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  9. Hey all, Thanks for all of your responses since my last post - I thought I'd pop by to respond. There aren't any contracts being signed here, and there's nothing sinister going on 'behind the scenes'. There are a few criteria that need to be met before we can offer our higher levels of support to a fansite - but that's all they are, criteria. I covered why we can't support fansites with gaming/RWT ads back on page 6, so I won't reiterate that here. While I guess none of the conspiracy theorists will believe me when I say this - no, there's no big conspiracy going on and Jagex aren't out to gain control of our fansites. In fact, we've always been very clear that we aren't interested in any form of editorial control. What's posted on a fansite is completely up to the fansite owners, admins, and community members. We actually like reading the sometimes brutally honest feedback that fansites can generate - this stuff really is incredibly helpful to us as a company. The absolute last thing we want is for fansites to lose their sense of identity and become blind followers of Jagex and everything we do. Obviously we have a set of criteria that a fansite needs to meet before we'll be able to offer a great deal of support, but that's where it ends - once we start supporting a site we won't be contacting them and asking for edits to be made to the website. If a fansite starts doing something that goes against the criteria of being supported then the worst that'll happen is we'll move them to another tier of support and they'll lose out on some of the support they were previously receiving. The odd gaming ad may slip through to the RS website from time to time. If that does happen, we have a an entire team dedicated to watching our site for this sort of thing, and they remove any such advert very shortly after it appears. Ensuring that absolutely no gaming ad ever appears on a site is incredibly difficult - but we do react to them very quickly if/when they appear. The same goes for any other inappropriate advertising, such as RWT. If you ever notice a gaming ad, RWT ad, or otherwise inappropriate ad on the RS site, then we'd appreciate it if you could report it straight to us by clicking the '?' symbol next to the advert. We realise that some ads might also slip through onto our Platinum/Gold sites, what's important is that those sites proactively remove any such ads should they appear (as we do). I'm happy to get a bit more involved on fansite forums where necessary. With that said though, I still think it's important to leave fansite communities to their own devices - by posting a lot I'd hate to think we'd have an effect on the fansite's identity/collective personality. I also have no doubt that there are people that post on fansite forums because they are unofficial, and by posting regularly as a JMod we may start to have an affect on that 'unofficial' feel that many people embrace. So in short - I'm happy to post from time to time, on topics that really need me to post on. But I won't be posting on every thread that's created. I think they are the main points I wanted to cover but if I spot any more, I'll be sure to post. Thanks all, Hohbein :)
  10. Ello Mod Hohbein :)

  11. *dons flame-proof suit* Hey guys, Mod Hohbein here - yes, it is me, not a bad man impersonating me. I believe this account will be marked as an official Jagex account shortly. :) Loads of comments here and I'd really, really like to clear a few things up before I head home for the weekend! So, first of all - Tip.it is an awesome site. We love it, and we know it's one of the most popular RS fansites in existence. I've been working with a number of members of the admin team since we started supporting Tip.it and we've gone on to build a really strong relationship with the website and individual members of your admin team. Now, I must ask that you try to understand this from my perspective. I can't go into great detail about the discussions we've had with the Tip.it admin team (or indeed any fansite owner/admin). This leads to me often having to avoid detail when people ask 'hey, why isn't my fansite being supported?!'. This isn't an active attempt to annoy people (as much as it may seem that way) - it's simply because, as a represpentitive of Jagex I can't breach the confidentiality of correspondence between myself and the owners/admin of a fansite. Sometimes I wish I could just explain exactly how it is, but that's something I need to leave up to the fansite owners/admins themselves. Moving on to the matter at hand. Tip.it are currently at the Gold level of support. The reason for this is that we were noticing a lot of gaming adverts appear on the website. I'm pleased to say though that it looks like the technical admins have made fantastic progress in removing these adverts, to the extent that Tip.it is pretty much completely rid of them. Now, before we decide to move a fansite to 'Platinum', we have to be absolutely positive that there aren't any gaming ads persistently appearing and that the fansite is proactively removing them. So, we're staying in touch with the Tip.it admin chaps, and we're keeping an eye on the website over the next few weeks. Assuming there aren't any major issues/causes for concern, then we'll happily get Tip.it bumped up to Platinum (as yes, you guys meet every other criteria!). But why gaming adverts? What's wrong with them? The way we see it is that a big advert for another online game doesn't really have a place on a RuneScape fansite. By offering support to a fansite our aim is to drive more traffic to that fansite, increase its popularity and to help build the community that exists around it and, ultimately help build a bigger and better RuneScape community. In fact we're taking this really seriously - from inviting dedicated fansite owners over to Jagex, to offering free merchandise as giveaways for competitions - we're really putting a lot of time and effort into supporting our fansites. If we start offering a ton of support to a fansite which has adverts for another game plastered all over it (no matter how pretty the lady advertising the game is!) , we'd effectively be aiming to send lots of people to a website which actively advertises another game. This just doesn't make sense, which is why we can only start to offer loads of support to a fansite if they remove all of their RWT and gaming adverts. We know that removing gaming ads can be tough though, especially when fansites rely on the income generated from those adverts. We do, where applicable, try to support fansites with advertising (whether that's hands on support with us helping manage their ads, or just offering advice and information on how fansites can go about removing gaming ads). If a fansite can remove gaming ads on their own - shweet! If they are really struggling and want our help, no worries, we can look into that too. So it's nearly an hour after home time and I'm supposed to be going for a curry very shortly, and I'm sure my girlfriend will take great delight in dunking my head in that curry if I'm not home sharpish! So I'd better leave it there and head off. I hope the above makes sense guys - I'll check back to this thread on Monday and will respond to any questions or anything that are raised. Cheers, Hohbein
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