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  1. I've killed this before, but I can't remember, is it better to use mage defence or melee defence?
  2. I didn't really notice it when I was that level, but when you think about it there really just used to be the Kalphite Queen and maybe the KBD as high level boss monsters - nowaways there are so many high level monsters to strive towards. The main reason I trained back then was to duel/pk, as I think many people did, and that was a cheap activity. In the current game monster hunting is huge, especially with Slayer being released, and you NEED high level armour and weapons that didn't even exist back then.
  3. 200M exp just blows my mind. I don't even have the patience to get a lvl 99, which is like 1/15th the exp of that.
  4. I used to range the one on the boat, but I banned this guys after I realized what a boring creature they are.
  5. I have no clue to your question, but wish you good luck. Some things aren't the most efficient, but I like goals like yours myself because they keep the game interesting. I once made 1k curry gathering all the supplies myself, just to see what it was like and I don't regret spending time like that at all. As you long as you enjoy killing for tokkul, good on you.
  6. Sweet, I'll just do the slayer option then, thank you guys.
  7. If they are one of the top ones I really don't think I will have the patience for this lol... I'll just keep doing slayer and maybe get lucky.
  8. Don't think people these days will get lost, south = no more wildy. If I was really lost I would open the world map and see my marker.
  9. What's my best bet for getting one of these?
  10. Ooooo never even heard of that before, thank you guys very much.
  11. I have a few of each of these, but am having trouble figuring out exactly what I should do with them... is there something important I can do with these bones?
  12. Yea you're probably right, but I had 5 free spots when I started so I just picked up what I could.
  13. Hmm, task is complete and I managed a fair share of loot. Boots came at around the 140th kill.
  14. I have a couple of easters and a santa, with probably 80M in other items/cash. Am I anywhere near a partyhat?
  15. Hmm fair points, I'll see how this task goes and assess it from there.
  16. I have 198 spiritual mages for slayer, few questions. 1. Are they worth killing? 2. Prayer or d-hide? 3. I know they are in god wars dungeon, but are they located somewhere outside of that main entrace waiting room area?
  17. I've been making Mahogany tables since I was able to. Went from 70 to 75 on double exp weekend. Definitely cost more, but I don't mind. Money fluctuates constantly but once you have that exp its forever, so I try to get the most out of my time and not worry about money. It does help that I'm rich though...
  18. Okay... but how do people get 200M worth of junk in the first place? Like random objects such as law talismans? And whats the deal with hooks?
  19. Okay... but even if it is worth more than a purple, the trade difference is like 230M. I have no way to fill that... I like the idea of a yellow though =)
  20. I want to have a partyhat because I don't like having edible rares I can't ever wear, so how should I do it? I have basically zero junk... I would like to get rid of my two easter eggs, which I believe is in the area of 300M - 350M (after junk). However the GE max is only like 94M. I also have a santa hat but I would like to keep it... 20M cash to spend. Any help is appreciated!
  21. Wow, looking through my bank I am going to make a fortune thanks to this. My cadatines alone went from around 1.2M in value to 2.5M... which rocks =)
  22. Fixed =) Except I can't get onto the french servers... I'll probably have to wait it out.
  23. I'm very excited, I will use whatever charms I have left to try for 68 summoning, then hit the wildy agility course to train my most hated skill ! I've been growing a nice stock of Limpwurts and Cadatines with farming, that should bring in a healthy profit =)
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