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  1. well yesterday i have officially been declared a father,this is my son Vincent
  2. thank you,fishing is next,currently 85 with 20600 raw lobs/88k i need for 99 cook,but im going all the way to 99 fish then cooking,
  3. u can do d-slayer easy,use rings of recoil,protect from melee and ur good to go :P
  4. stop complaining about bots,theres no point,they are going to do what they will,they'll bot accounts to the max,sell the raw mats or wutever and u'll have to deal with it
  5. i personally prefer skilling over killing,it may not be as profitable but its certainly more enjoyable to me,people talk alot more,theres more non combat skills to work on, +1 for skillers :D
  6. thanks for all the gratz,and veyster im suprised u noticed :P,and im staying lobs,i like em,and i wont get killed or gotta do any quests also supplies 99 cooking :D
  7. thank you both,next up,99 fish by lobsta :)
  8. ya i havent been on today got off at 12:30 last night,another 2 1/2 hours for 99 bro,on schedule edit:6:40 pm and 30k off!!!!! edit:7pm 5k xp off! edit:topic stealing!
  9. fire giants not at peak times are great xp/profit if u get lucky with scims/arrows
  10. Because training prayer is very fast already there really is no point in paying more to use frost bones compared to dragon bones =p Or do you mean fact I got level in that area? I used effigies for last few 100k's just because I might aswell of. - The end is near! I been at this for a long time now.. Just hit 14508 towards goal of 15k bones. So tomorrow I will have finished. Its also my deadline because im going on holiday day after.. So I only just managed it. Mini Log! --Bone counter-- 12th 819 292 (14508) (1 Effigy) - 1111 Effigy total: 27 man ur doing great,crazy amounts man,gratz on ur goal
  11. \:D/ Just for personal record keeping: nice 2.5m xp :D as it stands im 255k from 98 :D
  12. man u got so lucky,and heavy amounts of bones,and y didnt u use bones on alter?
  13. nice progress too bad tip its community doesnt post much in blog section
  14. meh,u just had to avoid it,it wasnt always so bad. and yea i got 97 today 2 more levels hopefully by friday is 99 :D
  15. so jokes,reminds me of where i grew up lol congratz on 82,and nice bank man
  16. WAT? Damn you're fast :blink: now make that 775k frm 96 :D planning for 99 this week sometime start getting levels in skills nubbles
  17. about time nubbles,im like 75k from 95 wc too :)
  18. back when d-meds were 2m in classic,i bought one and acidently high alched it for 72k....epic fail day....have always watched wut i did after
  19. i keep my private chat to off during certain tasks such as mining fletch or fm,and most other times when i dont wanna be bothered
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