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  1. Even if they were looking to make a quick buck, though, there aren't a whole lot of arguments that can confirm, without a doubt, bringing back free trade and the wilderness would act negatively for the whole of Runescape. Even the better looking arguments I've seen are based on the assumption Runescape will simply have reverted to the state it was in 2007, whereas Jagex has made advancements such that they can remove current limitations, acknowledging the probable influx of RWT. If RWT was losing money for Jagex to start, and they're confident they can keep a leash on the problem such that revenue will probably remain unaffected even with free trade, obviously we have something to look forward to in terms of how far Jagex has come since 2007. Otherwise, the "quick buck" Jagex is trying to make wouldn't even matter.
  2. Basically, Runescape players have completely lost any degree of discretion and integrity in voicing their opinions with regard to updates that Jagex announces or implements. Along with this, those opinions lose much of their cohesion and validity. For example, when Jagex announces an update, the recent free trade rollback poll in mind, players erupt into a frenzy of generally unnecessary and incoherent rants. Citing the recent TIP Times articles, you see tidbits such as quotes made by Jagex 3 years ago addressing the decision to remove free trade in combating RWT, and how Jagex is performing a 180 on everything they've done to stop RWT. Responding to this, we also get players rallying in posts that tell us we'll be at square one with the reimplementation of free trade. Those being the more coherent arguments, the rest consist of bashing and vulgarity and are generally ignored. So getting to the point, logic would lead us to believe that Jagex is actually telling us a lot of good has come over these 3 years, not that the amount of time it's been really matters. Free trade was removed to limit and extinguish RWT while Jagex worked at reducing it as much as possible. The fact they're reintroducing free trade, or considering it rather, tells us that since 2007, Jagex has become efficient enough in detection and removal that limitations are literally no longer needed. We're so far beyond "square one" at this point, even with free trade, everyone should be happy. Jagex isn't pulling a 180, they're moving forward. To be blunt, I don't see the problem with the poll either, phase one or two. The options are very clear cut honestly, and you're not required to vote. So, maybe Jagex likes to implement a couple useless stunts here and there, why complain about it? It's like complaining when a commercial you dislike comes on DURING the allotted time for commercials during a program. There's absolutely no sense in it all. Addressing wilderness-located activities considered "safe" post-2007, Jagex is working on tweaking many activities to accommodate a dangerous wilderness as well. Essentially, there's really nothing to blow up on. Frankly most arguments against Jagex can be dismantled within a few minutes.. I don't know. Take note I'm not typing this up as a rant, it's just a few observations about current events and how people are handling them, where most signs are pointing to "not well." I'm just wondering if anyone's on the same page, or has a different opinion, or a different defense, or take on the matter. I think Runescape's future is about as bright as ever, but only if we make it that way. Negative outlooks tend to produce negative outcomes. I'm not saying it's everyone doing it either, pretty much just the individuals representative of the forums. So, shoot, because while this topic focuses on the free trade poll, the phenomenon applies to so much more!
  3. Let me try to take this absolutely preposterous debate in a more reasonable direction: Obviously we can agree that people, regardless of what they like to do, can arbitrarily have fun doing whatever they want however they want it in almost any situation. Let's get real here, people spend real money on real junk every day of our lives, such as televisions over 40 inches, or McDonalds. People also work at seemingly punitive jobs, not necessarily low-pay, but generally professions and crafts that could be considered quite useless to the general populace, or serve no purpose other than the entertainment of specific individuals or colleagues therein, such as theoretical physicists. This is where I'm going to try to draw the line, because it's not the actual efficiency or meaningfulness of the task we're actually examining, but rather the point at which reasonable suddenly transcends logic, and simply turns into what could be perceived as lame, unnecessary, "stupid," or the veritable wall of insults seemingly loaded into the humorously flared blunderbuss we call chat. (Much like this post, and this topic) For example, Johnny is busy collecting money. Calculating the average costs of training every skill to 99 and then some keeping in mind buyable skills and time factored into them, Let's just say we're gonna spend around 7-10 billion Runescape coins. It's a realistic number, regardless of what anyone thinks, because Runescape is economically illogical on it's own, and the numbers follow suit. Let's also factor in a good 3-5 billion for purchasing items just for the sake of having them, such as spirit shields, or party hats. Johnny, however, has more than this amount, with absolutely no plans to spend ANY of it at any time. What's the point? It's silly. Another example, our hero Johnny is SICK and TIRED of training runecrafting, even with the most efficient method of RCing (Ourania altar in some opinions). So, Johnny starts grinding away, to the point it begins cutting into his social life, his sleep, and his health. We've all seen it happen, and this is where efficiency completely blocks the fun aspect. You're no longer training for the sake of training, it's just ridiculous now. So, recapping, 5m for a berserker ring isn't a bad idea. Sitting there amassing more money than you need for the sake of amassing money is a bad idea. Likewise, training RC because you want the level is a pretty good idea, whereas grinding away at it out of a misplaced sense of need is a bad idea.
