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  1. You! Ogo! Oh, go, post!

  2. The Red Blade Hunters Vs Wilderness Guardians Round 1- <@Qdaddy> MBR 4 range cap no snipers <@Qdaddy> dung off <@Qdaddy> corr uff <@Qdaddy> rings on <@Qdaddy> center bonds <@Qdaddy> bounds <@Qdaddy> fail spelling today <Armybuilder> lol <@Qdaddy> matched <@Qdaddy> ummm <@Qdaddy> high pull attack we had 15 (dropped from 23) to their 14 (one of them dced before we started dropping) We had some bad tanks this round so Wg ended up winning Round 2- <Armybuilder> Melee Binds <Armybuilder> Dung off <Armybuilder> corr off <Armybuilder> rings on <Armybuilder> centre bounds <Armybuilder> matched ofc <Armybuilder> and First round attacker defends We pulled 19 to their 18 so we dropped one Rbh Starting - Wg Starting - We did much better this round with stronger binds and better tanking We ended with 11. Ty for the fight wg hope to fight you more and the future and good job rbh for winning 1/2 rounds <3 Oh and gratz to me on #1 binder :D Gf TrueBeaver better luck next time (told you i was #1 ;) )
  3. 1. They should if they want too, cant expect it to be EXACTLY the same as when they were open before due to changes in-game etc. 2. If my clan closed and reopened i would probably consider rejoining it and I would if many of my former clan mates did the same as well. 3. SE to Solace if im correct? TMRD reopened couple of months ago heard they are doing good too.
  4. I love rbh like I love [bleep]!
  5. 123ogo

    RBH v BK

    Gf bk we were awesome today rbh keep it up!!!
  6. [-FOUND-] i joined THE RED BLADE HUNTERS.
  7. Hi my Rsn is 123ogo and im looking for preferably a 90+ clan but i will look at other clans. :) Try get me.
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