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  1. I don't understand the purpose behind these "special" weekends, it just helps you to train the skill faster, therefore reducing the feeling of an acomplishment.
  2. Amazing guide, very in depth, gives all the methods of firemaking and pretty much everything you need. Just one thing missing Wales, the firemaking cape and emote ;) Edit Under the advanced firemaking section, I suggest you use comma's instead of decimal points, can get confusing in calculations. Also instead of "colons" as division signs, use the "forward slash", again its more recognisable.
  3. Sorry for double posting, I lagged -.-
  4. Not sure if the other people who even posted play FOG. The majority of people playing fog are there to TRAIN MAGIC. They don't CARE about tokens. If paired with someone like you a wall-hugger / hider it is frustarting. In your rant you fail to mention how often the people you are hunting just remain at the center of the game collecting charges. If I was paired up with someone like you I would simply exit. It's an unwritten rule that most players play by where they just go to the middle to speed things up. Try it sometime -.- You still get tokens. I guess it's just my personality but if I"m playing a game and I'm being insulted, then maybe the problem is not other's its you. Try reading a guide or two on how to play FOG and use your observations for how others play. If the person you are hunting directly goes to middle you should as well. Runescape people communicate by insulting you if what you are doing negatively impacts their gameplay. Stop being selfish. And FYI jagex creates mini-games and the way they are actually played by RS players are two different versions. Don't believe the Jagex version of how to play a mini-game. So your saying that by using correct techniques and strategies, to help maximise the tokens gained per game is the incorrect way? and he should just stand their and die? Seriously you fail if you think like that, Yeah most people go to train magic in FOG because they can't afford runes, they can't expect people to play the way they want to. Oh and he is'nt being selfish its the opponent, who wants the game to go their way, so they get the most out of it.
  5. Ah yeah true, forgot about additional xp gains. Anyway hope my granite information helped, I'll check out anything else that is needed for the guide Note: PERFECT guide ;)
  6. Oh yeah, forgot about that spell but i find the runes and getting the actual spell takes time which could be uses for mining but whatever suits you. One other thing is the "Enchanted water tiara" which also refills water skins, I believe that item can be obtained from the "Dealing with Sacabras" ( or however you spell it) quest. I've never used both items before, so i don't have conclusive knowledge on which is best.
  7. OOPS, I forgot to add a few things: - The extra amount of cash is to buy full waterskins when you run out, it helps save time and experience. Simply run north from the qaurry to the camp where people train at bandits. In the general store they sell full water skins, so just sell your empty ones and buy a full new set, simply run back and continue mining! - I Don't have the requirements for a Lava Titan, so you will need someone else to check xp rates for including that factor.
  8. I thought i'd add my shares to this guide, a little bit of background is that i got 90 mining using granite, then 90 - 99 LRC. Note - I'm afraid i can't take any pictures at this moment since im f2p :( Heres the granite method: Equipment: Inventory - 20 waterskins (FULL) 20,000 gold coins Wielded Items- Helmet - Any helmet of your choice Torso - Varrock achievement armour > Desert robe top Legs - Desert robe bottom Hands - Anything Weapon - Dragon Pickaxe > Inferno Adze > Rune pickaxe Feet - Desert boots Sheild - No sheild Amulet - Amulet of glory (charged) Cape - Any cape of your choice NOTE - Desert robes are essential to granite mining, without them Mining experience/hr will be considerably lower. Getting there: Method 1 - Go through the Shantay pass in South Al Kharid. Get onto the flying carpet ride and select the destination as "Bedabin Camp" Run south past the next camp following the path leading you to the quarry. Method 2 - Complete the Enakhra's Lahment Quest and use the Camulet to directly teleport there. The mining method Now to get the most out of this A lot of concetration and patience is required, it is the fastest way to get to level 80 mining in members. 1)Look for a empty spot in a relatively full world e.g. a world with around 1500+ players. You need a spot where not a lot of movement is required, Spots where two rocks are diagonally next to each other and the player just stands between them. 2) First click one rock and instantly after right click the next rock and hover your mouse above the "mining option" 3)Once that first ore is mined, again instantly click the second rock where the mouse was hovering over. Again Instantly after this action, Right click the first ore in your inventory and hover your mouse over the "drop" option. 