  4. These seem more like biased, heavily opinionated column's rather than articles of news.. Neither of which seem to be supported by facts, either. Psychology can explain why some players tend to grind skills while other make fun of them, and it can also explain why some players prefer material reward while other don't. There's no arbitrary in-betweens. As for the state of the combat/non-combat relationship, we've been driven into what'd be called the "slippery slope." It's a classic fallacy where, in in the case of Runescape, in an attempt to fix one problem, another problem arises, and in trying to fix that new problem, we end up with yet another, and it goes on and on and on because rather than retrofit everything in a manner which accurately fixes the root problem, we simply duct tape a pipe together instead of repairing the pipe! There should be no reason raw materials can out-cost finished products, it defies every form of logic.
  5. Well, as I've stated, you're in no way required to believe me. However, I've played the entire decade, and I've seen Runescape change like a sine wave on drugs, for lack of a better comparison. As to proving these claims, let's look at the economic status: Any item could be bought or sold for relatively uniform prices in older Runescape. These days, something that'd take weeks to sell, you'd get a bid on within minutes. Of course, prices were subject to change, but due to competition to sell, prices stayed relatively uniform, again. Not only is there instability in today's economy due to rampant inflation, and the introduction of the GE, but the RSOF is filled with more flaming and hate threads than I've ever seen. Complaints are at an all time high! The statuettes made it possible for many to make millions more than they'd ever in a shorter amount of time than I'd ever conceive possible! This contributed to the poor economic state in majority.
  6. I find that a 1600 total P2P world seems most attractive out of the possible choices. 1500 if nothing else. If they plan on factoring in p2p players into the equation still, however, I think a higher-count F2p world would be in order as well.
  7. Damage reduction is the best bet at this point. With 100 def you should reduce damage taken by ~20%, that's with the def cape boost. At ~118 def with a super defense pot, damage reduction would probably range around 23%. Of course if you factor in piety or something, this number looks more like 25-27%, probably no more than 30%. This can stack with spirit shield effects. As for HP boosting items, like many other RPG's out there, the ability to craft special effects into items via rare artifacts seems like an attractive option.
  8. Well, there's exactly where I've trouble understanding the general player-psyche behind balancing the combat triangle. When you add every color together, you get white. However, by removing every color, you get black. Only by having distinct variation can you attain a level of desirable balance. Otherwise, you're simply left with neutral colors: boring. The point being, you can't fully balance the combat triangle and keep the same style of combat everyone enjoys.
  9. Quelmotz, RWT was always a issue, always. Even in 2002 Runescape, when I began playing, you'd see a veritable stack of websites just dying to sell you ~1 million Rs gold for $9.99 US, or a price similar to that. Hell, even I'd contemplated the notion at times, though I'd no credit card I could use for my own purposes, as such I'd never been a member until a couple years later. Getting back on track, however, from 2002 until the removal of the wilderness, restrictions on trade, etc: the game generally functioned rather smoothly. Prices were very stable, and the amount of "rich" players was actually very discreet. I'd also like to mention that at the time, many older players used to take part and help other players. A friendly community indeed, compared to the disrespect rampant today. Even more interesting, it was easier to help people because items you didn't need could be handed to less fortunate players. That's just the community. The game itself was very stable, especially the economy. Player-killers could make an honest payout by simply doing their own thing, and the clan community, in terms of the wilderness and economy, was very, very functional. As for RWT as a problem itself, you're right, it did become a problem towards the advent of 2007. Why the problem got worse with progression is quite the easy concept to behold: an influx of younger players, inexperienced and undereducated in terms of online conduct. At the age I began playing, if I had the option, I'd have surely bought gold for money. I learned, however, and I learned fast. This perhaps saved me the fate of fraud, or identity theft as you mentioned, Quelmotz. As for players making money doing absolutely nothing, merchants do quite a bit. It'd be foolish to even make a correlation between the two. I'm directly citing the problem of statuettes in player-killing, and their abhorrent affect on the economy. If you aren't convinced, I can switch to you particular tone instead, by first citing this: "You claim the game "functioned normally". What evidence do you have? You could be lying. You can't believe everything you see, especially on the internet. Furthermore, a single, probably highly biased viewpoint cannot conclude on an issue just like that". -quelmotz You should know that any accusatory statement such as this, if true for one party, must be true for both. You've similarly no evidence to support that I'm not lying, whereas I've my own experiences to account for the situation, regardless of whether or not you choose to believe me. I can certainly attest to the state of affairs in post 2007 Runescape (2002-2006). This is where I draw my conclusions from, not some arbitrary bias. History accounts for itself, I'm just here to convey my interpretation of how decision making on behalf of Jagex could've changed the course of gameplay for the better of everyone.
