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  1. The right question to ask is. Which is better for which situation.
  2. I will mainly use hunter during skilling, but i wear it when in combat too. but otherwise i wear my range cape for combat. I do not have a fire cape (i should have one by now tbh) but even if i did i would only wear it to clan wars/slaying tasks. Plus i'm sorry to all the Fire Cape lovers.. but ... The fire cape looks like crap. =/ sorry but its true. The animation is cool and all but its can be better animated and better shaped. I mean, who on earth decided to shape the cape like that. looks so bad...
  3. i understand why F2p may deserve the capes but......its become what makes members ...well ...members lol. There is no way Jagex is going to give F2p skill capes. One reason why is that (although capes aren't exactly the most important items that your character needs) a lot of people love to show off. The skill capes allow loads of bragging to be done without exactly having to shout it out from the rooftops. This to Jagex spells out $$$$$. Its to force you into getting members. Yes, people do want to pay the money just for things like that. Its the way it goes.
  4. Pretty much that quote has summed up the reason why your problem with people having private off is (sorry for putting it this way) stupid. The word 'Private' should have explained this to you a long time ago to be honest.
  5. i agree 100% on allowing a customisable UI. Or, at least more user friendly. but the thing is i know for sure that all this is coming. it is invertible.
  6. This look wicked, definitely gonna try this when its out. Is it still free to play?
  7. Thanks guys. By the way Bulwark also drops Hatchets and not just pic axes.
  8. Zaaps. there are no leather body drops by any of the bosses.
  9. Does anyone know what drops the sagittarian armour. Leather body? chaps? i have fought countless forgotten rangers and never had any sagittarian drops. Before you answer, i am aware that stomp drops the sagit coif and Icy bones drops the sagit vambs but i'm talking about the body and chaps. There seems to be no information anywhere about these items. (my level in dungeoneering is 68 btw) Also yes i am aware that my defence level is not enough to wear it. I am interested in getting it, binding it, then worrying about the defence later as my goal sig clearly shows.
  10. Hello. New to forums, but i have been using this site to guide me for a long time. I'm not really sure why it has taken me this long to enter your forum but I am here now so, hello everyone. =]
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