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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. is still annoyed. Just lost full void on his pure, and has to camp pc for the 10th time. -_-

  3. How do you know they're not communicating with MSM? A secret e-elopement is in order, methinks. Anyway; two major points. Relationships in general are fraught with dangers...it's life. This is especially true for teenagers as, tbh, everything is a relationship. I occasionally flirt with a girl at a newsagents (sad, I know) and people automatically assume we're dating. So sad. Having a conversation with the opposite gender shouldn't be seen as purely sexually orientated, no matter what form it takes. My oldest RS friends (two >.>) are people who not only I've known for about 7 years, but also people I've never met. Yes we talk on msm/web cam, but we've never met. Just being friends with someone purely online isn't worse or something shameful, just different. I suppose I could do another "LaZ0r atatkc of teh WR0[)z!"...but I won't. Keep it short. Sayo'!
  4. Skirts are not manly? *gasp* I'm really sad now :-(. I once went to a gig in a full length funeral gown...not actually joking. It was brilliant ^_^. Very airy. So want a friend to die (not a close one, mind) so I can wear it again *spins around in circle @[email protected]* Well, me aside (I'm weird), who cares? It's pixels. I myself have used skirts on Runescape many times...seriously, Void Robe Skirt, Verac's plateskirt, Ahrim's robeskirt, Karil's leatherskirt, Ghostly robe bottom, Mystic robe bottom, Monk robe bottom... Come on. Please. 'gato ^_^
  5. What happens when you have 99/99 :-(? Lol, I'm not bragging (not much ^_^) but it's a genuine problem. I'm banned from using melee to do anything until I have 95-99 Range/92-94 Mage and tbh...it's boring :o. **EDIT: Forgot to mention, I trained all of my Strength levels and 80-98 of my Attack levels with Dragon Scimitar. It is superior in that respect...but during the period Dragon Longswords were 60-63k in GE, I went through a phase of PKing combo swapping with them rather than DDP++. I found that while they were less effective special wise, their ability to actually hit people and cause some (limted) damage without speccing was usual...prefer other combos though :-(
  6. Most Runescapers will never; +--Divide by 0 [those that have managed to get a Duel Tornament going will have to disagree] +--Find true love [though apparently e-love is just as good? Go Debate forum and add your opinion] +--Produce a music track and MAKE MONEY ON IT -__- [nerd YT uploaders, buying .mp3s and thievisying it :(...given up] +--Have an emotionally stable and healthy relationship with their parent/guardian [calling all the sheltered kids x-)] +-- Speak fluently any formal language ["lol" is not an adequate response to all stimuli, be it emotional, phsyical or 'spiritual', whatever form that may take (ATHEISM FULL OF WIN :o)] Couple of others, but friend phoning and got to cut it short, sayonara.
  7. Hmm, you do make a valid point; the actions of a group of people shouldn't affect or discourage any other people by the majority making assumptions...in this case, girl "Runescapians" (wtf is a Runescapian...damn). However, this does not void the argument that there are many individuals who pose as female...Runescape players. I'm not talking about having a female avatar, as this is just minor and really; come on? Who cares what pixel gender your character is, I have a male account but hey, might experiment in Falador if I get bored O_O....(>.> I sound weird) I'm talking about actively pretending you are a girl 'Runescapian' (seriously hate that word), and then using it to either gain ranks within a clan for example, or 'leeching' off guilible players [idiots]. This taints how the majority view any genuine female gamers, and ruins the whole experience. I for one have been in a clan who the co-leader said he was a girl; for nearly two years. Excuse me? I kinda decided to quit after that...though I would have been sweeped anyways :P. Not naming names ofc....*cough begins with E cough* Anyway.......too many brackets and poorly phrased but HEY! Oh and I didn't mention the 'stage up' i.e. people posing as girls to gain personal information, or to meet with them. These people are, thankfully, a minority and even though the risk is there, it's more important to encourage and help a (hopefully) large and growing propotion of the community rather than purely attacking one or two cases. Again.................I'm bored. Sorry :-(. Friend nearly broke her ankle just now, and decided it might be time to suddenly use the computer....she gets uhh 'socially uncooperative' (you know...) when she does stuff like this. -.- **EDIT: She did break her ankle >.> :(. Had to take her up to the hospital AND wheel her around on the WHEELCHAIR OF PSYCHOTIC RAGE. :z....still, she's got a plaster cast now and is whining already, so she must be k. Just won't be doing any more 'uberkwlomfgSTUNTSlikeyeaaah' any more. -.-
  8. Turned 18 on Dec 3rd, and about time. Pain buying cigs and alchohol as a 17 yr old, especially as the only off-license is owned by someone who absoloutely hates me O_O
