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  1. Good fight Gladz, i had a lot of fun sniping for a while :)
  2. Good fight SE and CA, i had fun leading, thanks for the fight. :D
  3. Lol @ Rizzle OT: Gratz RJ :thumbup:
  4. Vs I asked Blasphemy for war for Sunday and we compromised on the following rules: 1 hr cwri Classic Mid bounds melee/binds/range no blasts no corr rings on 3 sniper cap north spawn attacks War started with Downfall pulling 31 to Blasphemy's 27. We knew at this point all we were going to do was dominate. We had a rough start but after that we just completely dominated. Almost all of our piles were KOs except for a few got a couple of good drags. Our members were tanking very great throughout the whole fight not letting Blasphemy get very many kills. During the fight more of our members starting getting on with us peaking at 37 people. Blasphemy couldn't hold their numbers that well. 40 minutes in we decided to call off snipers to give them some slack. Overall it was an enjoyable fight, some of our newer recruits got some good practice. Good fight Blasphemy and good luck in your future wars. Great job today Downfall lets keep getting these high pulls! Starting: Ending: War pictures: All i have for now.
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