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  1. I would like to point out that: - Pre-EoC had Lv. 1000 bosses too. Level does *not* matter for bosses, it is purely for show. A Lv. 1000 boss doesn't mean it has Lv. 700 in every combat skill, that would literally be impossible to beat. - Pre-EoC, you would die *very* quickly if you had 25 maxed players on you at once in multicombat. Why in the world would you expect to survive in a 1v25? Heck they wouldn't even need to be maxed. And isn't that the point of warring, to all focus on one opponent at once so you take them down more easily? - Pre-EoC had far more power creep than EoC does. One-hit by dbowers or lucky two-specced by AGS? Not a problem, right? Just because this was pre-EoC, so that means it was fine. And it was only going to get -worse-. - Stop eating Salmon, + you seem to forget that pre-EoC had -no- food that healed above ~23 (230) while players could hit well above that. ;) - I'm aware RS had bosses before EoC and their combat level doesn't give an accurate representation of their power, but EoC is mostly designed for PvM and the newer bosses. DPS is way higher now, which is problematic in multi-PvP. - It's all about TIME, not about surviving. There's a huge difference between dying in 1 second now and 20 seconds pre-EoC. Yes, the point is to take someone down more easily, but right now you don't really have to put in effort as they go down very fast anyway. Weapon switches are obsolete at 25v25+, as well as armour (with the exception of power armour). - This is the F2P discussion thread, P2P PvP was bad with those specs and I've always been happy you couldn't hit very high in F2P. - Anchovy Pizza heals 67 and is the fastest healing food per second in F2P. Still it doesn't heal enough compared to the hits. Players could hit above 20 but only with melee, that's why people dragged around obstacles. Ranged maxed at 18, magic maxed at 18. Now the max hits are around 42(0) for every style. Both average and max hit are over twice as high as pre-EoC for Ranged & Magic, while food heals less.
  2. Mod MMG shared these statistics 2 years ago, I imagine the average player has become older as there're not many new players. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mdem0djb51Q I'm 22 btw ;)
  3. Ummm..? It does have legacy combat mode as an alternative option and it even works rather well on most things (apart maybe the highest tier bosses). You can do almost everything in RS3 without even having an ability bar. Personally I don't really understand why anyone would do that, but each to their own. I suggest you give it an another shot. It's not that I hate EoC and I used it quite a bit for PvM on my P2P account, I just don't like it for PvP ;) I also tried Legacy combat for a long time, but it just doesn't work for PvP and that's what I enjoy most. In 1v1 it's just waiting for a couple of 400+ hits in a row as there's no point in things like range/2h switching as every weapon has the same dps. The only weapon switches left are combat-triangle based, which basicly makes a fight a high-speed rock-paper-scissors game. It's too click-intensive and not thrilling at all. When it comes to warring Legacy is really unbalanced as 3 players can already K0 someone. With 25 people you can get about 400-500 kills/hour, because 99 defence doesn't mean anything. War in the Wilderness and with 300K in gear, you're going to lose a lot of money. That's the bad thing with EoC & Legacy, DPS has been boosted so much to kill lvl 1000 bosses, that against 25+ maxed players you have a 99% chance of dying in under a second making the larger pre-EoC wars impossible. Armour, prayers, reflexes, it doesn't matter when players can hit 400s while your food heals 67.
  4. I'm not playing RS3 actively anymore, the Wilderness looks great but PvP is really dead. So I just do daily challenges while I'm training up on OSRS. RS3 would've been so awesome if it had pre-EoC combat :(
  5. Won't be dropped I think. Or they will be dropped and we have to get P2P to sell them, like the rewards from daily challenges :rolleyes: <_<
  6. They're barely worth killing in P2P with T90s and ovls, let alone in F2P with T55s and regular pots :mellow: But we'll see, it's better than nothing. But if it's not more than 400K/h loot at high lvl, it will be dead content very fast.
  7. It's the "new" combat system, so much fun in multi-PvP when you go from max to 0 hp by 3 simultaneous hits :wub: But as Arceus said, it's probably from Teleblock. No idea why people use it though, most people PK with only 15K risk.
  8. Couple of weeks if you grind it, that's why almost everyone you see in P2P has maxed combat. It's so easy nowadays <_< Magic: blood burst at abbys (400K/h) Ranged: Waterfiends, Dark Beasts (can do a DB slayer task daily if you have the TH helmet) or just chinning at the abbys (expensive) Melee: Hellhounds @ Taverly (not super fast, but AFK), Orks north in the GWD, Airuts (if you have Soulsplit & Drygores) Prayer: Gilded Altar Slayer: Try to use the TH masks if you have them, so you can do your favorite tasks every day.
  9. They'll probably decrease the high alchemy value. <_<
  10. So Jagex is going to change Mining & Smithing next year and the requirements for Adamant & Rune will be massively reduced. How will this affect F2P?
  11. Lol :P but it's probably like the only thing to do anymore in F2P, so... I mean, rather than just stay at the G.E. all day, they'd hang out there :P Most F2P worlds have less than 100 players in them. I don't think making the Burthorpe Games Room F2P will attract new players to the game nor improve the current F2P experience. F2P getting metal boots is a far better update actually, now only ranged is missing boots. And arrows. And crossbows. And bolts.
  12. Would've liked it if they had spend the time to make DarkScape on improving RS3 PvP. Let's hope this leads to Legacy combat updates that make PvP more enjoyable.
  13. Have you thought about PvP? I always like doing Clan Wars :)
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