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  1. Had 97 for a task, I almost switched because I never heard of them, but I decided to give it a shot in the end. Best decision ever. After 97 I recieved: 560 pure ess 135 nature runes 120 teak logs 80 laws 30 death runes 40 Papaya 20 mith bars 5 ranarr 5 strawberry seeds 2 ranarr seeds And near the end I got a "magicalibri" (Not sure if it's the same in english). I almost didn't pick up because I thought it was junk, turns out the value is over 1.73M Total earnings: About 2.2M And the thing is, they do barely any damage and are so weak, yet have high hitpoints for good slayer exp. My new favourite monster =)
  2. Few things I like to do that are fun and make some money: - Pickpocket Master Farmer! The fun part for me is that it is so random and you get loads of seeds. Most aren't too valuable, but I usually average 2 - 3 rannar an hour, with the occasional snapdragon. I can get 200k an hour and it's good exp - Kill druids. Again I like how it's random, you don't get much experience but pretty good money. Keep the high level ones, drop the low levels. - Clues! I love clues... every one is unique. Level 3's will guarantee you at least 100k, while you have the chance at millions. I even did a level 2 a week ago that got me a Saradomin Cape - 1.6m for 10 minutes. The hardest part is getting the clue. I like Guards for level 2, and Hellhounds or Jellies for level 3's. Good luck!
  3. I find agility incredibly boring. Walking in a circle repeatedly for little reward is something I can not handle well. My level is currently 64. I have one question: Is there any way to raise agility that is a little more "fun"?
  4. Agree with the potion part, they are a BIG help. Good luck!
  5. I used to do them nonstop, and the most common was a bunch of runes, a rune item or two, then maybe some ores or bars. You are basically guaranteed a rune item, so worst case was usual around 50k for me. I probably did some number in the hundreds, but my best drop was only like a zammy plate, which was something like 1.5m at the time. God pages weren't too uncommon which was cool, along with that ugly trimmed (t4) or something I can't remember. Anyway, I really wanted 3rd age, but don't regret it. Treasure Trails are really fun for me, I love killing things to get them (I killed Jellies mostly, great experience!) and I love solving the clues. You are guaranteed a reward, so while it's disappointing getting no really valuable items, it's worth the time. I look forward to hearing other people's experiences.
  6. Hmm, that's interesting. So right now if I have an easter, GE around 30M, but market price in the hundreds of millions, I would probably be better of selling for around max GE price rather than raising hundreds of millions of GP worth in junk, wouldn't I?
  7. I've been trying hard, but I still don't see how people are doing it. How do they manage to sell items for millions and millions more than the GE price? I see lots add "junk", but that junk has to equal millions. Yesterday someone said they sold an easter egg for 300m, while the GE max is 30m. How on earth would they be able to add 270M of junk to a trade? And then I heard somebody saying something about loaning him an item for the rest? Don't get it. Can somebody help me out here?
  8. I was never too stoked about the GE from the start, and enjoyed the process of selling/buying more before it was released, but it's a part of the game at this point. From what I understand removing GE would still be keeping major problems. It would be sweet to have the wild back to it's old form, but Jagex would never take that step. It would be a step backwards in the fight against RWT's. It sucks they had to ruin our fun, you can't really fault Jagex for that.
  9. It's all over, escape, escape while you can Lol, I was telling myself that for a while. I finally cracked and reloaded my account.
  10. Wow. Thank you for taking the time to write all that out, it was very informative. Never imagined messing with the wilderness was going to cause that big of an effect. Of course the simple solution would be not to allow a sum of 76k to give you an item worth 5M... keep a scaled range. Are merch clans actually that effective in changing prices? And how will they be stopped?
  11. I stopped playing Runescape over a year ago. I was tired of it, you've heard this schpeel before, but I just have to ask what the hell has happened to the economy? I'm hearing people talking about 76king or something, saying things like "fire tallys (rising)" or "they are merching (blank) item, so prices will rise today". And EP farming? Waaat? And on the rares forum people are saying items are worth over double their value in the GE, and that junk added has to be "rising"? Oh yea, and condensed ore or something? What's that? I've been around since 2003, for some reason I found myself coming back to this game once again after I thought was my final time quitting, and am really digging it again. I just want to know what's been doing, what's been happening. Any other cool/interesting/terrible updates in the past 15 or so months you want to share would be awesome too. Thank you.
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