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  1. So yesterday and today: [spoiler=Finished Clockwork Syringe] [spoiler=Resulting in...] [spoiler=And...] So then I started Livid Farm...really have no idea why I did this to myself... Got 96 Mage, 78 and 79 Farming [spoiler=As well as...] [spoiler=And...] Hopefully be able to get remote farm in a few days :D
  2. Warning: Generalisations may occur in the next line I believe the last week has consisted of 4 Skyrim days, 1 mlp Freindship is whitchcraft day, 1 Skyward Sword day, 1 runescape day and numerous cookies on my behalf. I really need to start DG properly sometime soon, and with social slayer I'll probably be getting Dan to be on more often :P
  3. It's been great for when I've gone to plot some crazy function and found this here, made maffsing much more fun today :)
  4. So got my first drop from GWD today :D Also Dan got a zs in this trip, Profit! :)
  5. I've personally found vampyrism to be very useful, for any situation where you have a high damage out put (thinking glacors here). Tend to gain plenty of health back through this. If your into regular herb runs then starting to get the greenfinger auras will be useful, adding to your run profit.
  6. Hey hey! You you! Maxing tomorrrow!!! :D Can has my cabbage stash :thumbsup: [item=934][item=934][item=934][item=934][item=934][item=934][item=934] [item=934][item=934][item=934][item=934][item=934][item=934][item=934]
  7. Personally I think that since you had an interest before it's worth trying again, find what you enjoy about the game. It varies for each person, setting yourself goals, quests (which just keep getting better and better, soo comical as well) ect. However if you can decide on a few things that you want to do in advance then the next time you log on you'll not end up being unsure on what to do. On the bot front: There are still a few bots around, although there has been a great decrease in the numbers, they're slowly creeping back in. I've heard that another anti-bot update is due in the next month or 2 which should hopefully finish them off for good, or at least stall them for sooo much longer.
  8. No stats, no weight [spoiler=Examine (Same for both)] [spoiler=Icon (H1)] [spoiler=Icon (H2)]
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