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  1. couldnt fall asleep last night so i went back on,got 80 and 81 wc as well,100k to 82,didnt take the pics tho :D edit:82 wc and 1000 total,lagged out so i missed pic :( and 3 more weeks till my baby boy is born cant wait! :pray:
  2. i forgot to add my link to pic,its added now tho,if any1 would like to take it
  3. well today is a new day 20k from 76 wc,will post a pic of level up later :D edit-76 wc
  4. Nice blog,good luck with 90 agility and 99 slayer im sure you'll be able to do it no problem
  5. Nice pure,too bad you did d-slayer though. I am sticking to 1 def for the time being,maybe do some pking see how i like it,if I don't then I am making this a "main" style account thanks, ~s3lf
  6. Haha ya,well my fiancee will be taking care of little Vincent once he's born.I'm the bread winner. and thanks for the support buddy,and those stats will soon arrive,don't you worry <3 ~s3lf
  7. Sig / Avatar / Banner:Sig please Size: to fit tip's regulations Main image:my pic i want Text: (normally we'll just do names) S3lf thanks,i dont really care about the colors,but since its a darkish image,some dark tones would be sweet
  8. Hello there,my name is s3lfsustaind,this is my blog of my 1 def pure. ABOUT ME My real name is Nick,i live in Montreal, Quebec. I am 20 years old,engaged and will be a father in less than a month!I like to play runescape,work out,drive in my cars,and modify cars. RUNESCAPE I started playing runescape back in may 2002,created a few characters,never stuck to one until I made my old main,3dkiller2003.I started as an account to collect black items,was working great,then i sold them all and played hardcore.Got members for Christmas in 2002,got 3 santas when i logged in :D it was a lucky day. From there I played on and off a lot on a lot of different characters. In July 2009 3dkiller2003 was banned,I will not say why because it will cause a flame fest. I have made countless characters since,never stuck to any of them,then i made a skiller s3lfsustaind,which I had later turned into a 1 def pure. This is my story to becoming a pro 1 def pure. STATS AND BANK GOALS Now what is a blog without goals,eh?I have a few I wish to achieve before starting back onto combat. -68k of them done by cutting yews(99 wc) and the rest bought all by maples-88.5k of them to be burned :ohnoes: 68k yews to 99,to be used with fletching :D SHARKS ONLY to make the cash for bgs,sara sword and some other stuff 44-53 falconery,53-63 chins,63-99 red chins all by lobs paid for by wc or fish or hunter mining iron ore to super heat(353.5k ouch) after super heated ores make into iron knives,bigger profits just takes longer all by super heating :D More goals will be added at a later date,but for now thats it. LEVEL UPS -7/27/2010 -7/28/2010 -7/28/2010 7/28/2010 80 + 81+82 wc 7/29/10 didnt take pics(also 1000 total) FINAL WORDS Well I would like to thank my 3 buddies veyron27(tsar in game now),runescapew44 and wise beast for always being supportive of my decisions good or bad.As well I would like to thank my future supporters for taking the time to read and post thanks guys and girls, S3lf
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