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  1. Does anyone actually enjoy this Hati / Skoll / Fenrir content? It's the exact same routine every year, not exactly fun and can be wrapped up in 10 minutes. I do enjoy the large free bonus exp, but it does feel a bit lazy.
  2. I could never get into RSC because I found the graphics unbearable. Funnily enough I can truly enjoy it's art style more now than I did 15 years ago. When I saw my cousin playing RS2 when it first came out I was impressed - and that's where the addiction began.
  3. Wow that is fun to think about! It also got me thinking: Okay so we know their username, but what do you imagine their mothers maiden name is? And if they have a childhood pet, what would his/her name have been? Or better yet, what is the city where they grew up in? It's just so random and fun to think about!
  4. Hey I just saw your Draynor Top 10 and it was pretty interesting. I'll be sure to check out the rest at some point, keep it up.
  5. Haha thank you. I was hoping to do it entirely from the daily keys + challenges + quests (I've ignored questing for so long so I had lots of easy ones to burn through) - but it's harder to get one of these pieces than I anticipated! Hence the bond buying to finish off the sets :/
  6. Great to hear... but I did bust my ass this week questing and spending 100M on bonds to get this DG set! So it's a little bit bittersweet :P
  7. Is the arc worth the time, in terms of experience or money? (my skills are in low 90's)
  8. Very nice. Did you really gain over 4m experience in a matter of seconds?
  9. Great to know, I was honestly considering just clearing them from my bank. Think I'll wait for the next double exp weekend and bust them all out. Thanks!
  10. That is exactly what I meant - the picture was just a bit of a 'dummy' humour if you will (I'll show myself out). Is there any trick to dummies, like with divine setups the more people the more experience, or extra experience to be the one who sets it up?
  11. My collection of these has been growing across many skills - but are these even worth the time? Certain skills more useful that others? Anytime I've participated in a dummy beating it seemed pretty minimal in terms of experience. Thoughts?
  12. Usually 4 or somewhere Western USA. Least amount of lag considering I'm western Canada.
  13. Does this 'arc' have anything to do with Ports? Because I have not noticed anything different with ports but apparently this arc is on it's second release here...
  14. I feel as though this is truer now than ever before... what happened in the past couple months?
  15. Or an employee had 20 minutes to kill on Thursday. One of the two.
  16. I believe it's to entice American players to celebrate on Runescape instead of going out and enjoying fireworks or barbecues. That's why it's such a fun event with fulfilling rewards that brings players from all nationalities American pride.
  17. Nothing too interesting for me this month. Might as well keep taking advantage of all this exp being given away.
  18. Nice! New find that I couldn't find on tip it - Medium clue scroll Anagram: IM KROM Leads to Rommik located in the crafting store at Rimmington Challenge scroll: "How many rocks in the Rimmington mine cannot be used to make bronze?" Answer: 10 Thanks again! EDIT: The challenge is actually on tip.it and is correct, but the anagram is not there
  19. Medium clue scroll. Anagram of "OR A VILE" leads to Valerio who asks "How many windows look out into the Citharede Abbey courtyard?" Tip.it says 48(http://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/treasure_trails_challenges.htm), but the actual answer is 17. Confirmed with RSwiki. Thanks!
  20. Is any of the armour desirable outside of the the collection standpoint? I might be feeling left out too.
  21. Curious if any of the XP rewards from this event are any good?
  22. Didn't like the sounds of it at first, but after reading that entire post I am pretty excited. Hopefully I have time to finish off a few skills first before this makes it's way out.
  23. Sara was more popular but then they actually included him in content and he was an utter self-serving dil bag - basically begs off as regretting doing bad stuff then immediately does it again plus very much a my way or I smite you kinda guy. Like even frigging Bandos recognised different people had different ideals and respected you for it, but Saradomin don;t believe his exact brand and he goes all smite crazy on you. Aw, that's disappointing to hear. I always thought Sara = Good, Zammy = Bad, and then there's Guthix in the middle. Probably should do a bit more research and at least find out what these newer gods are all about while I'm at it. Thanks for the insight.
  24. I was thinking the same thing. I kept telling myself that these were cutscenes and that I'd get control soon... but it never came.
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