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  1. LOL? your probly the only official that didn't flame us :?:
  2. Well said!! OT: Grats downfall, best of luck in your future wars Legendz! +1
  3. You guys woulda lost anyways. Goodjob aow. who allowed you to decide in who lose or win?
  4. you guys were insisting on a cap of 20 man pull when negotiating =/ Yeah someone got the time wrong on the forums and clan chat (Not naming anybody) But that's no excuse, you guys still did well. Next time we'll do matched ;) Congrats anyway. @ Kuru, yeah, we did used to rely on numbers, but I'm saying that they won because the pulled more, that was their advantage.. In the rematch, it was matched, range off. and we won.. But still, Good job. If u didn't notice we allowed our trial members to stay for the second round and get some prac
  5. Meh, didn't expect Lgz to pull 15 for a week prep :-| Good fight anyways :thumbsup:
  6. It's Romdathgregarian or maybe Gregdathromgarian.. :ohnoes: OT: Gratz CK expected, AV is just some no honoured team, plus that was probably their first cwri. haha luv the names <3:
  7. Good job ck, sorry couldn't make it, cruel told me we weren't waring today <_< Heard av flamed, Karma will always hit trollers :thumbsup:
  8. kelly <3 :p i love you

    BTW ADDED :)

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