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  1. 4 years later, we still have the same birthday ;) :D

  2. Happy birthday :D It's mine aswell, what a nice day isn't it? ;)

  3. Thanks for the Clean Fight CE! We new our pull wasn't going to be great due to how early the time was, but hope we can set up a better time fight in the future. Nice performance CE.
  4. Thanks for the fun fight Envy! We basically split our people so everyone got a chance to fight for a round, but we had a better performance during round one.
  5. Thanks for the Clean Fight this time MMA and Thanks for Solace/THE for [email protected] <3:
  6. Gf PH. Thanks for the Good Fight. :)
  7. It was a fun fight, Thanks for the Fight Ascension.
  8. It was a fun night, Thanks for the fight and Thanks TT. :)
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