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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5H4LQe5qBQ was pretty funny to watch lol and friend got bank loot @ 1:15 got linked to it on irc saw that too
  2. will eventually fill invy with fire capes just doing all jad tasks alsÂș does anyone have a blue drag mask
  3. You know what's funny? Ever since the new clues update I haven't gotten anymore firelighters in my clues. All I've been getting are those new teles. My fastest so far. really ive had a fair bit since if not more L
  4. none are bought lol not sure how good that is but its all my clues since like 2006 or something :unsure:
  5. supplies required for fire cape in 2010 - 6 extreme range doses, 1 super prayer pot, 2 rests and 1 dose of brew :|
  6. my recent clues but not all of them [hide] [/hide] alot better/awsome update havn't bothered to get an elite yet
  7. You are rather terrible at player-killing others in the wilderness inside the game RuneScape, MMORPG - The No.1 Free Online Multiplayer Game, played at www.runescape.com. Work on your account more before pking ever again, Haha. :shame: decent though
  8. Poor achievements doesn't take long to get this or anything the name sucks aswell. 1/10 sarcasm for the slow ones
  9. From what ive heard cls is supposed to be the best for mhing and then rapier is for like pking, slayer etc (pking because of it being known as a boosted whip/doesn't hit as high as cls so veng is less of a worry and slayer because of its higher dps meaning faster tasks etc) if i did dung again i'd probly just be going for 99 or getting enough for rapier maul and long. :shades:
  10. yeah lol I really need to update my computer though its like over 3 years old/generally slow :mellow:
  11. [hide] [/hide] they really went too far this time L they did make a good change too though
  12. mhing doesn't always need to be about profit you can do it for fun you know getting there
  13. digitor6


    tryed the refresh thing didn't work lol i've reset the computer and nothing happened etc :|
  14. digitor6


    never happened before just started recently http://img340.imageshack.us/img340/826/100616072525.png anyone know why?
  15. [hide] [/hide] I just decided to get them :smile: 4 new capes and all is pretty cool, also got that 97 herb and currently at 62 dungeoneering L kinda gave up on divine since no one will sell obviously, but if you have one/know someone that could sell please tell me :P
  16. [hide] [/hide] Decided today its just a waste of time trying to get a ton of 99s in a day lol no one would care that much + other have already done like 15 or more :P was quite fun, time to bring my blog back to life.
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