could profit from the bones (40, as opposed to 10 from wave).
  9. I used to collect talismans/tiaras, for runecrafting, but then I realized they took up too much space, so I chucked them.
  10. Basically, you try to take the hill from anyone above you. Ex: I take the hill. I push you into the AoW and take the hill I send an army of stickmen and take the hill Lets start. I take the hill from no-one.
  11. Isn't turmoil a good investment at any level? Also, I've been told my my clannies that I should kill blue drags to get the bones, and sell the hides when I get 20k bones. Is this a good idea? How long will it take?
  12. Nope. Anything that gives xp that isn't from training a skill ( zeal from soulwars, pc points, pengs, etc) give the same amount of xp as they do on a regular day.
  13. Ok, so I decided that it would be a good investment to get 19 more prayer levels. However, it would coat me 160m at today's prices, so I'm estimating 170-180m total. I currently have 27m in cash, and I would like to get the other 130m+ quite soon (doesn't have to be in the next few weeks though, though faster is better). What should I do? I don't really have the stats to boss much, though I could try TDs again. My rs name is Darker Falz, if you want to see my stats. Also, how long (approx.) will it take to get the cash, and how long will it take to get the levels? Using a house party world. Thanks in advance!
  14. "borrow ur shield?" No, moron, it's a dfs. un-bloody-tradeable. "baraw (yes, I got that) ur claws?" Not mine. "y no cls/cr/cm?"
  15. Hmm, I only saw the 2.5 bridding guide, are there others?
  16. I don't really know much about them, but with my stats, can I do them (stats are at the bottom of the post)? Also, what are the different roles, and what do they do, and who do they kill? ie, mager, hybrid, etc) What role would I be most suited for, and what should I take? Also, are there any good recent guides out there that I can browse to get a better idea of what to do? Stats: Thanks in advance!
  17. I know it sucks for profit at my levels. :P I'm doing to try see if I can, and for fun. Also, won't it be hard to find a team at my levels? All of the teams I see on the RSOF need like 130+ combat and ovls/extremes/turm/combination of them.
  18. Got killed with ~25-30 rocktails left to go. Also, what should my Bandos item be then, if I use a whip/def? (using zammy book for kc)
  19. So I decided to try to solo bandos. I took: Nezzy helm Glory Black d'hide body Verac's skirt D boots Barrows gloves Ring of Life Soul Wars cape Borrowed bgs In my inv I had: Zammy book House tab Super att/str Hammer 2 Sara Brews 2 P pots Super rest Tort pouch Rest of inv and full tort of Rocktails Halfway through the first kill, I died. I have 85 Attack/Strength, and 83 def What, if anything, am I doing wrong? I was praying melee and attacking the general. What should I do to get a successful solo? EDIT: I was using this guide. If you can direct me to another, I'll try using that also. Also, my only GWD boss experience before was a few zammy masses.
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