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  1. Doesn't seem like a very good update. That doesn't mean that I didn't like it, but it's hardly enough there to keep me occupied. Not sure how everyone is looting downed NPCs. By the time I loot them once, they like get up instantly. My guess is they changed it, but it could also be because I'm slow. *shrugs* Max points I can get is 72 and it gets me just over 5k xp. I'm guessing looting the NPCs gives additional xp, but even then I just don't see myself bothering with it. It could be something to do once a week like ToG, but that's about it for me.
  2. DVD: Fanboys, Role Models, Miss March (Unrated), and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Comments: The first three were comedys. Miss March (Unrated) has a few gross moments, but the firemen plot is funny. Fanboys wasn't as great as I thought it would be, but it was ok. Role Models I can never get enough, probably one of my favorite comedys as of late. Hell Boy 2 is one of the best action movies I've seen... the thought that I overlooked it for so long because of a somewhat corny title makes me want to punch myself in the face. The fight sequences I thought were amazing. SOme obvious wire work, but you can still appreciate the work done. All that and it also had a decent love story in it, so maybe it's even something the ladies might like. Theature: Jeniffer's Body Comments: I didn't quite like it. I went solely to see Megan Fox, which in retrospect was probably a bad idea. Didn't add this one to my DVD collection yet. I'd be willing to give an unrated version a chance, but there are other films I'd probably bother picking up first. Two movies I'm planning on seeing within the next few weeks is Nightmare on Elm Street and Iron Man 2. They both look like awesome films. Really looking forward to seeing them.
  3. These are both great ideas, and ones that I've suggested on the RSOF with lukewarm support. <_< I like the boss idea. It would be a lot more fun if I actually felt like I was getting a reward for killing each boss. I still dont think we need to be able to bind more items though. If you start binding too many, that kind of destroys the point of the skill. Though, maybe this could be released in the future (like how blocking Slayer tasks was released later) I like the boss idea as well. It's kind of pointless to defeat a boss and get an item... only to either bind the item (losing an item you have) or lose it within minutes of getting it. Funny thing happened to me today. I soloed a Bulwark Beast and got the very same pickaxe that I went out of my way to make as an award (Katagon pickaxe). I thought to myself... "Wow, that was a real pointless reward". Edit: To the post above... Opening all rooms isn't always easy. There are rooms that have skill requirements that you don't always meet (even with a potion, and in some cases you can't make a potion you need). In a group the chances of having someone having the skills to open the door are greater then it is when you are soloing. Which is the one point I was trying to make. A multiplier, or even an individual bonus, for soling would be nice. The requirements for the multiplier would have high requirements (literally 100% completion of the dungeon), but it'd be nice to know that if I put in the work... the work is worth more then what it is now. Groups seem to have much more of a benefit when they really shouldn't. Balancing that out though is easier said then done though. I guess I also need to take into consideration dungeon sizes.
  4. Erm, for starters... I never suggested that players get less xp for being in groups. Read what I said. I said rewarded MORE for soloing. I also went into specifics as to what you should get bonuses for. Not to mention the fact that I also said I could live with greater penalties in solos, as long as the poential bonuses would be there. Fact is, soling is tougher in some ways. Accessing all the rooms, killing all monsters, and beating the boss without dieing should count for more then what it counts for now.
  5. Well... as an American... I'm at least glad to know that I'm not a statistic. I hate going along with trends. Anyway... to whoever wanted to compare this to Blizzcon... it isn't even compareable. As far as the event title being "exactly the same".... if it were so, the title would be "Jagcon"... not "Runefest" as it is. Nice attempt though, I really hope that was sarcasm. Besides... Blizzard isn't the only company that has adult get-togethers based on their games. Three RIngs has conventions for Puzzle Pirates, and I'm pretty sure Star Wars Galaxies have/had conventions as well (not counting the comicbook conventions, mind you). Not sure if SWG is even supported anymore.
  6. My main gripe with the skill is the way xp is dealt. It's extremely annoying knowing that I can get more xp in a group then completeing a floor by myself. One would think that it would be the other way around, since you are getting aide in a group... and then when you are by yourself... well... you're on your own. Accessing all rooms, killing all monsters, and beating a boss without losing a life should give better experience then what it does. Especially in solos. If that meant deaths came with greater penalties in solos... I would be fine with that. Right now, it's hard to find decent people to group with, and other players have different agendas. Quite frankly.... some people just don't understand the concept, or meaning, of teamwork. People sell off commodities that other's may be able to use, before asking. Just yesterday I had someone sell a herb that I probably could have used to eventually make tier 8 armor, but just because it was left on the ground, they picked it up, and sold it to the trader... only to later get tier 1 armor. Talk about counter productive... In the same group I also noticed that the other two people in my group weren't bothered with clearing rooms. Heading to an altar to restore prayer I ran into such a room, where I get ambushed and killed. The annoying part about that is... it was a room that led to the boss. Which even if you don't need to clear a room... one would think that clearing a room that leads to a boss would be a priority. Not to mention that they were low on food and were then complaining about it. Guess they didn't realize that most NPCs drop plentiful amounts of food. :???: Don't get me wrong... I've had decent experiences in some groups. Most of which have been just duos. Groups of three or more seem to be when I run into the most trouble. It's actually made me want to solo more, despite the slower xp (which I absolutely do not agree with, especially against lvl 171 bosses).
