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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. 99/99/82 (w/ piety and gear). Also looking for group, hit me up: mb nb.
  3. That would be seriously cool. You can buy different "fires" ,= towers, with the points you earn per kill/round, which correlate to your skill level.
  4. Nope. It's never going to beat chinning, but ruby bolts are pretty epic, at over 1k xp per special hit. Dunno about his magic defense. Definatley worth trying. Yeah but chinning isnt really afk-able, or is it? (serious question, never tried) This could be a great alternative for those lazy rangers out there.
  5. Is there a Blog for this account? Would probably be an interesting read if there is - 'if' you can make it to 5k tix or games or whatever. That's a good idea. I'll make one. I might actually read yours. Your posts have intrigued me. Hit me up for some CW :)
  6. Where do you go to school? (just curious, check my location.)
  7. Ovl & turm at your level is pretty amazing. Well done. Still working on mine >.> Nice luck with the rares too :D
  8. Well, took me a good 2 hours at the Jadinko Lair. Such a lonely party... <3: Knew I recognised your name. :)
  9. Damn, I was expecting a spreadsheet comparing actual Barrows to Bandos GWD.
  10. Super Def's are cheap and fast. Around 15 gp/xp. When you get to Recover Specials, make those: 12.3 gp/xp. And they're way faster than regular potions. These are pretty good for bosshunting anyway. Super antifires arent that great for training, as you cant buy the 2nds. You'll have to stick your hand up a phoenix' ass, which isnt very pretty. Do make a couple 100, as these are awesome for slayer/dragon farming. Super+Ext Att are 16.1 gp/xp (you make both the super and the extreme pot) Hope these stats help, figured them out myself.
  11. Alching is a pretty good idea when you're bandosing with a pretty big team. Most people bring alches anyway, cause of the rune drops. You could sacrifice 1 inv spot for alchables.
  12. Im going for extremes myself, but I however do not lack the resources. I´ll most likely be doing super def (comes out at around 17 or 18gp/xp but buying supps is slow) because the xp is 50% faster than super attacks. Which are the way to go when you want to save money. Bossing at your level: Revs or Barrows. Mole is good too, get yourself some cheap xp with those nests ;). Win/win situation. I have no clue on DG, sorry. Edit: Snap farming is really good, even without juju. Steady income.
  13. Let's hope the instances will be implemented for every team-based minigame (Castlewars and the like), when the tests come out positive.
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