4)Soon as the second rock is mined, click the drop option where your mouse has already been placed and you guessed it.. instantly left click the next rock, and get the mouse ready to drop the previously mined ore. Using the method above uses the best technique which i find very useful and sped up training a lot Other Mining Boosts: Sacred clay pickaxe - This item is very useful and can last for around 15-17k xp (need to check that figure) They are obtained through the Stealing Creation minigame and 1 pickaxe requires 20 points. However personally i feel these pickaxes are not worth the troubles to get as they don't make up for the time taken to get them, however they are a very good way of taking a break from mining and doing something a little different. Master Penance Horn - This item is extremely useful and lasts for 1.2m xp (so thats 600k bonus xp) They are obtained through the Barbarian Assault minigame and requires "Level 5 in any role" and "a normal penance horn." This item however can help training and if it gained in under 9 hours, it is considered to be worth it. I can't explain the best ways in order to fill this horn, but i suggest looking at Barbarian Assault guides for better advice. Varrcok Achievement diary armour - This armou can only be obtained after completing the medium/Hard task on the Varrock Achievement diary. They help a player to mine extra ores and are worth the effort to obtain, it helps boost training and experience rates. Using all three of the above - Using all three of those at the same time is a deadly combination, where each item stacks, this gives x3 mining xp + extra ores which also give xp. The experience rates I have tested these results numerous times and each figure is rounded to the nearest 1000: Normal mining with a standard rune pickaxe, no extra boosts whatsoever: 40,000 xp/hr Normal mining with a standard dragon piackaxe, no extra boosts whatsoever: 50,000xp/hr Mining with any pickaxe + Varrock acheivement diary armour : 45,000xp/hr Mining with sacred clay pickaxes, no other boosts : 80,000xp/hr Mining with a sacred clay pickaxe and + Varrock achievement diary armour : 85,000xp/hr Mining with a normal pickaxe and the master penance horn: 80,000xp/hr Mining with a normal pickaxe and the master penance horn + Varrock achievement diary armour: 85,000xp/hr Mining with a sacred clay pickaxe, master penance horn + Varrock achievement diary armour ( The best combination): 125,000xp/hr One final note, hope this guide helps you to train mining to level 80 where experience rates increase and have fun :D Note - I need to spell check what i've written, any help would be greatly appreceited.
  9. Lava_Minerr

    Private servers

    This is true, I agree completely with the post however, i'm not entirely sure but during at time, Jagex didn't have any copyright rules and thats when private servers such as M****scape was made. I remember one called Frugooscape, they also used the whole jagex game but added in items after copyright constraints were put upon runescape, they were sued and shut down.
  10. My mining level is 99. I suggest you raise mining to level 80 doing granite in the quarry. After that, move onto concentrated gold rocks inside the living rock caverns. Here the superheat comes into mind, so basically smithing and mining at the same time. Its the fastest way to level up mining and its the cheapest way to level up smithing/magic. Items: Dragon pickaxe is very usefull, 15% faster than a rune one Nature runes Goldsmith gauntlets and i guess you know the rest.
  11. *Dump tackles Goonstalf and lands on his neck*
  12. Y'all can go ahead and return to the RSOF now. No patience for little ten year old trolls. I was'nt trolling, your replies just flame my opinions on the game and the purpose of this part of the forum is to rant away at the things people hate about the game, for me its these failed updates. Now if your about to say "why do you still play Rs?" Answer: It's because it passes time and everything else about the game is good fun. Edit: Now looking back this topic is pointless as this part of the forum acheives no purpose but to rant and see people posting against your opinions.
  13. Note: I got 99 mining in these caverns Add things such as rates per hour, including other factors e.g. Sacred clay pickaxes, master penance horn Master penance horn = 600k extra xp, total xp given: 1.2m If, it is filled up in less than 9 hours you have gained more xp, overtime means you lost xp so the horn was'nt worth it. Sacred clay pickaxes = not entirely sure on the xp but i believe its something like 15-20kxp per pickaxe, however these are not advised to obtain as they are not worth the extra time and actually decrease effieceincy. Edit: All worlds for the cc's are general chat too.
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