  7. To waste your time. Also try to keep their [Jagex] word of completing old quest lines instead of starting new ones. Do you want a Runescape with no quest no story lines or plots??? Stop complaining about quest, if you feel like you wasted time doing a quest then the answer is simple. DON'T DO IT! That way you don't have to come here and [female dog] about it and waste even further time posting something that wasted your time. Better question... How do you know you are wasting your time until after you've already done it? ;) Get what your saying, to a degree, but the entire logic there is flawed. You can't possibly know you're going to be wasting your time until you've already done it. For arguements sake... let's say even half way through the quest. By that time... you might as well finish it anyways and get whatever unknown (or known if you leech off guides) reward you might get to salvage said wasted time. Not saying the quest is a waste of time... For the record... Just incase anyone wants to try and blast me for something I didn't even say. ;)
  8. Eh, personally I don't see what the fuss is about. Back in the day when I actually took a stance against people like this (before GE even existed)... most people could give two hoots about it. This kind of trend started with r2pleasant. He, from what I herd, turned out to be a gold farmer... using merchanting to build GP to sell to idiots for real money. Granted, it's now probably being done on a bigger scale with somewhat more common of items (back then, the most common thing being merchanted was Blood runes, as I recall), but it just goes to show how the more things change... the more they stay the same. It's sad in one way, but not entirely unpredictable either. Greed is what fuels most people. Sensible people, like the people who have a problem with it, just need to learn to adapt to it or deal with it. Sounds cold, but it's true.
  9. Buying levels has been in existence even before the capes were introduced. I knew friends who bought smithing levels, for example. To make what could be a long post short... If you apply buying levels to skills like cooking, firemaking, and fletching... you have to apply it to all the other skills that it could be possible in. Whether it be buying essence for RC, seeds for Farming, or smelted bars for Smithing... it's no different then the three skills brought into question.
  10. Right... have you looked at the Graveyard lately? There are videos on rushers, pjers, and safers put up all the time. One person even knew the type of reaction they'd get for rushing with Dragon Claws, so they made another account to hide their identity. Placement of this thread is irrelevant. Best way to get varying opinions is where pkers and non-pkers go. General Discussion.
  11. Who said it had to be added intentionally? Could just as easily be a gap in the coding that makes it so. If it wasn't intentional, that means you would gain defense by going into combat. Personally, I don't feel like Jagex would program it that way. Not necessarily. You're trying to add logic to something that really wouldn't have a logic. Gaps in coding happen all the time. It's why games have glitches and bugs. It's an anomaly. It's only a theory, a theory that really can't be proven or disproven. Similar to the Ring of Wealth sceptics. The theory is simply you are vunerable when being attacked while not attacking. That doesn't mean that your defense goes up once you start attacking. In theory, your defense would be where it should be when you are attacking. So let's say someone with 75 defense is standing in the wilderness, with auto retaliate off, and is attacked. Their defense could be like possibly 70, but once they start attacking, it goes back up to 75 where it should have been to begin with.
  12. Who said it had to be added intentionally? Could just as easily be a gap in the coding that makes it so. Honestly, it's something that will always be an unknown. To me... I slightly did feel more vunerable when eating. Just seemed to me that I could get hit for small numbers over a course of time... and then when I decided to eat... I would magically get hit for almost the amount I just healed (in some cases), requiring me to eat again. It's all from a matter of experience and perception. I'm sure the same has happened to some people. They just don't take as much notice to it.
  13. Probably just camps at the GE until it's full. That's what I would do, at least. Been so long since I've played that I'm not sure if there is a food that builds up the special bar quicker or not. If so, maybe even that. *shrugs* It's a little lame, but the idea in PKing in general is to kill the enemy as quickly as possible, I guess (if not, it should be). Would've been nice to see more mutual fights where they actually got a hit in... or at least knew they were being attacked before they were dead, but whatever. Never really cared for campers in FPSs.. and that's basically what this is in a way. To each his own. Personally... I think you knew you were going to get the response that you got. Which as someone pointed out earlier is probably why you are kind of hiding behind a sock account on these forums. You're playing it smart, but you're kind of being a little bit of a troll in the process. Which again, is lame. I spent majority of my Tip.it time massively arguing with people, making myself potentially look bad in some cases. I never blatantly came on these forums trying to get this kind of attention. The wrong kind of attention... imho. As someone earlier said, you're pretty pathetic.
  14. I'm aware of that... I just find some of the tactics cheesy. Especially when it's a given that they're going to win.
  15. In fist of guthix, as the hunter you are stronger and the hunted is weaker, and these things increase if you come near the center, so fist of guthix gives you a feeling of "being good" while that only lasts withing the minigame. So don't expect the same results when you go pking ;) Yeah, been awhile since I played and didn't realize that when I posted, but even so... when I played higher levels where I expected to lose... I was either really close to winning or did win. Obviously my results varied. Like in those cases it was against people within double my level. I didn't go out and beat a lvl 90 or anything (though I have with the account in question in the pass). And I don't really use the common cheesy running tactics that some (even higher levels then me) use. In the low lvl wild where I'm fighting people that are within a level or two of me... It paints a decent picture. Especially since most of the people I played againts in FoG were relatively higher. I just like my chances, doubt the loot will keep me content though. We'll see.
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