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  1. Baralai22 - Other QP rewards please. We have a 300QP anniversary coming up. I will release an object specifically for that, and it will be a 300QP object, not an object that requires all quests to be completed like the questcape. - Mod Mark
  2. Could be a dock btw, a ship is in cache and so are statues which look like dragonklin + lots and lots of castle models Guessing they put them in cause it would be too big to download when they do release it which should be soon? :P Dragonklin quest next week I hope
  3. A man: From beneath you, it devours. Jungle, desert ice. Defeating it shall reward many kinds of adventurers. A plan: The plAnets aRe set to aligN; kith anD kin will fight. More than one judGe is fAted to die thiS yeaR howevEr. "GRANDMASTER". A Canal: The pieces are black and white; like good mysteries they come in fours. But the game is void; there are no Grandmaster here. A temple may sit between the pieces. Grandmaster Mahjarrat quest + Ritual Chess to games room Kudos Island? Don't know the first, maybe a new monster?
  4. Highly unlikely. It's all apart of the improvements they are doing to the vampire slayer quest 15-16-587-60060306
  5. Where do you get this telegrab item in the North? I'm up to where Mum and Dad is at the end of Kamil's part in Desert Treasure, but I think I may be in the wrong place completely. ice plateau, there are iron/steel drags there so take fire protection, and you have to fight a 177 ice demon
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