  10. I have, for you, the absolutely fool-proof universal quick fix. Like melee, have 2 skills determine range/magic accuracy and power. Let all attack bonuses be limited to weapon-based stats, with range/magic power-increasing worn items. Dhide gives the same magic protection as armor would give melee protection, and vice versa with magic armor, etc. Basically, all 3 combat types are the same, and your armor determines how often you're hit. There, no variation, just pure numbers.
  11. I'm still trying to see where people are getting the notion the issue of real-world trading actually affected Runescape for the worst in the first place. The game was able to function on a stable basis for what? 5+ years? This is with RWT. In an attempt to apply a quick patch, Jagex introduced a new problem, and a new one, and a new one. So, all we're left with is a cascading list of new problems which arise with every attempt to fix the latest problem, while the best solution is to wipe the slate clean and begin at step 1. There are methods beyond the constriction of the player-player economy which would work in the effort against RWT. Where is the balance these days? Players become rich doing absolutely nothing still, yet the economy, and players who have enough principle to work the old-fashioned way are left to wither? When RWT was still in full swing, players payed their membership, got their money, and bought their wildest dreams. Then? As someone pointed out, they quit. Most actually took their money to their grave. The game functioned quite normally, actually. As a matter of fact, a good majority of players never bough gold because of either lack of funds, or disinterest in the fast lane. Now the forums are filled with complaints about inflation, prices, tricking, cheating. It's more chaotic than ever before! Honesty, if Jagex just went back to stage 1, the game would probably turn for the best.
  12. At least a few people took a little interest here. I find that it's good to have a relevant question around every once in a while. Not debate, not discussion, just a good Q&A. It keeps you on your toes. Hell, you might learn something in the process! EDIT: To Das, I like the enthusiasm! However, I only needed the specific pathway blood would take going to, and from the right foot. Also, remember that the superior and inferior mesenteric veins supply into the hepatic portal vein.
  13. So, due to the abhorrent behavior of trolls on this forum, my topic was unfortunately closed before I could come back and answer the question properly. For those who missed it, a recap: "I'm bored, and I bet a whole lot of you out there are equally bored, which is obviously why you're here "surfing" this little challenge here, right? This is based upon college-level Human Anatomy and Physiology, so for all you would-be nursing/medicine majors out there, a head start! So, here's the low-down: Describe the pathway blood would take, starting anywhere in the heart, flowing to the right foot, and back to where you started. For example, the first structure you name should be the part of the heart you started in, and the last structure should be the same exact place. Remember to name all vessels (arteries and veins) as well as the specific valves which the blood would pass through in the heart. Also note when you're anastomosing between arteries and veins, it's unnecessary to note transitions from arterioles or venules, just name major arteries and veins. Also remember to denote which side of the body the artery or vein is on. Good luck whoever feels luck taking this question on! I'll post the answer at around 2AM EST if I'm awake, if not, tomorrow maybe? I hope someone's gotten it by then! " As such, here's the answer for anyone (I can imagine almost no one) who was in any way interested: START: Left Atrium; Mitral Valve>Left ventricle>Aortic Valve>Ascending Aorta/Aortic Arch/Descending-Thoracic-Abdominal Aorta>Common iliac artery branch>Right common iliac artery>right external iliac artery>Right femoral artery>Right popliteal artery>Right anterior tibial artery/Right peroneal artery>Right dorsalis pedis artery/Right plantar arch artery>Anastomosis>Right plantar Venous arch/Right dorslais pedis vein>>> Two options from there > Right great saphenous vein back to the right femoral vein area>>> > Right tibial/peroneal veins>Right popliteal vein>Right femoral Vein>>> Now, from the right femoral vein: >Right external iliac vein>Right common iliac vein>Inferior Vena Cava>Right Atrium>Tricuspid Valve>Right Ventricle>Pulmonic Valve>Pulmonary Trunk/Right and Left pulmonary arteries>Lungs>Right and Left inferior/superior pulmonary veins> END: Left Atrium. Not that I had to, but I did promise an answer. Close this thread if you must! Good luck.
  14. Not only did you break rules 1 and 2, you failed to troll effectively and failed to answer the question! Verdict? Epic Fail, sir.
  15. Well, you do have to note that f2p probably has a new skill coming soon. As for boos monsters, a harder monster in general would be superb. Something that drops rune body armor instead perhaps?
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