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  1. Mazes used to be better for me, then again"back then" I was able to get 80%+... These days I get 75+ if I try. I think it's impossible at this point to get over 80%.
  2. It's pretty hard to get scammed. I was there in the days before the exclamation points and colored money; and even before then all it took was some patience. Oh yeah, I did get scammed when I was a low level playing the "trust game", I lost my adamant platebody... I learned my lesson fast though, maybe it's a good life lesson for kids playing.
  3. Lol, let me vote on my banned main account :) was perm banned in early 07' :thumbup:
  4. I doubt they're going to get rid of the GE, it will most likely turn into an auction house. The days of all the trade being in w2 fally is gone; besides, people use auto talkers NOW all the time in w2 GE, it's just as rampant now as it was back then. GE correct? It takes (took) literally months for some items to finally meet their price. No longer do I have to wait 2-3 hours for freaking potions to go to DKs with because some damn merchant clan took them. People undercharge their products for a reason, fast sales... That's their choice if they want to lose out on 50k; and at least now they have an option! whereas sometimes if an item is being dumped they would have to wait weeks for their item to sell, when they would have gladly undercharged for it. Not everyone understands the markets or can sit there and "snipe" an item. The GE and trade restrictions a lot of the time screwed the naive and new player. -- I don't think the community is any better today. Back then we had clue killers, today we have brawler glove killers. We still have crashers who don't respect the "first come first serve" unwritten rule. We still have d-bags, and that's not because of any rules or regulations, that's because of the maturity levels, the ages etc... Back then things started going down the hill community-wise when all the mini-clippers came. I don't worry. I think their claims of their systems being better is crap but I'm more than willing to take on a few more bots for this.
  5. I remember in 06 or so some girl was inviting people underneath the bar in varrock (I believe it was) and told people she would dance "sexy" if they gave her money... Ah yes... I can't wait :)
  6. Clues weren't that hard... Then again we have all these new things in the game now it may be a pain in the ass. If it comes back then the wilderness will be chaos for at least a week, clues will be hard as hell to complete unless done in the dead ass of night on some slow Aussie server. I don't know much about clues since I quit around the time the new ones were in the game (level 4) but I think it's worth it.
  7. Man, I've had two accounts, one 1900 (before summon and dung) skill total and the other 2100+ skill total, lost both, one perm banned but I'll probably start up again if this is all implemented.
  8. If only... I'd totally rejoin. A poll for such a major decision though? C'mon...
  9. I believe so, all fan-sites do is bring the community of players who are already committed together. If you count RS wiki and other Runescape-guide-like website, then there would be people drifting off. God knows how many times I've done quests on multiple accounts, and if I didn't have the help from the fan sites I don't think I would have even bothered, thus lessening the amount of time I play.
  10. A completely optional piece of content made you quit the game that you like? You're really smart and you're not a 12 year old. At the time I was already on-the-outs with Runescape and I was hoping that "The new skill" would re-spark my interest, but being somewhat of a completionist and hating Dungeoneering all it did was send me over the edge. I didn't rage or anything I just took a break/decided to quit; and until now I have yet to see anything that would make me start playing again. As a player of 7 years I got burned out. Was my decision irrational? Partly, but hey...
  11. Looking forward to this... Dungeoneering made me quit, but nice clan tools in-game might make me rejoin.
  12. It's a very good MMO, how much you actually get for free is impressive. I went into it thinking it was gonna be a cheap knock off of the LOTR name (uh, keep in mind I had not heard of this game until someone mentioned it going f2p on another forum) but it actually far exceeded my expectations. That said, it's just too different, you can easily compare it to WoW but not to RS. RS is a much different, more simplistic yet still fairly in-depth experience which keeps players playing for so long. I probably won't buy a monthly subscription though. Sorry, but the micro-transactions and seeing that store button just ruin it for me, call me a nerd but I like to be immersed in the game, not be bombarded with constant advertisements. Just the whole concept of real-world micro-transactions bug the hell out of me. -- Could it put a dent in the RS subscriptions? I doubt it, if you wanted a game like that, then WoW has been there for awhile, and you can only get so far in the f2p game before you need to start buying stuff. You can get "turbine points" in game but not enough, I recently got enough to buy the riding skill (mounts) for 95 points and I also need to unlock more bag space which will cost me over 600 points... So unless you're crazy lazy and willing to devote hours upon hours of monotonous grinding, you'll eventually be dipping into your own pocket book.
  13. 1. This is what happens in an involuntary corporatist-like economy. Jagex is involuntary playing into the hands of the elite rich with their control over the economy; they could completely control the economy and fix the prices themselves, but that would cause things to collapse economically, trade would halt, and prices would skyrocket in the black market (assuming of course there could be one, this is a game so unlike the real world they can have complete control.) In a completely free market, capitalism is a rich persons worst enemy; if you look at the real world the corporations always do well with the governments help, generally by regulating competition out of existence and providing bailouts. Looking at America, there were more regulations implemented under Bush than any past president in the last 50+ years (albeit, not all monetary.) 2. I agree with this, I got used to the controls by playing 6+ years, but a WASD movement would be nice... 3. Yeah, it has been like this since the beginning and unless there's a complete engine overhaul ('Runescape 3') I don't see much changing. 4. Again, correct... The rest is correct, this is how runescape and it works, you're suggesting HUGE changes with the drop system and overall feel of the game.
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