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  1. What's wrong with what he's saying? His answers are totally wrong when it comes to serious issues like manipulation clans. Ah yeah...I quickly reviewed most of his answers and I didn't see that. I want someone to challenge him on that. I too think the vast majority of these merchant clans DO manipulate the prices. It's hard to really do anything because there's always going to be a blow back. more trade restriction sucks, I don't want to see more restriction in the name of getting rid of the clans, I would rather have them if it comes to that.
  2. Does it matter? I do not care to train strength in fact I want to try controlled but let's look at it from a speed standpoint; is there much of a difference or should I sell to save 5m?
  3. That... is just freaking unfair... Sure, it helps P2P, but for F2Pers, this means you have to have very, very high levels, INCLUDING the new skill. Damn, I was looking forward to making the skill world my homeworld... And that's all that needs to be said. They pay.
  4. Not a glitch. It happens with all worms, but most often with the Ice ones. I've also seen that a couple of times, but i don't get why people want to stay at a relatively low hp, this is pvm not pvp, wyrms can't call you a safer. I didn't know they could hit that high and it was my last wyrm. Edit In : Just got this 2min ago. edit again: Just got this a few seconds ago lol
  5. Not a glitch. It happens with all worms, but most often with the Ice ones. Oh wow... First time it happened and didn't know it was possible :mellow: . Good to know lol.
  6. Ridiculous glitch? The guy there didn't even bother to bless so I had to rush :rolleyes:
  7. So... the 2 hours thing is random? Fail. Maybe, just maybe I'll bother doing this when I get waterfiend tasks... How convenient I have 220 of them right now that I've been waiting to do. Now it's just a sit and wait game.
  8. My familiar x-ed out the quest complete :[ But yeah, after about 1mil in supplies I finally did it... Funny thing is all I had to do was switch to curses and it made things 10x easier. Right after I went to edgeville to see a poor low level freaking out over getting a verac's helm, even after being hacked for well over 50m and burning 1m+ on supplies at nomad I couldn't help but feel good for that person :P
  9. - 20 Chests Losing about 200k in supplies every 10 chests w/o getting any barrows items. I meant to bring 25k waters but I must have typed 2500. I ran out in the middle of dharok in the tunnels, lol... You don't even need brews of super restores but it does put your mind at ease that you have something to grab onto just in case. I don't have enough to use the gear I want since I was hacked for most of what I was worth =[
  10. I haven't played in awhile and I forgot what all the daily/weekly collectibles were (sand, maple) can someone make a list and if possible tell me the location of each one, would be appreciated ;
  11. Hoping for something good to come out of the summon update, but looking at what we just got I doubt it will be anything high level :( There's not much of an incentive to get mine past 88 (except of course for the pack yak), spending that kind of time and money to get the charms isn't worth it at the moment.
  12. *sigh* 110 with no special drop and right after I get a 50+ steel drag task with no points to cancel :( 450k loot though.
  13. I like that idea, fire cape requirement. Would be cool if they added other non-slayer items as requirements, like full dragon armor or something along those lines.
  14. cool monster animations Inventory glitches, I switched to my dragon dagger and my whip disappeared... I'll post list of drops at the end of the task for anyone interested.
  15. Woot, wasted 270+ points though and I got the task on my last 30 so I'm happy :) Only 86 slayer so I can't get ice :( Any suggestions for gear?
  16. French : Runescape: Worship, or else... Maybe it's vampyre and court case update? This isn't the upgrade year, and they made record profits last year so I do hope we're getting much more content in 2010.
  17. Don't drink much soda at all... If I do I just get sprite. Root beer gives me major headaches. Fast food? Not much either, maybe once a month but It really depends on if I want it or not. I usually go to a Mexican place that has sweaty illegal immigrants working there, or jack in the box... I would go to In-N-Out but it's too far :( The last time we ordered something online was about 5 years ago.
  18. So I was bored and decided to try to get my OLD account back. I sent an appeal and an hour later : Removed picture containing IP address - mrmyk (friends) (meant to say 5) --- Anyway I have a question : Do I count as a veteran? (meaning if I made it members could I access the RSC vet world?)
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