  9. The effort involved does outweigh the benefits...but, at high levels, it is definately is worth it. A friend of mine is 99 Firemaking, and got 2700 shots from his handcannon; WHAT THE HELL? This is useful, no? :o
  10. Watch what comes next. Mellow was stupid because he would've succeeded L. (L, M, N/ L, Mellow, Near) I finished Death Note. Near is just a douche who pretty much took L's hard-worked-for results and pretty much pinned Light. L found out everything from scratch and just about beat Light, who cheated using Rem. So in the end L won the battle of wits with no help, whilst Light got cornered by L's idea to test the 13 day rule, and executed the final move on L. L left Light with his guard down, and Light's ignorance and over-confidence was his downfall. Plus Mello pretty much completely aided Near's investigation. So it really pissed me off when he said him and Mello suceeded L. If Near was put in L's situation in the beginning Near wouldn't have been able to do it. Actually the 3rd Kira (That lawyer guy) screwed up by killing Takada and Mello in the fire. Because he did that, Near found out he was using the notebook and replaced it with a fake, then Light did something stupid and instead of hitting the deck with everyone else he shouted out "IT'S MY WIN!!!!". What surprised me is that 6 people knew when he was going to die but none bothered to tell him he wasn't going to live long. Ryuk, Rem, 3rd Shinigami guy, Misa, Light's dad, and the Lawyer guy all had the ability to see people's names and death dates. The only ones who actually knew when he was going to die were Ryuk and Rem. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but anyone with the Shinigami eyes can't see the death dates of themselves or anyone else possesing a Death Note. That's how Misa was able to spot Light out of the crowd when he went to that city with his friends and Matsuda. That eliminates anyone with the Shinigami eyes, which is Misa, Mikami (Light's 'apprentice'), and Light's father. I'm pretty sure I remember hearing that Shinigami's aren't allowed to disclose the information about a person's death date (including the owner's) to the owner of the Death Note. I'm assuming this would be because they want to persuade the owner into making the deal for the Shinigami eyes. Therefore Ryuk and Rem stayed silent. Plus, Light actually was going to live much longer after being discovered...in jail of course. Hence why Ryuk killed him pre-maturely- he's not a patient guy, that Ryuk. Man I need to re-watch this show... Really? I thought seeing death dates came with the eyes. Also it really seemed like he bled a LOT while running, as if the bullet went completly through his hand but that may have been for dramatic effect. Ah well, I still stand by the fact that it was the Lawyer's fault for Kira's loss. Quote....big...quote...lol. You can't really blame Mikame for eliminating Takada. After all, up to this point Yagami has been relying on him to interpret and preempt the needs of Kira...this is much clearer in the manga :).
  11. 1) Death Note (it is written with a SPACE. Not one word) 2) Elfen Lied 3) Hellsing OVAs (not the English dub; trust me. Use subtitles if you must x-P.) 4) Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou (both parts) 5) Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen 6) Kara no Kyoukai (all parts :P.) 7) Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo I know a lot more, but these are the ones I actually watch from time to time ^_^. P.S: I'd advise ALWAYS to read the manga, if not first then alongside watching the anime. It makes some of the obscure twists that are infamous with anime understandable :).
  12. Finished getting my samples, and doing the boring process of compressing them...:z.. Going through my iPod and listening to some VK music to chillax me. D - Kuon D - Mayutsuki no Hitsugi D - Yami yori kurai doukoku no a cappella to bara yori akai (it's uh shorter in Katakana :o...) P.S; Asagi is soo...uh...handsome. *cough* Nice voice too x-)
  13. I lol'd when I read this forum thread. Sorry, I guess I'm cruel...but really? I'm currently single atm after having to break up with my girlfriend because she moved back to Japan, but in all honesty if you're going to spend the effort to try and get and e-girl/boyfriend...it's about the same just to meet and talk with someone IRL. Much better too, as an e-hug by spamming some emote or other is badly beaten by a quick hug after not seeing them for a couple of hours; no competition. I agree with you oXMutilateXo, though ofc. you should be just as careful, if not MORE careful irl when you meet someone. Just because you and your friends might know them, doesn't mean that it's 100% safe, as with the rest of life. Anyway... "lolololroflwaffle @ teh cyb0r lovurs *thbbbt*" :rolleyes:
  14. Kazukiyuki

    Electronic Music

    Excactly. Jack Beats is coming to Belgium 12.02 wooooo! Then 20.02 Reverze and 27.02 Stealth bobmers. This is 30 minutes from my house May first and I might also go masters of hardcore the week after. Good month. MOH as well?? Some people just get all the luck. Envyz...:(
  15. Taking deep bass samples from "DFRNT - Tenfold". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAgojT6Pj6U&feature=related \,,/, d(^_^)b ,\,,/
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