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  1. You shouldn't fool around while cooking with a grill. You could burn yourself. What? Who are you? And by that I mean which OT member are you.
  2. Hangovers. God they are annoying and a waste of a day.
  3. Confession, I waste of lot of time in memories e.g. I spent the past hour trying to figure out what tube station I was in on the 14th November at 11:27 am. I can remember the station perfectly just not the bloody name.
  4. Fundamentally agreed with the context of each word though I substitute different words in.
  5. I've accepted the fact that I haven't 'hooked up' with a girl ever. Haha, it's funny. Just as clarification (not rubbing it in): you've never kissed a girl? No, I have. Possibly our definitions of 'hooking up' are different. I would say hooked up means more than kissing but then again that phrase is never used in my groups of friends. Also, you completely took my point out of context. I never mentioned marriage and I never mentioned standing alone completely, just in some situations. I know myself that I have to sometimes get support as if I don't I become too fixated and miss the blindingly obvious.
  6. Because I have horrid insecurites and a fear of judgementalist in public as well as emotional scarring from old memories. might not seem much to anyone else but its difficult for me. And yes I have tried standing on my own two feet, having a friend their for me just helps.....alot. It's not something I want to go into, it's been a haunting nightmare I've had literally carved into me since I was a kid. Fair enough, totally understandable.. Apologies.
  7. Really? You don't think the forehead was big enough already? Screw the forehead, she's adorable.
  8. Tim, can I ask why you are so dependent upon friends? Everywhere you post you always comment on a lack of support from friends for everything going wrong or not happening. Has it not occured yet to stand on your own two feet as it is far more appealing than be the leacher.
  9. I love her face, especially the eyes. Lara Pulver, from the new series of Spooks if anybody watches that:
  10. I suppose it's not the best opening picture ever.
  11. It's PG, should be fine. Nothing is really showing.
  12. It concerns me how 34,000 girls liked that without thinking that boys don't have ovaries. I think they like it ironically, not because they genuinely believe it :P Knowing the IQ of some of the people on facebook I doubt that.
  13. It concerns me how 34,000 girls liked that without thinking that boys don't have ovaries.
  14. No need to get your feathers so ruffled. I don't know why you assume they are. Bit of a blunt way of stating anything. Hayley William's natural hair colour is blonde.
  15. That is why you start at the bottom (part without a steam) when opening them. Trust me, it is a whole lot easier to do it that way. Interesting fact, we are the only race of animals who open bananas the way we open them. People who make it clear something is wrong but then pretend everything is [bleep]ing fine and dandy. Now I'm just wanting an argument, I refuse to play these stupid mind games.. It doesn't take 24 hours to respond "it's fine" to a simple text. [bleep]ing people.
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    [hide] Their new album is pretty nice. [/hide]
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