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  1. Voted for Rockstar North because of RDR (and yes I know San Diego worked with them, but since I live in San Diego that makes it even better :mrgreen: )
  2. BTW here's my first ever account : 1800 days since last log in :thumbsup: 5.1 years, I recovered it roughly 6 months ago... So Yeah. And that's my IP, San.rr. San Diego Road Runner, haha :)
  3. Started around the time RS1 was going into RS2. I remember someone was selling a santa in the Edgeville bank and I was only level 12 or something so I put up some noob crap and she "lold" saying it was worth around 100k. :lol: I believe they still had magic stats at the time. -- I remember slayer, me and my noob friend would sit at gargoyles begging people there if we could have a 'Maul'... Well eventually this friend and I teamed up and saved up for a maul, in the end I ended up paying for half yet he walked away with it, cheap bastard :P -- I wasn't really there for farming... I remember the pre-launch seed harvesting. (like a month before they released it I think?) -- Hunter and Con I was there, no distinct memories though. -- Wasn't there for summoning 1 or 2, was taking a break -- Was there for barrows, that was fun... I remember the dagannoth kings, when the Dragon Axe was useless... It was SO FUN lol, I would loot all the items people dropped when they died trying to get to the kings... The actual area was PACKED. Cannons and ice barrages galore! Met The Old Nite a few times, he was a cool high level that actually talked... I remember seeing the long Zezima lines of people.
  4. First clue ever on this account :) (my new main/pure thing)
  5. Monster that dropped Clue: Don't know Level of Clue (If 100% known): 1 Clue Hint (With picture): Where to solve Clue (With Picture): Additional information if needed: 4 steps I don't have picture but I'm pretty sure the 'Search for crates in varrock' location changed, I actually had to look for it and found in the kitchen.
  6. Stalking perhaps? Far fetched but putting an option of either public/private really cut down on Jagex having any kind of annoyance liability :P
  7. I personally like BTS. For economical reasons... I'm tight on cash, and after you cut through all the advertisement you can really see if the month is worth $5 or not :P
  8. I agree with you there. This is probably all thanks to a trade limit silly JaGeX Bingo. When we had a completely free market everything was good... The rich now control the prices; Albeit there were A LOT of botters. Botters in Runescape are like the illegal aliens in America, yeah they take up all the trees and mines but they do it FAR more efficiently and more often which keeps the prices of resources down which in turn gives the poor a helping hand in raising their skills capable of creating money. There are still a lot of botters today, they're just not as obvious because it's harder to sell money (their whole point) so they have to be careful. Chinese farmers don't want to make a bunch of 'Bob' accounts because they'll be banned with the quickness before they can xfer that money. These days Chinese sweatshops have to rely more on actual people because of how careful they need to be. Which is good or bad I'm sure Jagex put more sweatshop workers out of business than they have now which can also be good or bad. What people don't realize is that there's not much choice, and the little choices these people have they would rather work in a sweatshop because In some cases it's either sweatshop or prostitution. Anyway, there's not much you can do at this point. Jagex just have to keep cranking out more ways to make money which is easy because it's their game and they can literally create anything they want within it. As far as the economy goes the only reason why things are cheap is because of the underground black markets.
  9. The market is reacting to the restrictions set forth by Jagex.
  10. Don't play anymore but good to see BTS back :thumbup: Maybe there's some hope for free trade again :mrgreen:
  11. I, like many in the runescape community am a completionist. What may seem like nothing to you is something to us. I cannot have a zamorak body and platelegs without having the kite and shield; that's how I am, and so many are which is why you see so much backlash. --- You find fun in playing such a pointless game that's all about grinding and grinding... I find it fun to complete everything. There's nothing wrong with that,
  12. lol, when I first saw the homepage I actually did say that it kinda looks like Mark. --- I don't know what to think. Composition, no like! :ohnoes: Btw, more cleavage!
  13. Read all about it on KB. I hate teams and I doubt I'll like it unless I'm missing something. Disappointing.
  14. Gotta get those Air robes for my Hp cape :)
  15. Response : Wildly? hmmm... *cough*pointstoagazillionnewskillthreads*cough* That's the speculating wildly. However, let me guess, you picked out WILD. And therefore alot of people on RSOF and the trolls on here will be all like: "AMGGGGGGG WILD!!!!! HE SAID WILD!!!! THAT MEANZ TAT OLD WILDY WILL B BAKKKK!!!!!! AMG AMG AMG" Correct? Actually I'm more focused on the fact that he would even lead the question on as if it may or may not be about fishing since that was way too obvious.
  16. Someone tweeted that the latest 'hint' was just to put us off for a completely different update... Response : Wildly? hmmm...
  17. I think they're just preparing for a larger update. Next week is the anniversary of both the new castle & the strange power. If something HUGE comes out people will forget about this update and jagex will have basically gotten off scott free.
  18. When you get a Gargoyle down to 0hp, you will automatically kill it if you have a rock hammer in your inventory. Pretty good update :thumbup: Wow, nice
  19. Can someone explain what the 'killing blows faster' thing is? Sorry if I missed it but it sounds confusing and I don't want to waste 400 slayer points on a guess.
  20. Why would they release it this late if it was big? It's probably just a FL update, that would explain why worlds need to be down for a bit.
  21. You on SD? Same thing happens with me no matter what my settings are on SD. It looks fine on HD & Safe mod though. I reported to Jagex last night :
  22. I just wish it didn't sound like 16-bit crap :thumbdown:
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